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Connect, share, and learn with other Atlassian users and experts

Rules of engagement

Welcome to the Atlassian Community! We’re excited to have you here. This is a community that exists for people to help each other, so we adhere to some guidelines that will help us all. Your participation here is subject to these guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Play nice

We’re all in this together, so no matter what personal, professional, or political beliefs you hold, be committed to treating each other with kindness and respect. We’re an assembly of many types of people, who all have the right to feel comfortable. Offer honest help, thank people for useful posts, and be patient with others (some of us are not as technical as others)!

Keep our voice and tone in mind

We aim to be inclusive, constructive and empowering rather than confrontational, aggressive, libelous, or spammy. For specific examples, you can read our voice and tone guide here.

Search first

Quite possibly your interest has already been covered, so search first. If you don’t find exactly what you’re after, you may still learn something during your search. Of course, if you don’t get what you need, feel free to post a question.


Our community is nothing without the people who bring it to life! If you have something interesting or new to add, share it. Don’t just pass through; add your voice and expertise, and earn badges and status while you’re at it.

Mark helpful answers

If someone takes the time to answer your question and it is helpful, be sure to come back and mark it as "accepted." This tells other users who may have the same question that you found a solution that works, and lets the answerer know they helped you.

Share your own content

Respect the copyright of others. This means don’t take other people’s words or images and pass them off as your own.

Use good link etiquette

Whether you're writing an article or answering a question, don't just post a link to other content. Links can expire! You should summarize or quote from the content you're linking to and give context for your links.

Keep it clean

Most people use this community from work. If it’s NSFW, it won’t fly here.

Don't be a spammer

No one likes spam. Messages with the explicit intent to sell a product or service, or to drive people to a form or a website, will be removed at the discretion of our moderators.

No impersonation

Impersonating an Atlassian or sock puppeting for self-promotion or other reasons is prohibited.

Trolls and haters not welcome

If you’re deliberately trying to offend, bully, or provoke someone, our moderators will step in. It’s okay to disagree and to express frustration, we just ask that you keep it amicable. Name-calling and disparaging Atlassians, Leaders, or each other is against the rules. Constructive criticism and feedback about Atlassian products is okay. Criticism about Atlassian team members and fellow community members is never okay.

Respect privacy

Make sure your contributions don't violate the Atlassian privacy policy.

Be cautious using AI

With AI becoming an ever-more-prevalent tool, we have seen an uptick in AI-generated answers, sometimes for the purposes of “gaming the system” for community rankings and points. Those types of answers are flagged and removed, and we reserve the right to ban users who are gaming the system this way.

However, AI usage for the purpose of formatting, language, spelling, etc. is allowed if utilized as a tool, but the core of your response should be written by you: AI should not be used as a substitute for providing accurate answers and knowledge to our users, and you are responsible for ensuring that any information you provide is accurate. If you post images or text wholly or largely generated by AI, you should also indicate as such in your comments. For more, please refer to Atlassian’s Responsible Tech Principles.

Avoid Necroposting

In general, avoid posting on old threads (six months or more old). Exceptions and examples for this guideline are located here.


The Atlassian Community is a great place to get support. While Atlassian employees will participate, they are not always the primary responders. They will help provide an answer to a question only if the community cannot provide an answer within a certain time frame after the question is initially posted. For official support on qualified licenses and products, or any billing questions, contact Atlassian Support at


Atlassian's ecosystem is a vital part of our community. However, the community is not a channel for marketing or promotions. Partner posts and comments should be in service of helping users get more out of their Atlassian implementations and not to promote their brands. When relevant, partners can provide a link to their partner pages on Atlassian, but should not be linking to other sites. You can review the partner guidelines here.

Abuse management

Our Community Moderators are dedicated to making the community a safe and productive place for everybody. We reserve the right to remove posts or delete accounts in the event they are detrimental to the Atlassian Community. At the same time, it is not our practice to remove posts that may be helpful to other site visitors and all contributors should be mindful of posting any sensitive information. If you see any content that is abusive or inappropriate, click "Report to moderators" on the post, and the moderators will be alerted.

Content types

The Atlassian Community offers three types of content: questions, discussions, and articles. Each content type can have tags applied to it, so you could have a question, a discussion, and an article about Jira workflows. There's more info about the three content types in our FAQ.


Many people come here to get help with a problem or to find a better way to do something. Questions are ideal for those situations. Ask a question and wait for others to start submitting answers. Then, when you get an answer that works, accept the answer. You might even accept multiple answers! Other users with the same questions will then be able to easily find helpful information.


Sometimes, you might want a more open-ended conversation. In that case, choose a discussion to get the conversation started.


Long-form blog-like content, such as case studies or user-generated how-to content, finds a home in articles. We’ve limited the ability to create articles to a small group of users who are Level 4 and above.


We've created these guidelines to ensure that everyone within the community has a great experience, and we expect that all participants in the community will adhere to these guidelines and recommendations. Thanks so much for doing your part, and for being here!