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  • hi I am Aasha

    Hi Everyone,   I am aasha, I am working as a JIRA Admin for past 5 years, Hope we shall connected .        

    Aasha started a discussion 10 10 11-04-2020
  • Hi! //Since the group at the entrance asks to say hello, then saying hello is good form.

    Hi Atlassian Answerers group. Just now there was a question, and where could I ask the developers a question? if such a question arises? As I understand it, the developer is responsible for this grou...

    Konstantin Nazarov started a discussion 5 3 10-28-2020
  • E-Mails Notifications from Community Kudos Pilot

    Hey I don't know where to put it, but I've been getting a lot of emails from Atlassian Groups for days from groups I don't know, I've never entered and I also can't enter. I even think I shouldn't b...

    Christoph started a discussion 8 27 10-27-2020
  • Errors

    Hey answer, Pls it is my request to group leader that Please Contact the Support team  Issue : Error connecting between Bit bucket and Jira Software This started at 2:00pm IST

    Support - Leoj Studio started a discussion 1 3 10-22-2020
  • Question found with non-matching answer but some strange links in it

    Hi Atlassian Answerers, although I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask I'll give it a try. I came across two questions which are interestingly quite precise to Jira & Confluence but br...

    Daniel Ebers started a discussion 5 1 10-18-2020
  • How far is too far when helping people?

    ...oluntary community where people donate their time to provide answers, is that really true? I don't want to get overly philosophical here - as I have a genuine dilemma.  I'm trying not to give too m...

    Liam Green started a discussion 7 38 10-16-2020
  • Transition Permission Popup Message

    For one of our key projects, we only allow the Assignee to transition issues. There is a very generic popup if you are not the assignee and attempt to transition an issue. Does anyone know if this ge...

    Coby Fuller started a discussion 1 4 10-05-2020
  • New Joinee here

    Hi Answers! i am a new to community and will come up with lots of questions expecting the help and answers to requests in future. Thank you

    Rehanuddin Mohammed started a discussion 5 6 10-03-2020
  • Hello! i am new to atlassian, starting the journey

    Hey Everyone, I have been connected with Atlassian for over a year but never connected with the community.  Better late than never right?  Excited to be a part of the various d...

    Rehanuddin Mohammed started a discussion 1 5 10-03-2020
  • HI everyone

    A welcome message from new buddy. I am pritesh from Bonn, Germany. I study my masters and work part time with Expleo.  I use Atlassian's Bitbucket, Jira and wiki.

    Pritesh Gohil started a discussion 4 7 09-25-2020
  • Is answering disabled?

    Hi, I cant answer questions. I just have the answer field but no submit answer. I just want to be sure if it's not me. I dont have any problem with submitting comments in discussions. Anyone else...

    Gustavo Félix started a discussion 1 11 09-24-2020
  • Greetings People of Atlassian

    I am a Producer for X game company. Have been using JIRA for about 1-2 years for now, but never had the chance to be a JIRA administrator :). But I like to "mess" with JIRA, trying to do quite bit o...

    Karmandroid Singularity started a discussion 5 6 09-23-2020
  • Hello All

    Hello Everyone. My name is Coby and I'm the JIRA Cloud Administrator for Nucor Steel. I'm happy to be a part of this community and look forward to sharing experiences and information.

    Coby Fuller started a discussion 1 5 09-21-2020
  • Hello All! From Egypt

    Hello All, My Name is Wael Okasha , Head of Customers Support and Operations in Infosysta, Implemented couple of jira Service Desk/Confluence Projects in the middle east , had an extensive experienc...

    Wael Okasha started a discussion 4 8 09-21-2020
  • Hi!

    Hi,  my name is Mike Donnarumma and I am the Help Desk Manager of Intesi Software srl.  I'm glad to be part of this community. Best, Mike

    Mike Donnarumma started a discussion 4 8 09-21-2020
  • Hi!

    Hello everyone.  My name is Chris Hare, and I am the Director of Cloud Infrastructure at  I am responsible for SRE, DevOps and all of the AWS infrastructure used in both devel...

    chare started a discussion 3 3 09-17-2020
  • Greetings from the UK

    Hi all,  Kyle from the University of Essex, not a pro. Administrator for Jira & Confluence cloud, JSD server and slack for approaching 2 years now. Happy to answer any questions for anyone ...

    Kyle Cooke started a discussion 3 3 09-17-2020
  • Jambo, Hi& Holla From Kenya

    Hi Everyone, Victor Abedi Software Engineer based in Nairobi Kenya. Happy to be part you this awesome community, I use Atlassian's Bitbucket, Jira and Opsgenuie.  

    Victor Abedi started a discussion 6 3 09-17-2020
  • Hi everyone.

    I am an engineer. I administer Jira and Confluence. I study Java, ScriptRunner and practices that Atlassian recommends in the documentation. I will be glad to gain new knowledge and help other peo...

    Max started a discussion 8 4 09-16-2020
  • Good morning from Germany

    Have a nice day everyone. My name is Alexander, I work as project manager in private high-tech company and administrate on-premise Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (internal part, not server install...

    Alexander Raymukanov started a discussion 5 4 09-15-2020
  • Hi, I'm a Game Developer

    Hello Everyone, I work for a AAA Gaming Studio called RocketWerkz as a Production Coordinator. We're based in Auckland, New Zealand and we use Jira and Confluence heavily in the development of our g...

    Carl started a discussion 10 13 09-15-2020
  • Hi everyone

    Daniel from Kansas City here.  I work as a PM in a lead generation company. One of the projects I've been working on for the past 6 months is implementing Jira and Confluence across all depar...

    Daniel Davkovski started a discussion 9 6 09-15-2020
  • Hello from Dresden, Germany

    I'm Franz from Germany and I'm happy to join this group :) The Atlassian Community is a great place to learn from each other and to support each other. I already found many answers here. And when I ...

    Franz Reichard _Communardo_ started a discussion 6 3 09-15-2020
  • Knowledge Base launch advice

    Hi again guys, As I'm working on a Confluence Knowledge Base the final launch is approaching quickly. I am supposed to present the new platform to my department (40~ people) that currently don't kn...

    Ionut started a discussion 1 18 09-14-2020
  • Hi there from Romania! :)

    I just wanted to say that I'm glad to meet you all and to thank @Bridget for this opportunity. I am currently focused on Business Intelligence on my day to day work and now I'm working on ...

    Ionut started a discussion 2 2 09-14-2020
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