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It all starts when you join the Atlassian Community. You’ll: earn your first badge, ask your first question, read your first article, and give your first thumbs up. You might introduce yourself in the Welcome Center or join your local Atlassian Community Event (or ACE) group. As you learn more, you’ll say to yourself, I want to be a part of this.



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As a community member, you’ll keep exploring – creating discussions, reading more articles that share knowledge and inspiration, and asking more questions. You’ll earn more badges, maybe for participating in Friday Fun, or joining online groups, or attending Atlassian Community Events. Most of all, you’ll be learning: about Atlassian products, about being Agile, about awesome apps, about your fellow community members (experts and Atlassians alike) and so much more.


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All along the way, you’ve been interacting with our Community Leaders: experts, mentors, and all-around wonderful people. And you can be one of them! Keep answering questions with A+ answers. Write articles, present at local Community Events, or even start leading them virtually! Become certified, or find other ways to build your skills. Welcome our new users in the Welcome Center. Start conversations around best practices. Make community an integral part of your day, and go above and beyond.


...And Beyond

Your journey doesn’t end here! Our Community Leaders are always learning – about new products, new ways of working, and the next evolution of Atlassian’s products. Leaders get perks that include free certification exams and passes to Atlassian's annual flagship event, Team, giving them more opportunities to network and learn. They get regular opportunities to give input directly to product teams.  Some Community Leaders have even gone on to have careers at Atlassian!


So what are you waiting for?

Lao Tzu famously said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that first step today.


This is exactly how I started at the 2019 summit! 

To anyone who is new and just reading this, I can't stress enough how amazing and friendly the people are here and how enjoyable my experiences have been since I decided to join in all the fun.


You won't regret your choice to get involved, I know I haven't!

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Ollie Guan Community Leader Oct 23, 2019

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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Well, i start today on this trip, having received a note from @Bridgetsauer and i feel part of the community by now. I trust to become a trusted author.......doing working with Jira & Confluence for the Descartes Systems Group. Next thursday  12 december i will attend the Inaugural NL Trello Event.


Will i see you there?

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I'm new  i hope to find myself here to accomplish my knowledges and to enlarge them through this community

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 20, 2020

This article is a wonderful reflection by Community Leader @Teodora V that may inspire you even more! Check it out. 

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Glad to be here.

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Hi Monique,
I had to switch accounts, because I created my old one with my employers email. Is there anyway to migrate the progress to my new account or switch the email?
I do not want to lose my badges or progress.

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I have some question...

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@Monique vdB ,

@laralg raises an interesting question that has crossed my mind recently as well. In my case, my Atlassian account is tied to my work email and our subscribed products including Atlassian Access for SSO and provisioning purposes. If at some point in the future my career changes, it feels like I might lose all my experience here in the community.

I realize this post is probably not the appropriate forum for this question, but the opportunity was here.

If there's nothing else in place to address a situation like this, a suggestion might be to allow a secondary email address to be attached to a profile with the option for it to receive notifications.

I will gladly raise this as a support/enhancement/suggestion if appropriate.


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Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 22, 2020

@laralg and @Darryl St_ Pierre yes, we can help with this! You can read through this article for information on updating to your preferred email. If that doesn't work, we have some recourse on the back end as well. We definitely don't want you to lose your progress!

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@Monique vdB  - Many, many thanks for this! I should have done a little searching before jumping on this question (especially since I'm aspiring to be a Community Leader one day and I should know better LOL).

Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 22, 2020

@Darryl St_ Pierre there's no question too big or too small, especially for a future Community Leader. 😉 

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 22, 2020

@Monique vdB I have clearly been watching too much TV with my son.  I totally mis-read your statement as "No job is too big no pup is too small" :P

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Bueno dias, quisiera saber lo siguiente:


En nuestra empresa las personas solicitan algo mediante un mail que tenemos o llamando a un telefono. En ambos casos generamos una nueva solicitud. El director quiere que lo hagamos de esta forma sin un portal. Mi pregunta es como le informamos al usuario/cliente cuando finaliza la incidencia, ya que nmo encuentro ningún campo para agregar un mail de cliente.

This is intersting and exciting portal

File this as Feedback... ;)

I wanted to acknowledge that recently, in addition to the awesome Community team members, I've noticed an increased presence by Atlassian Team members. Maybe it's only coincidence or maybe it's reality, but either way it's appreciated by both the "askers" and those trying to help out answering where we can!

The Community is such a great resource that is only getting better with time.


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Hello everybody. It's a pleasure to bem parte of this community

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 29, 2020

@David Pereira welcome! 

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Hi everyone,

having just completed the implementation of Jira, Jira Service deal and Confluence, I’m excited to join the community and continue my Atlassian journey!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 31, 2020

@Luke Chiew welcome! That's so exciting. Lots of admins using all those products here. Let us know how we can help you get started! 

Hello everyone I will let you know that I am new use to your page site & I would like to know more about the old :

1.Map of Roman rules in south east Europe  

1. Old map of south east Europe under Ottoman Empire 1120 up to 1912

Thank you for understanding

Hey @Gjakova Gjakova welcome to the Atlassian Community. Here is my stab at answering your questions.

Your first question is truly a multifaceted question. I think though the real crux of understanding the map of Roman Empire and how they were able to achieve all that they did is that you need to understand the Roman system of organization. What truly set them apart from every other nation at the time was a system they developed called Jara. Basically, it was a categorization system where anything important that they wanted to keep track of was physically put into a jar. As a result jar smithing became one of the most sought after professions in the Roman empire. These people were often called Jara Admins. Now you can imagine that the Roman Empire had much knowledge that they needed to keep track of so these Jara Admins had to become very efficient at "issuing" jars on a regular basis. It was said that the average Jara Admin could issue 20 jars a day. Well, because of the furious rate at which these admins were required to issue new jars the term jar and issue ended up becoming synonymous terms over time.

As you can imagine having all these jars (now called issues) took lots of space to house them. Thus, there were countless ongoing projects to build storehouses to hold the vast quantity of jars. Once one storehouse was built, work would immediately begin on the next one. Such, that eventually all that needed to be said was "Well, looks like we need to start another project" and everyone knew what that meant.

Well, not to bore you with details, eventually the Romans had to invent some very clever indexing systems to keep track of all the jars of information that they had. They called it the Jara Index. It allowed them to within seconds locate any particular piece of tracked information that they desired. Of course getting that information could take hours as they would need to send out runners and if the information was especially urgent they would often send out chariot riders to fetch the information.

All this to say that knowledge is power and the real power of the Roman empire was their ability to track that knowledge and utilize it in ways that the surrounding nations just could not compare with and it allowed them to totally dominate Eastern Europe for centuries.

As for your second question I know nothing about the Ottoman Empire.

Oh, also I know nothing about the Roman Empire either.

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Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2020

Hi @Gjakova Gjakova 

I have to admit that your request is actually highly unusual for our site.  We tend to get questions about Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, etc.  Your request for maps of ancient Roman lands makes me wonder if you perhaps you believe the "Atlas" in Atlassian is much more about the global aspects of the world we inhabit, rather than the products we aim to support and discuss within these forums.

That said, I'm kind of a self-proclaimed nerd in regards to maps and the concept of cartography, so I'm rather inclined to try to help you here, despite all my specialize knowledge of how Jira works ;)

The documentation and knowledge that exists today on the English Wikipedia really can't be overstated here. There is an immense amount of knowledge here that is worth your time to explore.

  1. For your first point, I'd recommend checking out the following resources:
    Also don't be afraid to explore the WikiMedia Commons Category of Category:Maps of the Roman Empire I'm sure it will contain lots of data related to your desired search time frame here.
  2. Per your second point, I'd suggest scoping out It is full of surprisingly detailed maps of the Ottoman Empire from 1300 to 1923.

Let me know if this helps or not.  I'm rather curious if my response is helpful here.



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@Gjakova Gjakova That was my lame attempt at dad humor. We do certainly welcome you here, but this community is for those who use Atlassian's tools such as Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, etc. As such I don't think you will find much information with regards to maps of Rome or the Ottoman Empire.

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