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Erica Moss Community Manager Aug 27, 2018

To help you get acclimated, we've rounded up the most important information from around the community. Can't find what you're looking for? Email communitymanagers@atlassian.com, and we'll point you in the right direction!

Making changes to your Community account

If you have any questions about your display name, duplicate accounts or changing your email address, please visit this thread.

Asking questions

Wondering why it says "I'm new here" next to your name? Or how about the best ways to follow the content you care most about? All of that is covered in our handy FAQ page. In addition, if you're wondering how to write the type of question that's more likely to get a response, check out Thomas Schlegel's post.

Navigating the space

This thread highlights how to go from dipping your toe in here to making the community an integral part of your day — with opportunities to learn, network and grow your career.

Participating in the community

We've outlined some guardrails that help define what it means to be a good citizen of the community — long story short: be nice and participate often. (smile)

Following content

Your experience here will be much more rewarding if you're watching the topics and threads that matter most to you. Check out our list of best practices, which outlines how best to personalize your feed and manage notifications. Pro tip: Some of our most noteworthy tags are community-release-notes (what's new and/or updated around here), friday-fun (ease into the weekend by answering prompts from fellow members) and miscellaneous-monday (random topics to jump-start your week).

Keeping tags in check

Tags help organize content into buckets, but if they go unchecked, can become unwieldy and counterproductive. Read how a group of Leaders helped reduce the number of tags from 20,000 to 5,200, and how you can help us win the war of the tags.

Writing articles

While article writing used to be limited to Atlassian team members and Community Leaders, we've now opened it up to other active contributors! Another helpful resource for writing articles or posts is our voice and tone guide.

Earning badges

We call them happy little circles, other people call them badges. Either way, you collect them through your activity on the community, and, well, you've gotta catch 'em all.

Joining the Community Leaders program

Our most knowledgable and enthusiastic community members have the opportunity to join our Community Leaders program, a group of online ambassadors who dedicate time to answering questions, writing articles and bringing great energy to our little corner of the internet. Get to know one of them in their own words here. To learn more, check out the application page.

Participating as a partner or vendor

Partners and vendors play an important role in the Atlassian Community. If you are one, we just ask that you be super explicit about it and be as helpful as possible without being overly promotional. Dig into a few more details on the guidelines page.


Meg Holbrook Community Leader Aug 27, 2018

Great guide for new users, love this group!

Erica Moss Community Manager Aug 28, 2018

@Meg Holbrook Thanks, Meg! More details to come. 😄

Hello World!

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Hello, I am a new user who is looking forward to learning and sharing with you all. I'm systems admin by training and new to Jira; so, I'm excited to embrace and learn as much as I possibly can. All feedback is welcome!

Hi @Eric Fields!

Welcome to the Community!  We're super happy to have you here :D

Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 10, 2018

We're so pumped you're here, @Eric Fields! Be sure to check out the rest of the threads here in the Welcome Center, the Jira collection and maybe even show us the view from your office. 😎

Hi Erica! Thank you so much!

Kimberly Deal, I have no idea how I missed your welcome (I'm blaming my cell...my eyes are just fine!):( So sorry and Thank you!

Love this guide.  I didn't realize there were added benefits to being a Community Champion outside of the badge and recognition title.  So nice!

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 16, 2018

@Carol Jones We think it's a pretty cool gig, but we're biased. 😄

hi everyone,

Can someone tell me how to print JIRa CARD From a currient Sprint backlog?

thank you for you help

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 11, 2019

@Ghita Bouzoubaa Hello and welcome! I recommend you create a new question for this in the Jira collection, where you can get the best possible answers. 😄

Hello all.  New here and look forward to learning more.

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Erica Moss Community Manager May 18, 2020

@Jennifer Oskierko Welcome, welcome! Be sure to check out any product collections that interest you, as well as threads like Friday Fun. 😄

Hi! The old posts have been valuable. To Level 9 and beyond!

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Erica Moss Community Manager May 26, 2020

@Marco Palmero Welcome, welcome!

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