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Usernames, privacy, email changes, alter egos, and you

Note from your Community Managers: If you need us to help you troubleshoot an account issue, please always reference your Community profile URL in addition to your email address.

Community URL.png


Why are you displaying my full name and how can I change it?

We log you into the Atlassian Community using your Atlassian ID, and your username is automatically generated based on your Atlassian ID. 

To change your name:

  1. Visit 

  2. Update the Public Name field 

  3. You can either wait a few minutes for the community to update your name, or log out and back in to update immediately

View our privacy policy for more information


There are multiple versions of me and the wrong one is getting tagged

If you have multiple Atlassian IDs, this can happen! We are working on improvements, but in the meantime, you can use the steps above to update your usernames to make it clear which one you want to use. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 12.40.31 PM.png

Note: Usernames no longer support (parentheses) or [brackets] and users will be unable to tag you if you try to use them. Use -dashes- or {curly brackets} instead!


Anything else to know about usernames?

They do not support emojis; if you have an emoji in your public name, it will be removed from your community handle.


There are multiple versions of me and I'm getting automatically logged in as the wrong one

1. Log out at

2. Log out of Community

3. Log in on Community, now you get the login form and can put your preferred account details


There are multiple versions of me, can I just merge them into one?

Unfortunately, we can't currently merge two profiles. I recommend adding {Deactivated} or similar to any profile you don't want to use, and updating the profile picture, so you can make sure you're always using your preferred account.


I need to change my email address but don't want to lose my history!

You can update your email address on your Atlassian account.

  1. Visit

  2. Update the E-mail address field  

  3. Log out of Community

  4. Log back in to Community


That didn't work! My email is locked down because it's associated with my company

In this case, you should create a new Community account using your preferred personal email address. Once set up, actually log in to the Community using this account that is now associated with your personal email address. Important: Do not create any new activity with the new account, as it cannot be migrated or combined with your previous activity.

Then, email with the following information:

  • A link to your original Community profile (the one associated with your company email address) and include the old email address
  • A link to your new Community profile (the one associated with your personal email address) and include the new email address

Your Community Managers can then work to re-associate your history with the profile attached to your personal email address. Remember: Any activity from your new profile will not be migrated, so it's best to leave it blank/unused.


If you'd like to stay up-to-date with all changes to Community, please follow the community-release-notes tag. Thank you @Daniel Eads for contributing to this article.


Thanks! :)

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I have the same Atlassian ID for Community as for our Cloud JIRA/Confluence.

If I change my "Full Name", then it applies to both Community and Cloud JIRA/Confluence. FYI, I am not seeing this "Public Name" field.

Is it possible to have your proper name displayed on private Cloud JIRA/Confluence instances, but have a different name displayed on Community which is a public (but useful) forum?

There is clearly a difference in scenario here and hopefully there is a way to address it.

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@Cody Stevens  you may find this article helpful!

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Monique vdB Community Manager May 21, 2019

@He Who Shall Not Be Named that is something we are working on but don't support as yet. Currently we only have one name field and it's the same across products. 

You could create a new account just for community that isn't connected to your other Atlassian ID. You might want to use a dedicated browser for that so you don't accidentally get logged in with your second account. (This is a pain but definitely will allow you to spin up a different account with an anonymized name while we work through the solution.) 

@Monique vdB 

Currently we only have one name field 

Could you point me to any documentation regarding Full Name and Public Name?

I am failing to understand the difference between these. It seems Full Name is being used, I have yet to see Public Name in use.

In this thread, at one point I had successfully update my name being displayed that is different from my given name. Suddenly, now it is displaying my given name again. 

Despite repeated attempts to change my name (both Full and Public), it does not seem to save properly.

Could you please check and help me out on this?

Perfect timing @Monique vdB ! You tagged my other profile too so I am taking steps to prevent that now!

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Monique vdB Community Manager May 22, 2019

I know, there is no rhyme or reason to what the @ mention system decides to put first! We're working on improvements to that though. 

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I got it to work for me by using a different browser to set up my new account. 

Look forward to staying in touch!!

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Fun Man Andy Community Leader Feb 04, 2022

@Friendly Giant - As discussed, this is the one you need to check out! 🤣

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