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How to clear old items out of the "Done" column

I'm trying to figure out the best way to cleanup the Done column for my team using an Agility board.


We have a pretty sizeable stack of issues building up in our Done column and need to figure out how to clear it out in some way.


This may be related to my other question about how to set resolution:


Although I'd prefer a way to manually clear the column (we can do it during sprint retrospective or planning). Or the ability for issues to fade out of that column after a week or so.


Any way to do this that I'm just not finding yet?



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Hi @Aaron Boushley

Agility project is set up to automatically remove issues in the last column every 14 days to help teams manage completed work. You can search for removed issues by simply clicking "Looking for older issue?" button at the bottom of your last column.

We are also looking into how we can give manual controls to users. If you'd like to give your input, please follow this link to set up some time with us. We'd love to hear from you.


Erika Sa

Atlassian product manager

Is this documented somewhere? I was trying to figure this out, and having it be clear when things are on the board seems like a pretty important quality.

Also, the link you provided doesn't work :/


"The page you are looking for could not be found
Please make sure that you've typed in the URL correctly"

I agree with @Aaron Boushley, I have never seen that documented, and I would prefer to set my own rule as to when it should be removed from _Done_, even if this is a manual step.

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Any update on this?- this is completely ruining the Next Gen board for me.

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Same, I migrated (manually) to next gen and currently have 1000 items in the Done col, the perf of the board is seriously slow and I have to wait two weeks for it to resolve itself? Oof.

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What @Stephen Pool said. This is a really annoying "feature". @Erika Sa can you please provide an update? It's been 3+ months since your first. 

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Erika Sa Atlassian Team Nov 12, 2018

@Jarrod Johnson Apologies for the delay. We've been working hard on prioritising feature that'd provide the most value to majority of the users, and this sits on the near-term roadmap. It will be coming in a few months. We will keep you updated on this. 

@Erika Sa Hello! Is there a bit more clarity about the time frame for this feature? It was a major showstopper for Kanban-based workflow on my team – too much clutter in the Done column.

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Any update on this?  We are also experiencing a major headache due to the overwhelming size of our "Done" column.  

The 1000 items I migrated from another project never cleared from the done col, even after months. Only newly created items would clear, the board was unusable (due to poor perf), in the end I had to give up and move back to the old project.

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@Erika Sa Any update, this is a really important issue for a lot of people.

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I would also love to be able to clear the issues from the resolved column.

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Y'all think it will make it to a full year of them just ignoring the issue? 4 months to go...

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+1 here. Atlassian, we are the customer! A basic feature request and waiting for months? 

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I think I fixed it for now by modifying the JQL. Surely you guys have did the same thing but I struggled on getting the () right. So maybe this helps some of the newbies. 

(project = yourProject and status not in ("done", "closed")) or (project = yourProject  and status in ("done", "closed") and updated >= -4W) ORDER BY Rank ASC

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@Sofie Van OpstalHow would I change the JQL for a next-gen board/project?

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How the hell do you do this? Next Gen has been awful for reasons like this. Why is this an accepted answer?

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@Sofie Van Opstalthere's NO options for JQL at the moment for next-gen projects, unless you're privy to something we're not. This is the whole point of this question :).

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@Erika Sa 

I bulk imported several hundred issues, many of which had status DONE.

This meant that there were several hundred issues in the DONE column (which is the right most column of the board).

I read this post shortly after importing the issues, and assumed that the DONE issues would automatically disappear after 14 days, as stated.

I still have over 100 issues in the DONE column. All of them have been there for 15 days.

Of course, they are also still in the Board section of the Backlog view. As I'm sure you can imagine, this is frustrating for my team.

I had to work hard to get JIRA adopted, and used the Next-gen functionality to convince the team it was the right choice.


  • Clarify/correct the information you provided above
  • Inform us of any workarounds to overcome this issue
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@Erika Sa any update on this? Does this still sit on the near-term roadmap or has it been scoped out?

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Is there an update on this anyone from the next gen team? 

We are kicking things off with our next gen project and are importing from our old boards. It is very cluttered and doesn't help that there is no control for users to decide when _they_ want their DONE column cleared. 

Why should a fixed algorithm set by the system decide that? Kind of goes against the teams' autonomy in Agile to clear/change their boards. 

So would be amazing to see this feature in play. 

Hope someone has an idea re timing for this. 



Really shameful. It's now May 2019 and you still don't have a basic JQL filtering. This would take all of a day for atlassian to implement considering you already have the JQL language notation and mappings to the new internals of next-jen. This is honestly an egg on JIRA's face and I'm sick of having to constantly explain features away as "coming soon".  Seems users are stuck in either an unwieldy but useful JIRA classic, or a more intuitive but nearly unusable next-gen. Next-gen is nearly unusable and an embarrassment for such a large and resourceful company. 

Maybe spend less time on Trello and more time on one of your core tools. 

I totally agree with you.

I've been very happy using Trello (for free) but it's limited in terms of grouping by Epic, Creating links between issues, etc.

I am not going to use classic Jira for sure. The limitation of next-gen Jira are way too many.

Any other solution to recommend for Kanban? @Asher Snyder 

@Yassine Belmamoun yes, I real like One of the easiest and most flexible alternatives to JIRA I've found. They even started to integrate into JIRA so you can mirror/group JIRA data sources better, but it's completely unnecessary and is solid on its own.

Allows for multiple boards/views of the same data, as well as allows for individual views, central views, custom cards, card sizes, groupings, workflows, etc. Unfortunately for many companies moving away from Atlassian is too much or too risky, so I tend to use it personally or for smaller projects/companies, but if I could I would use it for everything.

A real shame I can say.

I'm losing all credibility with my customers just because of this.

I can't understand why there is still no news from Atlassian about this - not to mention other key features that are missing and that users are desperately requesting (like editing the notification scheme).

I'm afraid I'll have to spend hours to migrate and fall back to the old project template.

Just arrrgh.

I was in love with your products and your company. Seems the Trello thing made you forget your fundamentals.

Hi guys,

Reading the thread, I can see that @Erika Sa published in November 12th, 2019:

"We've been working hard on prioritising feature that'd provide the most value to majority of the users, and this sits on the near-term roadmap. It will be coming in a few months. We will keep you updated on this."


It's been 7 months since and it is still not there.

I am considering now moving back to another solution.

You mean November 12th 2018?
I'm currently reading this in Jun 17, 2019 and the date you wrote is in the future :)

But you're right, what's up with this? Seems super critical and it takes them a year to deliver?

It's extremely frustrating that this still hasn't been implemented (especially because it's one on a long list of next-gen features that I'd have expected to be done long ago). Atlassian seems to have dramatically under-allocated dev resources to this project, considering how gung-ho they've been about encouraging users to convert. I was the Jira champion at my organization when we migrated from Pivotal about 9 months ago, but if I could go back in time, I think we'd have chosen a competitor instead. 

I think this will be the dealbreaker for not using a next-gen project - apart from the difficult Epic use (can't add any children tasks easily) and the slower loading UI.


Any update on this?

We have moved to the Next-Gen Projects and want to use Kanban, however due to an increasingly large Done pile we are going to have to transition to Sprints so that when we mark as 'Complete' the Done items disappear.

We would prefer to work Kanban but this limitation is preventing us from doing so.



Hi, I am just moving to this next-generation project. Probably I should turn around to classic projects because I don't want to have my "done" Column crowded with past issues. 
Atlassian, is that right? 

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Jira, can you please respond here. We can't use the Next Gen projects if done items are never removed. This seems pretty basic?

I'm not an Atlassian rep, but just to clarify -- in next-gen projects, issues in the Done column get hidden after 14 days in that column. The hidden issues can still be found in several ways (e.g., searching for issues), but they don't clutter up the board.


This probably works well for slow-moving projects, but it means that our team often has 10 issues in To Do, 5 issues in In Progress, 5 issues in RFR, and 110 issues in Done :( 

Any update on this? Not being able to remove done items is going to have a move away from NextGen projects.

We actually bit the bullet and enabled Sprints though we don't use them for that specific team (it's a business team, not a dev team). The slowness is still there though :/

As Casi said, Issues in the Done column will have a green tick and will be archived after 14 days. Not ideal but at least it stops the board getting too big.

I think the core of the frustration around this is that it takes teams varying lengths of time to make a board "too big." In 14 days, our Next-Gen board definitely gets too big for us. For a different team that works on a different product, 14 days might be optimal. A lot of teams on sprints are on two-week sprints, so maybe that's why Atlassian decided to go with that 14-day clear window. But a lot of people aren't on two-week sprints.

Based on the lack of response, I'm getting the feeling that Atlassian designed next-gen for a specific type team and a specific type of product. Too bad that my team and our product doesn't fit in that box. I like the other features in Next-Gen a lot, but I'll probably switch us back to Classic.

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Yes it would be helpful to have control over this on next gen boards. I feel like next gen boards are geared towards small teams with minimal requirements and workload. At a certain point when more advanced functionality is required it is expected that teams will move on to advanced or traditional boards.

When my manager asks me for more features like this I tell him that yes it is possible but we will need to migrate to traditional boards. As you can imagine 100% of the time this means the feature request is dropped as it is too much work.

I'm afraid that judging by the lack of replies here, the Next-gen project is ditched.

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I reluctanctly agree.

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Wow just found this, switching back to non-next gen project. Found this link in case it's helpful for someone else:

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Matthias Starte I'm New Here Monday

By accident exactly one year after the last official reply. I have the same issue.


It seems no one cares. I have to use sprint board then. An annoying workaround for such a minor but deal breaking design flaw.

Makes me really cautious and rethink how much I will rely my workflow on a product with such a problem to react to easy fixable user needs...

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