Community Leaders program

The Atlassian Community features a global network of people who meet online and in-person with a shared mission to build relationships and expand their knowledge of Atlassian products. Community Leaders are the stewards of this movement, investing in and shaping its future.

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Common threads

Our Community Leaders are an extension of the Atlassian team. They act as:

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They are intrinsically motivated to support other members through networking and knowledge-sharing.

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They are eager to partner with our internal teams to drive product and Community improvements, and serve as champions of our brand.

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They have time to respond regularly to questions in person and online, organize events and create content, and foster engagement in the Community.

Choose your own adventure

There is no one-size-fits all approach to participation. Whether your jam is networking over a slice of pizza, bonding over shared interests online, or a healthy mix of the two, you can:

Host local Community Events, big or small

Share your knowledge by answering product questions online

Build your reputation as an expert by presenting at events or writing articles

Moderate online groups based on interest or location

Welcome new members and connect with Atlassian users all over the world

Help shape the future of the Atlassian Community

In their own words

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Community Leader benefits

Special perks include:

  • A dedicated Community Manager and direct access to the Atlassian team
  • Opportunity to earn a free ticket to Atlassian Summit and the chance to have dinner with our co-founders, Mike and Scott, and product leadership
  • Access to a private Slack instance for Community Leaders
  • Free vouchers for each of Atlassian’s certification exams and badges
  • Opportunity to join our Community Advisory Board, with alpha access to new features, input on future enhancements and more
  • Access to Leaders-only spaces online, plus extra permissions to moderate content, start discussions, and write articles
  • Exclusive Community swag
  • Community Leader badge on your online profile
  • Support for events (think: content, swag for attendees and reimbursement for food)
  • Fame and glory (arguably the coolest of the benefits)

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