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Jira Reporting in Conversation: A Deep Dive with our Product Owner Rustem 📊🦆

Patricia Modispacher _appanvil_
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August 17, 2023

Actonic brings you an insightful interview with Rustem Shiriiazdanov, the Product Owner of the Jira Reporting App Report Builder. As Patricia Modispacher from Marketing kicks off this conversation, be prepared for a unique journey that draws parallels between reporting applications and the traits of diverse animals, culminating in a surprising yet fitting analogy that centers around ducks. But why ducks, you ask? Read on to uncover how these analogies unlock a new dimension in understanding the dynamic realm of Jira reporting and its transformative potential.


See the full interview here:

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Jira Reporting in Conversation: A Deep Dive with our Product Owner Rustem Shiriiazdanov


And for those who prefer reading to watching, you can discover the key takeaways of the conversation in text format below.


For those who are new to the world of Jira reporting apps, could you please give us a beginner’s guide? Bonus points for using animal analogies – or superheroes. Whichever you prefer.

Rustem begins by shedding light on the Atlassian ecosystem, likening it to a metaverse of applications that offer diverse functionalities. Within this ecosystem lies Jira reporting, a universe of its own, with numerous applications designed to enhance the capabilities of Jira reporting. Each of these applications serves a specific purpose, catering to the unique needs of users.

Using a creative animal analogy, Rustem compares these reporting applications to animals, each adapted to excel in particular environments. Some apps focus on real-time reporting, while others are tailored for project management, including agile, waterfall, and IT service management. And in the animal analogy: There are some animals who can fly, some who can swim. Some are the best at running.

“Report Builder is a duck in the world of report building applications. It effortlessly navigates the realms of running, flying, and swimming.”


Amid this array of tools, Rustem introduces Report Builder as a standout application. Rustem likens it to a cybernetically augmented duck – a tool that can run, fly, and swim metaphorically, encompassing all aspects of a succsessful Jira reporting. Report Builder’s versatility eliminates the need for compromises, making it an all-encompassing solution.

So, please tell us, how did you end up as the Product Owner of this unique Jira reporting product, this Cyberduck?

Rustem says his journey has its roots in his ongoing passion for data analytics. He explains how his fascination with uncovering insights from information led him to a career in science. As Rustem’s career evolved, he ventured into the realm of IT and reporting tools, soon realizing that existing solutions are not without their limitations. It’s during this juncture that Rustem encounters Actonic: A team with a vision to develop a Jira reporting tool that seamlessly integrates the strengths of different tools into a unified solution. Rustem sees in this vision an opportunity to fuse his expertise in data analysis with a team determined to revolutionize the reporting landscape.

And thus, Rustem’s journey intertwines with Actonic’s mission to empower businesses with a tool that turns Jira data into wisdom, and reporting insights into action.

What excites you the most about working on a product like Report Builder?

Laughing, he says he can’t possibly name just one thing that excites him – after all, every new feature they developed fascinated him. Every day, he works with a team of professionals, each of whom brings their expertise to our shared vision and turns shared dreams of impactful reports into reality.

As the conversation continues, it turns out that the real reason for his enthusiasm is the universal applicability of Report Builder (duck, that is). He emphasizes that Report Builder is not limited to a specific role or function, but covers a wide range of needs. Whether team members are looking for insights, executives are analyzing performance, IT managers are evaluating service desk efficiency, or project managers are monitoring progress, Report Builder meets all of these needs.

In IT Service Management (ITSM), how does Report Builder enhance the reporting experience for both professionals and teams?

Jira’s default service management reporting falls short, offering limited reports and customization options. Report Builder steps in with an array of improved reports, like Created vs resolved and Closed vs. Reopened, providing a substantial upgrade.

Rustem encourages users to explore the app, promising its enhanced reports are valuable assets via our sandbox. He highlights the app’s versatility, offering user-friendly reports like Tickets bouncing for those new to reporting. The app covers a wide spectrum of ITIL 4 practices, making it applicable to diverse operational processes, from incident to change management.

Before you started talking about ducks, you also named some great functions of perfect beneficial reporting in Jira. And you also mentioned real-time data. And would you be so kind as to tell us something about how Report Builder helps you with real-time data?

He explains, real-time data is a crucial aspect, as decision-makers want to base their actions on up-to-the-moment information, not outdated statistics. Report Builder capitalizes on this by harnessing real-time data from Jira, providing timely insights.

Unlike complex Business Intelligence (BI) applications that necessitate data cubes and refresh cycles, Report Builder taps into Jira’s real-time data, enabling immediate business analysis and intelligence without lag. This is a significant boon, particularly for users who require current insights without the hassle of constructing data lakes or warehouses. Rustem states that users can effortlessly share these insights with stakeholders, whether through Jira dashboards or exported formats, thus eliminating the issue of outdated data in emails.

And what are the common challenges or pain points that users face when it comes to Jira reporting?

In the realm of Jira reporting, Rustem highlights the limitations of Jira’s own reporting capabilities, which often create a desire for more comprehensive solutions. The contrasting landscape of either too simple or too complicated reporting tools is arguably one of the biggest struggles among users. One answer to these challenges is Report Builder. This is because this app is able to overcome the limitations of domain boundaries and user skill levels. In this context, Report Builder is more than just a tool and is evolving into a holistic solution that directly addresses users’ frustrations. It offers accessibility, flexibility, and a seamless reporting experience. Just the perfect duck within the animal landscape.

We already mentioned it before: the great benefit of Report Builder to share reports. Can you tell us a bit more about the details of how teams collaborate using this tool?

Report Builder provides the functionality to share reports with anyone. While various applications offer similar capabilities, Report Builder stands out due to its unique feature that breaks down organizational barriers. Instead of having separate applications for different teams, such as business intelligence and operations, this app unifies them under a single umbrella.

This approach ensures that teams can access their reports from one centralized location, fostering cross-team collaboration. Moreover, our reports are easily shareable through links, and our flexible permission system ensures controlled access to different reports. Additionally, these reports can seamlessly integrate into Jira dashboards, alongside other gadgets from diverse applications.

If you want to read more about the benefits of Report Builder, you can read the story: How a customized Jira Report boosts BÜFA Chemicals delivery targets.

Regarding the future of reporting, you’re working on Universal Report version 3. What exciting improvements or features can users expect here?

The future of reporting is an exciting journey, and we are thrilled to unveil the upcoming Universal Report version three. This version aims to cater to a diverse audience, offering two distinct modes. For those well-versed in data analysis, we’re introducing an advanced mode that empowers users to leverage JQL and JavaScript to create sophisticated measures and analyzes, akin to big business intelligence tools.

Simultaneously, we’re enhancing the simple mode for users who prefer a more intuitive approach. With just a few clicks, users can generate insightful reports, such as cumulative averages or year-to-year comparisons, without delving into complex technicalities. The core essence of this update is customization. We’re introducing a wealth of data visualization options, from colors to fonts, along with the ability to add KPI lines and more.

And now it’s your turn. As we keep refining our app, your thoughts matter. Contact us and tell us your ideas and wishes for the ultimate Jira reporting experience. To get to know our cyber-duck better, you can also request a free demo in English or German. And just try the sandbox, as Rustem mentioned before. We can’t wait to connect. Together, let’s collaborate to unfold the full potential of Jira Reporting!






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