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how to mention a JIRA issue?

Davide Paleari Mar 31, 2015


I saw that Atlassian Support often mention othher JIRA issues in their issues. How do you do that? In the documentation I only found how to mention a user.

Thank you, best regards

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niroshabandaru Mar 31, 2015

Hi Davide,

Please put <ticket no.|URL of the ticket> in square braces  in the comments.

Let me know if this solves your purpose.

Martin Aug 07, 2015

I don't think this is the most modern and efficient way to mention a JIRA issue in a comment.

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Alexey Zimarev Aug 22, 2016

Just writing the issue code is enough, JIRA recognizes it and makes a link of it. It will not create a full pledged issue link though.

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Ranu Kothari Jul 26, 2017


I tried the same way but it is displying link as a text.

I want to link other issue in a comment. 

Please suggest if you know any other way

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Chris Fairclough Mar 05, 2018

In my previous company just typing the issue code into the comment created a shortcut with summary on hover, and also automatically created an issue link. This saved A LOT of time. I'm an admin on the jira instance in a new company and I don't see a way to set this up - was it broken with an update or something?

A plugin or a way to configure the desired behaviour would be great. Manually making a link is not a nice answer to this question.

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Richard Segerlund May 23, 2018

I have the same experience as Chris.

I work in two different Jira instances - one from my own company and one from a customers company.

In my companys Jira I can write issue number i.e. "ABC-123" and I get a link to the issue and shows a status. See image below:



I my customers Jira I get nothing of this.

I understand this is settings or a plug-in. Can someone help me how to set ut this in my customers Jira?

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Chris Fairclough May 23, 2018

Richard, I updated with this comment #M242463 on how to get part of the behaviour I want. Make sure you use the wiki renderer as Francis suggests #M241346

Richard Segerlund May 23, 2018

Chris, I have checked and WIki render is used in both Comment and Description.

I have tried with square brackets from differnt views, but it does not work in any place (in my customer Jira).

Thanks for you time Chris.

Emma Eriksson Sep 04, 2018


I would also like to know why this is not working for us.

We have confirmed the render type is wiki style, but typing ABC-123 or [ABC-123] does not create a link to an issue in a comment field, or an issue description field.


Previously at another clients jira, also in the cloud we were able to link to issues in comments.

Whats up here - is there anything we need to do to make this work or is it an issue with the renderer?

Jonathan BAILLEUL Sep 06, 2018

Not working for me :/

It's sad to struggle for such basic features.

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Dino B Sep 20, 2018

@Richard Segerlund

In my previous company, I was able to do same exactly as you say.

Kory Paulsen May 03, 2019

If I switch to the old issue view (append '?oldIssueView=true' to the issue URL), then ticket IDs (ex: SM-70) in the issue description & comments are automatically converted  to fancy links (Link_To_Issue.png) ... but the (getting old) new view just leaves ticket IDs as plain text.  Is not auto-linking tickets one of the "features" of the "new" view?

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Ellen Davnall I'm New Here May 09, 2019

I have exactly the same experience as Kory - If I mention an issue key in a comment or description in old view it will automatically link it beautifully with the ticket summary.  If I revert to new view, the link even stays in that useful form. 

But if I try to add an issue key in a description or comment in new view, it doesn't automatically link.  Square brackets don't seem to have any effect - they just render as square brackets. 

I have checked my project settings and both fields are set to Wiki Style Renderer as specified.

It would be helpful to get a straight answer: is the automatic issue linking broken in new view?  If so, I can steer those of my colleagues who are (understandably) big fans of auto-linking back to old view.

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Eduardo Mallmann Atlassian Team Mar 31, 2015

Hello Davide,

You should be able to do it by pasting the issue URL on the ticket or by mentioning the ticket key, for example:

Let's say the issue key is JSP-0001 and the URL is

In this case you should be able to mention the ticket by pasting the whole URL of the ticket or by mentioning only the ticket key, so JIRA will understand the mention and create the link to the other issue.

Let me know if that doesn't work for you, Davide.


I hope it helps


Dino B Sep 20, 2018

That is clear Eduardo but I was able to just type @JSP-0001 and that would create link to it for me automatically without me having to copy past it.

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Mayra Fiorini I'm New Here May 22, 2019

Worked for me, on old and new views. :)

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David Thomas Jan 03, 2017

I've tried adding "[key-num]" as well as "[full url]" link styles to my JIRA issue comments, and am not having any luck getting nice looking issue summaries inline. It's just creating plain old links for me. I've read this thread and there doesn't appear to be a complete answer to the question of how this is set up in a cloud-based JIRA account. It certainly isn't working for me in our default config... Thanks,


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Tarandeep Singh Aug 14, 2017

## Just put story or bug or task name similar to what you see in the link. 

for eg. if your link is

then in the comments or description just use. 



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Francis Martens Mar 05, 2018

Could you check what the renderer of the comment field is.

* Admin -> Field Configurations -> The field configuration of your project -> Find Comments


It should be wiki renderer

2018-03-05_17-28-08 (1).png


The wiki renderer will identify issuekey's and convert it to a link

Chris Fairclough Mar 08, 2018

I figured out that if I open an issue in its own tab it works when I type the issuecode inside square brackets into a comment. This doesn't work if I have an issue open in backlog view and try to comment in there. This is with the wiki renderer turned on for comments.

What I saw in another installation before, was that you could achieve this without the square brackets and in all comments no matter what the view. How might that be done do you know ?

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Kevin McNamee Nov 13, 2018 • edited

This is the problem we have. Opening the issue in its own tab solved the problem. However, I did not need the square brackets.


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Jeff V Dec 05, 2018

In my case, wherever I had copied the ticket identifiers from (within JIRA itself?) had inserted a "Zero-width non-joiner" character in between the project key and the dash. This character is completely invisible and the only hint I had that it was there was that pasting it into the URL bar caused JIRA to tell me the ticket didn't exist, while typing the ticket number myself allowed it to work. If you have a bookmarklet like me, use some javascript like this to clean it up.

Christian Biggins Feb 04, 2019


Once I started typing the issue numbers the auto linking worked again. Thanks Jeff.

Arnold Roa Feb 13, 2019

Yes this is so annoying!! 

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Akshay Anurag Mar 14, 2019

You need to write it as

Some text ABC-111


Where ABC-111 is the id of the issue.

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Anatoly Spektor May 29, 2019

I was struggling with this for a while. I think at some point #ISSUE was working, then [ISSUE], now I found couple ways it works both with actual links.


I have put all my attempts into the video, in case someone finds this way easier to learn:

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Andre Borzzatto Mar 31, 2015

Hi Davide,

A simple copy and paste of the JIRA issue URL should be enough.

This text writer will translate the information accordingly.


Hope it helps!


Martin Aug 07, 2015

Andre, could you tell us how you are able to do this ? In JIRA v6.2.4, when I paste a complete URL to an issue, the only thing I see as a result is a link containing the text of the adress... (while writing CC-233 result in a link CC-233, with the only text CC-233).

Julian Zitsch Dec 14, 2015

Hi Andre and the others, the feature that JIRA automatically adds the summary and the status when you copy and paste of the JIRA issue URL is cool. In a normal JIRA this does´t work. Does anyone know a plugin which adds this feature? Thanks in Advance. Regards from Germany, Julian

Jordan Paul May 27, 2016

I second Julian's question. I'd also like to know how the summary and status is displayed. In my instance, adding the issue key to a comment only results in a clickable link to the issue

Sreenath H B Jul 18, 2016

Pasting the URL doesn't do that for me either - it just displays as a clickable link. Putting in the issue key makes it into a clickable link to the issue and shows the ticket status along with it. This is the closest I've got on this but would love to see the ticket title show up as well like in @Andre Borzzatto's comment.


Let me try this here: JRA-41017 or

It works here if I paste the URL. Not sure if it's a setting or a plugin that we don't have on our cloud Atlassian instance.

Dion Gonano Jul 25, 2016

I would like this too. Has no one figure out how to do this on a server instance?

@Andre Borzzatto, Seeing as you answered, do you know why this isn't working for us?


I also noticed the @mentions render differently. These have a box but mine is just a hyperlinked name. Could it be the same feature?

Francis Miller Jul 26, 2016

Yeah I love the fact that the title appears in the mini-link, it doesn't do that on our cloud instance and it's annoying because I have to type the title of each referred issues.

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Nguyen Tuan Trung Aug 30, 2016


Any one has update on this? When I mention an issue, only code + status are displayed, not the title.



Dia Mehdawi Oct 21, 2016

If I recall correctly  fancy links was a plugin you add to JIRA ?

Geoffrey Ulman Nov 14, 2016

@Andre Borzzatto I'd also be very interested in learning how to make our JIRA Server instance display issue mentions like this in comments. Currently all ours does is display the URL with a hyperlink to the issue (instead of the nice graphic with the title and resolved status).

David Thomas Jan 03, 2017

This doesn't work for me.

Tibor Sirovatka Jan 03, 2017

For me on the 1st try it didn't worked neither (on cloud), then copied full URL, put that into brackets[] , url still shown. Then changed to issue ID and then it worked smile, even without brackets[]

Putting now into another comment now working ok. But I see there is some problem, there is green notification about updating data, but also with the RED empty one notification box (no text shown inside)

Adrian Burciu Jan 24, 2017

If you're working on issue JRA-41017, then simply writing the issue key (no url or anything else) should work. (issue description appears in the tooltip on mouseover)

Re: the inclusion of the issue key and description above using the URL - This Answers forum has different functionality; not the case for your standard JIRA software.

Jason Mitchell Dec 12, 2018

In the latest version of JIRA, just putting the issue key alone no longer auto-links. Super-frustrating. 

Meaning, if I put in "MT-123" it doesn't auto-link it. They killed keyboard shortcuts and now this. It's frustrating to power users, but maybe I'm just missing some configuration. Dunno. 

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Davide Paleari Mar 31, 2015

Hi Eduardo, Andre,

does this work only with atlassian issue? If I paste the url of my JIRA instance's issues, I do not see the same behaviour. For example:

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Davide Paleari Mar 31, 2015

Hi niroshabandaru, thanks for your feedback. I cannot do that in Jira, but it work in Confluence and here .This is the result: SAAS-809: different from the one I used to see when Atlassian mention issues, though.

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There is configuration in JIRA on how tickets should look like (General Configuration > Advance Settings > jira.projectkey.pattern". Check if you are using this pattern in your JIRA Comments.

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Davide Paleari Apr 01, 2015

Hi Gabriele,

I cannot see any Advance Settings in the General Configurations. In the Atlassian documentation I found that The Advanced Settings button is only visible if you have the JIRA System Administrators global permission. (, but in my instance there is no trace of JIRA System Administrators  permission (neither the administrator who created the instance has it). Could you please tell me how can I modify the Advance Settings ?

Thanks, regards

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Ivan Vastag Jan 27, 2016

Hi @Andre Borzzatto

How do you enable inline summary?

0 votes
Francis Miller Jun 20, 2016

Maybe something went wrong over the week-end with the Atlassian cloud instance of JIRA & Confluence, but it seems like I lost my inline link's summary for a peculiar reason.

If I look at a JIRA Description, I get this :


and under Confluence I get this :



Before we installed confluence, the link summary in JIRA was perfect and verbose, suddenly or after a potential bad move of one of our admin, our JIRA's links are broken.


I can't find anywhere to configure them.  I don't have jira.projectkey.pattern in my advance settings and no way to add any.

Any help on this will be really welcome laugh

0 votes
Anand Sasi Mar 12, 2019

Entering issue number in square brackets like [ABC-100] work, but Jira converts it to an issue link after you post the comment. Until then you will see it as just plain text.

Just wasted 2 hours on this without saving the comment. Jira converts user mentions without saving the comment and I assumed issue linking would also work the same way.

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