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  • Hello from Nayeem

    Hello everybody, this is Nayeemuddin Khan from Houston, TX. Currently, I am working as a Change Manager at Calpine for the last few years and was recently added with the additional responsibility of...

    Nayeemuddin Khan published an article 11 10 04-27-2021
  • We need a Insight Product or Interest Label

    Now with Insight more visible than ever, we need a unique label for this. I look forward to discussing this matter.

    Roberto Lins started a discussion 7 5 04-24-2021
  • Hello from Georgetown, KY

    Hello, I'm Randy O'Neal I'm from Georgetown, KY I'm a Christian, hunter, avid outdoorsman, musician (trumpet, bass guitar, vocalist), and amateur woodworker I'm currently a Sr. Scrum Master for T...

    Randy O_Neal started a discussion 7 6 03-31-2021
  • Article written but its not accessible

    Hi,   I wrote my first article and published it in But it's not visible upon searching. Even the direct link isn't accessible. Is there an approval process? How do I m...

    Noopur Varshney _AIO Tests_ asked a question 5 11 03-07-2021
  • Hello from Detroit MI!

    Howdy, folks! i've been using various atlassian products since the mid-2010s, including Confluence, JIRA, HipChat, and Trello. Worked as an Admin for all, as well as a trainer and just plain ol' end...

    Tig da Admin started a discussion 11 6 02-24-2021
  • Introduction

    I am from India. What I like - I like to play music, explore technologies and participate on communities What I do - I manage agile projects and JIRA admin Favorite quote - 'Behind every success, ...

    Mac S started a discussion 4 5 02-18-2021
  • How can Atlassian teams be organized?

    I'd like to discuss "how can teams who are working on Atlassian business be organized". I want to share how our team is organized so we can start with something. So... Our team is part or the Mo...

    Martin Bayer _MoroSystems_ s_r_o__ started a discussion 17 7 02-13-2021
  • What if user provides credentials with his post

    Hello fellow answerers, it happened to me recently, that during answering some question I found out, that the user also provided some sort of information, which should be secret (anybody with this i...

    Hana Kučerová started a discussion 4 12 02-06-2021
  • Hi! I'm Liron , product manager on Jira Service Management

    Hi! I'm Liron, product manager on Jira Service Management. Wanted to introduce myself and see what this group is about, and whether I could be of any help here!   Let me know!   Che...

    Liron started a discussion 15 32 02-02-2021
  • No more images?

    Is anyone else missing the ability to include images in their answers? (And questions, apparently.) Did I exceed my quota? :-}

    Darryl Lee asked a question 3 9 01-26-2021
  • Digging through your post stats by downloading your community content as JSON and parsing it

    Hey there I'm still relatively new here, but I see that some of you have 1000s of posts, and if you're a nerd like me, you might be interested in statistics like, "How many of my posts were answers t...

    Darryl Lee started a discussion 15 18 01-22-2021
  • Totally New Here to the Group.

    Hello!  I can't wait to see what all we can do with this amazing software.

    Julie Steinke started a discussion 6 8 01-15-2021
  • What are Topics?

    I have this badge for "First Topic Created". My email says it was earned on Dec 3, 2019, 1:19 PM. I don't remember what this topic was, nor can I find it in any of my posts around that time. A...

    Darryl Lee asked a question 4 1 01-15-2021
  • Follow-up questions in one thread

    Hi all, I have one thing I'd like to discuss. I tried to check some previous discussions and articles but I wasn't successful. It happens quite often to me in last months... someone asks question an...

    Martin Bayer _MoroSystems_ s_r_o__ started a discussion 7 11 01-09-2021
  • Have you gotten your Cloudie yet?

      Read about the Cloudies here! Has your Cloudie arrived yet? Is it sitting (proudly) on your desk or being (gently) chewed on by your baby or being (lovingly) slept on by y...

    Monique vdB started a discussion 34 78 01-06-2021
  • Introduction Rajesh Viswanathan

    Hello Everyone, I have been in  the community Leader for quit some time now, just found out about the group now. I am currently working as  an Agile Consultant @ Cognizant , India H...

    Rajesh Viswanathan published an article 9 9 01-03-2021
  • Howdy!

    Hey there from Latvia! I work in a fintech company, we do software stuff for people who think that classic Banks has to go ;) Right now we are in the middle of the transfer from Trello which we used ...

    Alexey published an article 5 4 12-30-2020
  • Newbie to Atlassian Answerers

    Hello - I work for a large Australian Regional Library service. We have recently added Confluence to our suite of office products. I love the collaboration of Confluence and the real-time project wor...

    Clare Morey started a discussion 8 7 12-16-2020
  • Introduction

    Hello Everyone, I have been in  the community for quit some time now, just found out about the group now :) I am currently working as  an Automation Solutions Developer (Groovy, JIRA, Con...

    Moses Thomas started a discussion 3 6 12-09-2020
  • Hello All from Boston

    Hi everyone, im Clark, I have been working with Atlassian products for 2 years. I first discovered them at my startup and as one of the few people interested at becoming an Atlassian Product Expert ...

    Clark Everson started a discussion 8 16 12-03-2020
  • Export Board to Excel

    Hi, i am new to Atlassian and i have been requested to create an excel spreadsheet with the current JIRA board we have.  not all of our users have access to the interactive board and i need to c...

    Oscar Baeza started a discussion 2 8 11-30-2020
  • Ahmed Abu-Musa from Vodafone

    I'm a solutions architect working in Vodafone

    Ahmed AbuMusa started a discussion 3 5 11-26-2020
  • Sandbox

    I am really excited about the sandbox feature in Jira cloud.  Is there currently a date when this will be available? 

    Brant Schroeder started a discussion 4 5 11-23-2020
  • Thank you for the invitation!

    I am from the Mother City (Cape Town, South Africa), during my free time I enjoy outdoor activities, such as Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Surfing and braaiing (barbeque). I am a C# Software engineer a...

    Pablo Brincat started a discussion 8 9 11-16-2020
  • Can someone help us how to automate IL Tool (Service now) with jira and confluence.

    Can someone help us how to automate IL Tool (Service now) with jira and confluence. Currently we are managing user id creation via internal directory, SSO enabled how to automate using this tool for...

    Aasha started a discussion 2 2 11-10-2020
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