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  • New to Jira? Introduce yourself here! Featured

    Hi, welcome to the New to Jira group! We would love to hear about you and also more about your "Jira situation" (if you're comfortable): When did you first time find out about Jira? Where are yo...

    Hana Kučerová started a discussion 80 152 09-01-2021
  • How to get started with scrum in Jira Software (team-managed projects) Featured

    Many new users of Jira Software sign up because they’ve heard it can help them be agile. Yet once they start using Jira Software, they struggle with how to adopt agile practices. Maybe this sounds ...

    Corinne Dent published an article 51 6 08-24-2021
  • How did you learn to be a Jira admin? Featured

    Like many things in my life I learned Jira by jumping in and using the product. In a lot of ways this can be the most rewarding method. However, I have certainly made a number of mistakes as a result...

    Jack Brickey started a discussion 31 16 08-07-2021
  • New to Jira? Start here! Featured

    As I have been spending some time today perusing the new to Jira collection I thought I would take a moment and share a few thoughts that I have for anyone coming on board. The following is based o...

    Jack Brickey published an article 45 4 08-07-2021
  • New User to Jira

    Hi I'm new to Jira and looking forward to learn and practice the functionalities along the way.  

    Sam Sulaiman started a discussion 5 3 06-13-2022
  • My Introduction

    Hello World , Myself Guruprasad Shenoy I work as an ASE @ MicroGenesis. Joined Atlassian Community To  enriching my knowledge and make Some useful contributions. Thank You  Gurup...

    Guruprasad Shenoy started a discussion 6 6 06-06-2022
  • Hello and Introduction

    Hi, This is my first post in this community. Nice to be here and learn.  Though I've had a Atlassian account for many many years I just started to use this with other projects, so its time to b...

    Simsimphony started a discussion 3 2 06-02-2022
  • First steps

    I'm not a beginner with Jira but I remember when I was, that I've searched through whole internet for materials, courses, books and any other that could help me to advance in this path.  It wou...

    l_seplecan started a discussion 6 3 06-02-2022
  • Do's and Dont's for Sprint Reports

    I have a question about "How to correct start a sprint" I have troubles with the expressiveness of reports and too many tasks with an asterisk mark. Atlassian University and YouTube didn't satisfy ...

    Klaus Eisler asked a question 2 4 05-30-2022
  • Gimme your Jira-Wisdom

    Hy! I'm using Jira for about a year and everyday I learn something new. I'm here and joined the group to learn even more (and hopefully faster) from your knowledge and input. So please get in touch...

    Klaus Eisler started a discussion 5 2 05-30-2022
  • Hello from beautiful Charlotte

    It is great to meet you all.  I really loved the Atlassian podcast.  Very informative. I'm fairly new to Jira.  I'm trying to brush up on my IT skills. Thank you! Nick

    Nicholas Rowland started a discussion 4 2 05-16-2022
  • How to start with Jira ?

    How to start with Jira ?

    Shray Nag asked a question 1 2 05-16-2022
  • Sr scrum Master

    Hello, i am very new to JIra I have been kick out from my job because they wanted me to be a JIRA Admin I have to work on it in order to prevent it  I hope to find my solution here

    Francina Scott started a discussion 5 4 05-07-2022
  • Beginner

    Hi I am new to Atlassian and learning Jira basics and I found this site very much interesting. Thank You.

    pavani gondi started a discussion 8 9 04-29-2022
  • Hide Subtask on parent issue

    I have created multiple Subtask for all the parent issues. for example (Story - Story Subtask) (Bug - Bug Subtask) In that, I would like to show up relevant subtask create, the rest of the subtask ...

    Balaji Sankar asked a question 2 6 04-22-2022

    I am a complete newcomer to Jira and I need to learn its very basics to start using it.  And doing it very fast, indeed! I would be grateful for any suggestions I may receive. Regards Edison

    Edison MARTINS BRAUN asked a question 2 3 04-21-2022
  • Overview Milestone

    Hi Team, I would to build a page in Confluence to summarize all milestone of my project. So, do you any sample templates for best practice to do it?

    Puthirin PAT _IT_ started a discussion 4 6 04-19-2022
  • Best way to setup projects for a Saas company

    Hi everyone, looking for recommendations for best practices for setting up Jira for a Saas company that does customer onboarding. As well as managing feature development and being able to see feature...

    larissa asked a question 5 2 04-13-2022
  • How to review activity log on Confluence?

    Hi All, I would to review the activity log on Confluence page about page moving from and to. Thanks.

    Puthirin PAT _IT_ asked a question 3 2 04-07-2022
  • How to Change the Description Field of an Issue

    I copy below a snapshot of what I see when I create a new Issue.  Two questions, when I create the Issue, the Summary input field is what shows at the top of the Issue (here called "Some action...

    Avi Feldblum asked a question 1 5 04-05-2022
  • Relatively new to Jira - Using for global hardware product design teams

    Hello all, I'm new to the community here, and relatively new to Jira overall. I'm looking to start using Jira for managing mainly hardware based new products program management. I am not a Jira Admi...

    Avi Feldblum started a discussion 3 1 04-04-2022
  • What is the best practice to manage project in Jira?

    Hi Team, I'm just new here. And I would like to improve myself on Jira tools. So, could you share with me your experiences to well manage projects in Jira?

    Puthirin PAT _IT_ asked a question 4 4 03-29-2022
  • New to the Jira video section

    thank you new to the JIRA video love it

    Susan Geiderman started a discussion 3 0 03-28-2022
  • Test Management Tools

    Hi.  Can anyone tell me of any free QA/ Test Management add-ons for JIRA. Many thanks in advance.

    Joseph Elliot started a discussion 3 2 03-28-2022
  • Hello Everyone, I am just new to JIRA and Confluence and looking forward to learning paths

    I am fairly new to Jira and Confluence, I must appreciate a clear learning path for me to excel here with Agility! I'm planning to get prominent certifications as well.   Thank you Rizwan Si...

    Rizwan Siddiqi started a discussion 4 4 03-23-2022
  • Hi, I'm new to jira

    Hi everyone,  I am new to using jira, and have taken on the task of setting it up so our team can manage work against our organisation's strategic objectives.  We also use confluence, so ...

    Julie Sandbrook started a discussion 2 2 03-21-2022
  • New to all of this.

    I have no clue what to do and probably a dumb statement, but can anyone help me. What do I do?

    Ashley Hyatt started a discussion 0 0 03-14-2022
  • New user to JIRA

    I have recently joined a new company and all the Project management is done only through JIRA. I am totally new to this "JIRA world", hence i started to analyse about this Project Management tool and...

    deepa.jayaram started a discussion 0 6 03-04-2022
  • Help with Groups Clean-up

    Our Jira admin recently retired and I have been tasked with taking over.  Honestly, this just slipped through the cracks when she left and I forgot to go through it with her.  I'm hoping yo...

    Robb Stohlman asked a question 2 2 03-02-2022
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