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  • How to find questions to answer Featured

    So you want to answer questions on the Atlassian Community. (Thank you!) How do you find questions to answer?   In fact there are lots of different ways, and this article will run through a few...

    Monique vdB published an article 47 22 12-22-2020
  • Announcing the Cloudies! ☁️ Featured

    Hello Answerers! We have a fun challenge for you, an initiative we are calling The Cloudies! We want to encourage users to answer questions about our cloud products, and if you can answer 30 cloud ...

    Monique vdB started a discussion 65 108 09-15-2020
  • Become an Atlassian Community Leader Featured

    Greetings, Answerers! As a prolific answerer if questions in the Atlassian Community, you are uniquely positioned to join our elite group of volunteer experts who serve as connectors, ambassadors...

    Bridget started a discussion 39 26 09-10-2020
  • Wise words from Nic Brough, all-star Atlassian Answerer Featured

    @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ has earned the respect of Community Leaders, Community Members, and of Atlassians alike. And this is not just because he has answered thousands of questions and received...

    Bridget started a discussion 63 19 03-04-2020
  • What makes a good Answer? Featured

    To kick off the conversation in this Group, I'd like to hear from YOU, the seasoned Answerer, about what you think makes an A+ Answer.  Feel free to post examples of Answers you've written/adm...

    Bridget started a discussion 6 38 02-18-2020
  • Introduce yourselves, Atlassian Answerers! Featured

    Atlassian Answerers are the folks who dedicate their time and expertise to helping out fellow users on the Atlassian Community. Aka the good kind of people!  Introduce yourself below so that y...

    Bridget started a discussion 18 189 02-10-2020
  • Hi

    Hello to all I joined the Atlassian community by solving my problem with Powershell to update Jira plugins via UMP. So if I can help on powershell and Jira API, I'll be happy to. Best regards.

    MINOTTE Didier started a discussion 7 2 06-21-2022
  • Xác minh tên miền

    Tôi phải xác minh tên miền như thế nào trong, tôi phải truy cập vào đâu để thêm bản ghi xác minh tên miền.

    nguyen hieu asked a question 5 1 06-20-2022
  • Migration WordPress to confluence

      Hi Guys , What do you think, what would be the best way to import WordPress site to Confluence Space ? I saw that there was an XML export import solution ? Is that possible ho...

    hbenakli asked a question 7 12 06-20-2022
  • Hello!

    Hello everyone! I joined the Atlassian community because I hope to be useful at least a little of what this community has been to me. Thanks, Andrea

    Andrea Pannitti started a discussion 10 4 05-23-2022
  • Welcome

    Hello everyone! Thank you all for the great welcome to the community. I hope to be useful at least a little of what this community has been for me. ^^ Best, Alberto

    Alberto Salvante started a discussion 7 4 05-04-2022
  • Community Shortcuts

    Hey everyone, I've recently commented on a discussion where in a sidenote someone was complaining about the formatting toolbar always stays on top when you write a long article in the community - a...

    Matthias Gaiser _K15t_ started a discussion 9 7 05-03-2022
  • Need to update SSL certificate

    Need to update SSL certificate

    mohan kuruba started a discussion 5 3 04-01-2022
  • what is the best way to find out if there is a a current ticket

    What is the best way to find out if there is a current ticket for new feature or enhancement for certain atlassian products

    Sue Hannan asked a question 7 5 03-24-2022
  • Update Summary with Description (Jira Automation)

    Is it possible to append text from a Jira ticket description and then add it to the summary? For example, say the in the description of a ticket it includes a name. Such as, "Please disable Firstn...

    Brad Hoaldridge started a discussion 4 7 03-23-2022
  • Why are the date/time stamps shown inconsistently in the community notification feed?

    Hello community! Why are the date/time stamps shown inconsistently in the notification feed?  Specifically, this feed sometimes shows "yesterday" for older notices, sometimes shows the exact da...

    Bill Sheboy asked a question 9 2 03-09-2022
  • Add grouping by topic to "See all activity" history view

    Hello, community! When reviewing recent community history (See all activity), it can be easy to miss something.  The view currently shows things in date/time order, newest to oldest.  And ...

    Bill Sheboy started a discussion 8 3 01-25-2022
  • Hi! I am Santhi new here

    Hello everyone, this is Santhi, I am working as a Scrum master on Health Care projects. Recently took this role and do not have much experience in JIRA with Admin related tasks. Your Help will be muc...

    Challayamma Polakampalli(Santhi) started a discussion 10 10 01-06-2022
  • Hi !! I am Harshavardhan Bajoria a newbie

    Hello !!  I am Harshavardhan Bajoria a team player, with a strong commitment to customer service and excellence in quality standards, love to learn new skills and grow each day.  Happy to...

    Harshavardhan Bajoria started a discussion 4 10 10-28-2021
  • I am new here

    Hi team, am new to the community expect will get appropriate help. ofcourse will do the same at no conditions. I believe spreading of knowledge teaching new things

    Devinder kumar started a discussion 10 10 10-05-2021
  • Hi I am Aasha new here

    Hi I am Aasha new here

    Aasha started a discussion 6 10 09-22-2021
  • ✨ Hello from Patrícia

    Hello Community, this is Patrícia Fortunato Montenegro from Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil. Currently, I'm a business development at EMEA/APAC Territory; since the beginning, successfully increased more t...

    Patrícia Fortunato Montenegro started a discussion 9 16 09-16-2021
  • Hi

    I m Hana, a software engineer working on data (Business Intelligence). I want lo learn more about JIRA here. :)

    Hana Zerari started a discussion 8 15 09-03-2021
  • They

    Hallo ich bin amina app development und program .......vom Germany  I no to do meaning language programation

    Aminata Konate started a discussion 2 6 05-24-2021
  • Hello from Nayeem

    Hello everybody, this is Nayeemuddin Khan from Houston, TX. Currently, I am working as a Change Manager at Calpine for the last few years and was recently added with the additional responsibility of...

    Nayeemuddin Khan published an article 11 10 04-27-2021
  • We need a Insight Product or Interest Label

    Now with Insight more visible than ever, we need a unique label for this. I look forward to discussing this matter.

    Roberto Lins started a discussion 7 5 04-24-2021
  • Hello from Georgetown, KY

    Hello, I'm Randy O'Neal I'm from Georgetown, KY I'm a Christian, hunter, avid outdoorsman, musician (trumpet, bass guitar, vocalist), and amateur woodworker I'm currently a Sr. Scrum Master for T...

    Randy O_Neal started a discussion 7 6 03-31-2021
  • Article written but its not accessible

    Hi,   I wrote my first article and published it in But it's not visible upon searching. Even the direct link isn't accessible. Is there an approval process? How do I m...

    Noopur Varshney _AIO Tests_ asked a question 5 11 03-07-2021
  • Hello from Detroit MI!

    Howdy, folks! i've been using various atlassian products since the mid-2010s, including Confluence, JIRA, HipChat, and Trello. Worked as an Admin for all, as well as a trainer and just plain ol' end...

    Tig da Admin started a discussion 11 6 02-24-2021
  • Introduction

    I am from India. What I like - I like to play music, explore technologies and participate on communities What I do - I manage agile projects and JIRA admin Favorite quote - 'Behind every success, ...

    Mac S started a discussion 4 5 02-18-2021
  • How can Atlassian teams be organized?

    I'd like to discuss "how can teams who are working on Atlassian business be organized". I want to share how our team is organized so we can start with something. So... Our team is part or the Mo...

    Martin Bayer _MoroSystems_ s_r_o__ started a discussion 17 7 02-13-2021
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