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The Summit Scavenger Hunt challenge is on!

Our next challenge badge is called the Summit Scavenger Hunter. And you can earn it through the end of April, whether or not you attend Summit!

Summit Challenge 2019@2x.png

At Summit, you can chat with fellow community members, Champions and Leaders, Atlassian product teams, and the community team itself.

If you’re attending, you will need to fulfill at least one scavenger hunt task posted in the Summit collection with the tag summit-scavenger-hunt. Community Champions get a bit of an extra challenge and have to fulfill at least three. 

There will also be a leaderboard during the contest with other surprises, so do as many as you can!

If you’re not attending Summit, you get to help set the challenges! And who knows, there might be a few post-Summit challenges as well. 

Not attending and have an idea for your own scavenger hunt task? Something you want our Summit attendees to find out for you? Click on this link to post!

Attending? Take a look at the challenges as they come in and get ready to respond from Las Vegas!


@Monique vdB thanks for giving the opportunity for non-attendees - pretty sure @Andy - PTC Redundant my fellow sufferer when it comes to summit welcomes this too (Still crying over last years summit....)

I know that @Max Foerster - K15t is going and I think about sending him on a special hunt :D

Wondering if @Karen O'Keefe will be on Summit cause I read about her hobby geocaching in one of the last friday-fun topics - similar to a scavenger hunt.

All together - I wish everyone the BEST and GREATEST time - no matter if you are attending or not!

Happy for those attending - feeling and crying for those who attending NOT (and for myself)

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@Fabienne Gerhard a special hunt? :D Hmhm, you got me curious there. 

I keep you posted about the available swag in Vegas, promised. And I know that I still haven't sent the community shirt to you. I'm so sorry! But that's good, after summit the package will definitely be bigger! ;)

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Monique vdB Community Manager Mar 28, 2019

@Max Foerster - K15t  maybe Fabienne's task will be swag report and collecting! :) 

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Kat Marketplace Partner Mar 28, 2019

Excitement is growing!

Like Stephanie Grice likes this

@Fabienne Gerhard I won't be, but have fun!

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Rachel Wright Community Leader Mar 28, 2019

Ha!  The Summit challenge badge reminds me of the Luxor.  I wonder if Mandalay Bay will be jealous?  I have #vegasbrain.

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Wonderful,  challenge badge activities are more and more interesting.

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Kat Marketplace Partner Apr 01, 2019

@Monique vdB - one of the first things I hunted for in the event app was your name in the list of attendees. I could not find you. Will you be at Summit?

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 01, 2019

@Kat not this time. 😢

Like Stephanie Grice likes this

@Monique vdB and @Max Foerster - K15t that's a great idea - maybe the best idea! Pretty sure that was Max's plan anyway ;) - wish you good hunting luck (not sure if this is hunters speak!?) Maybe you wanna keep us updated with cool hunting pics.

Monique - hunt task would be Reporting swag and find out how much you can get in your luggage back to Germany :D? (or any other home country ;) )

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I'm so excited! I'm a new AgileCraft-er, and I am going to be attending Summit. I love scavenger hunts and I will do as many tasks as I can! 

Ooo, and something fun for Atlassians to do is to see how many different app people can you meet? Like, Trello, AgileCraft and stuff like that? Or do five. I don't know, I'm new!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 04, 2019

@BJ Miller if you do more tasks than @Marty, I will definitely send you a prize. 😉

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@Fabienne Gerhard : My tears never really dried up!  😪 It's like a never ending waterfall. Hahaha. I am so dramatic.


Summit will be MAD good....! I hope to see awesome updates on Community, but also have loads of attendees on the LinkedIn / Twitter to follow along. 

I am also looking forward to all the live feeds. They look so awesome!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 08, 2019

@Fabienne Gerhard and @Andy - PTC Redundantand @Karen O'Keefe , you still have time to set a Summit task!  

Click this link to create your challenge and let the games begin.

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 08, 2019

@Ollie Guan_携程_ you too ;) 

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@Monique vdB : EPIC ! !

My Scavanger Hunt is insane. Some "Dutchies" might not be happy with me by the time summit is over... ;o)

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 09, 2019

I don't yet know who got their question answered but...


1 task complete

@Mary Ramirez 



.5 of a task complete

@Brant Schroeder 


Top armchair Scavenger Hunters (playing along at home)

@Ollie Guan_携程_ 

@Jodi LeBlanc 

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Interesting :)

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 10, 2019

@carolyn french your scavenger hunt is amazing!!!

Like carolyn french likes this

Leaderboard time! 🎉

Updated Thursday, 10am Pacific Time


4 tasks

@Ollie Guan_携程_ 

@Thomas Schlegel 

@Davin Studer 


3 tasks

@Mary Ramirez 


2 tasks

@Gonchik Tsymzhitov 

@Brant Schroeder 

@Partha Mandayam 


1 task


@Jack Brickey 

@JP _AC Bielefeld Leader_ 


@Bryan Trummer 


@Kathy Hart 

@David Mayer 


@Fun Man Andy 



@Jodi LeBlanc 

@Max Foerster - K15t 

@Darin Klein 

@Brian Jones 


@Tansu Akdeniz [ALMBASE] 


Top collection members (based on pageviews and posts)

Jodi LeBlanc 🥇

Andy Barker 🥈

Ollie Guan 🥉

@Matt Dodda 

Martyn Winsen

@Matthias Geisler 

@Cecile Sablayrolles [Elements] 

Mary Ramirez

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@Monique vdB Thank you. How long before the scavenger hunt concludes please? This is so much fun, informative and engaging!

Like Monique vdB likes this

Wow Ollie, you aren’t even there in-person and you got 4 tasks completed!! Super impressive 👏🏼

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 11, 2019

@Matt Dodda so glad you're enjoying it! We won't wrap it up until the end of the month, since there will be a lot to digest coming out of Summit. 


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