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Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active today

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  • Thank you for the invitation!

    I am from the Mother City (Cape Town, South Africa), during my free time I enjoy outdoor activities, such as Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Surfing and braaiing (barbeque). I am a C# Software engineer a...

    Pablo Brincat started a discussion 8 9 11-16-2020
  • Can someone help us how to automate IL Tool (Service now) with jira and confluence.

    Can someone help us how to automate IL Tool (Service now) with jira and confluence. Currently we are managing user id creation via internal directory, SSO enabled how to automate using this tool for...

    Aasha started a discussion 2 2 11-10-2020
  • hi I am Aasha

    Hi Everyone,   I am aasha, I am working as a JIRA Admin for past 5 years, Hope we shall connected .        

    Aasha started a discussion 10 10 11-04-2020
  • Hi! //Since the group at the entrance asks to say hello, then saying hello is good form.

    Hi Atlassian Answerers group. Just now there was a question, and where could I ask the developers a question? if such a question arises? As I understand it, the developer is responsible for this grou...

    Konstantin Nazarov started a discussion 5 3 10-28-2020
  • E-Mails Notifications from Community Kudos Pilot

    Hey I don't know where to put it, but I've been getting a lot of emails from Atlassian Groups for days from groups I don't know, I've never entered and I also can't enter. I even think I shouldn't b...

    Christoph started a discussion 8 27 10-27-2020
  • Errors

    Hey answer, Pls it is my request to group leader that Please Contact the Support team  Issue : Error connecting between Bit bucket and Jira Software This started at 2:00pm IST

    Support - Leoj Studio started a discussion 1 3 10-22-2020
  • Question found with non-matching answer but some strange links in it

    Hi Atlassian Answerers, although I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask I'll give it a try. I came across two questions which are interestingly quite precise to Jira & Confluence but br...

    Daniel Ebers started a discussion 5 1 10-18-2020
  • How far is too far when helping people?

    ...oluntary community where people donate their time to provide answers, is that really true? I don't want to get overly philosophical here - as I have a genuine dilemma.  I'm trying not to give too m...

    Liam Green started a discussion 7 37 10-16-2020
  • Transition Permission Popup Message

    For one of our key projects, we only allow the Assignee to transition issues. There is a very generic popup if you are not the assignee and attempt to transition an issue. Does anyone know if this ge...

    Coby Fuller started a discussion 1 4 10-05-2020
  • New Joinee here

    Hi Answers! i am a new to community and will come up with lots of questions expecting the help and answers to requests in future. Thank you

    Rehanuddin Mohammed started a discussion 5 6 10-03-2020
  • Hello! i am new to atlassian, starting the journey

    Hey Everyone, I have been connected with Atlassian for over a year but never connected with the community.  Better late than never right?  Excited to be a part of the various d...

    Rehanuddin Mohammed started a discussion 1 5 10-03-2020
  • HI everyone

    A welcome message from new buddy. I am pritesh from Bonn, Germany. I study my masters and work part time with Expleo.  I use Atlassian's Bitbucket, Jira and wiki.

    Pritesh Gohil started a discussion 4 7 09-25-2020
  • Is answering disabled?

    Hi, I cant answer questions. I just have the answer field but no submit answer. I just want to be sure if it's not me. I dont have any problem with submitting comments in discussions. Anyone else...

    Gustavo Félix started a discussion 1 11 09-24-2020
  • Greetings People of Atlassian

    I am a Producer for X game company. Have been using JIRA for about 1-2 years for now, but never had the chance to be a JIRA administrator :). But I like to "mess" with JIRA, trying to do quite bit o...

    Karmandroid Singularity started a discussion 5 6 09-23-2020
  • Hello All

    Hello Everyone. My name is Coby and I'm the JIRA Cloud Administrator for Nucor Steel. I'm happy to be a part of this community and look forward to sharing experiences and information.

    Coby Fuller started a discussion 1 5 09-21-2020
  • Hello All! From Egypt

    Hello All, My Name is Wael Okasha , Head of Customers Support and Operations in Infosysta, Implemented couple of jira Service Desk/Confluence Projects in the middle east , had an extensive experienc...

    Wael Okasha started a discussion 4 8 09-21-2020
  • Hi!

    Hi,  my name is Mike Donnarumma and I am the Help Desk Manager of Intesi Software srl.  I'm glad to be part of this community. Best, Mike

    Mike Donnarumma started a discussion 4 8 09-21-2020
  • Hi!

    Hello everyone.  My name is Chris Hare, and I am the Director of Cloud Infrastructure at  I am responsible for SRE, DevOps and all of the AWS infrastructure used in both devel...

    chare started a discussion 3 3 09-17-2020
  • Greetings from the UK

    Hi all,  Kyle from the University of Essex, not a pro. Administrator for Jira & Confluence cloud, JSD server and slack for approaching 2 years now. Happy to answer any questions for anyone ...

    Kyle Cooke started a discussion 3 3 09-17-2020
  • Jambo, Hi& Holla From Kenya

    Hi Everyone, Victor Abedi Software Engineer based in Nairobi Kenya. Happy to be part you this awesome community, I use Atlassian's Bitbucket, Jira and Opsgenuie.  

    Victor Abedi started a discussion 6 3 09-17-2020
  • Hi everyone.

    I am an engineer. I administer Jira and Confluence. I study Java, ScriptRunner and practices that Atlassian recommends in the documentation. I will be glad to gain new knowledge and help other peo...

    Max started a discussion 8 4 09-16-2020
  • Good morning from Germany

    Have a nice day everyone. My name is Alexander, I work as project manager in private high-tech company and administrate on-premise Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (internal part, not server install...

    Alexander Raymukanov started a discussion 5 4 09-15-2020
  • Hi, I'm a Game Developer

    Hello Everyone, I work for a AAA Gaming Studio called RocketWerkz as a Production Coordinator. We're based in Auckland, New Zealand and we use Jira and Confluence heavily in the development of our g...

    Carl started a discussion 10 13 09-15-2020
  • Hi everyone

    Daniel from Kansas City here.  I work as a PM in a lead generation company. One of the projects I've been working on for the past 6 months is implementing Jira and Confluence across all depar...

    Daniel Davkovski started a discussion 8 5 09-15-2020
  • Hello from Dresden, Germany

    I'm Franz from Germany and I'm happy to join this group :) The Atlassian Community is a great place to learn from each other and to support each other. I already found many answers here. And when I ...

    Franz Reichard [Communardo] started a discussion 6 3 09-15-2020
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