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Why can't I delete my account?

Deleted user Jan 15, 2019

If I don't get the right answer this time, I am forwarding this to my Legal Department!!!!!


When I try to delete my account, I get this message. I really am wasting a lot of time here and I feel like I am getting scammed. I was looking for contract work, not more software bills.


You can't delete your account

Your account can't be deleted because:

  • This account is the primary billing contact for one or more products.
  • This account is a technical contact for one or more products.


Then I got a reply that was sheer gibberish. I WANT THIS ACCOUNT TOTALLY DELETED NOW.

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Seems clear enough. You need to have your account removed from the Technical Contact or Primary Billing Contact fields. Log into your account and see which of those you are set as. Or if you paid more than $10 for the license, then contact Atlassian Support for help.

Also, this community isn't really a threat sort of place. 

It's an angrier duplicate of where I said mostly the same thing, although I think your answer is written more clearly (as usual!)

It is a shame that someone lashes out at those trying to help, when the problem is that they are not understanding what was said before.  Let's hope your answer is more clear!

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Deleted user Jan 15, 2019

OK. Both of you are speaking some kind of language that I cannot understand and I am an English Major.

Your jargon is foreign to a guy who just now was fooled into registering with this site, which I am unclear what it does or why I wound up here. I don't know what "technical Contact" or "Primary Billing Contact Fields" mean.

I did not spend any money because I didn't supply any payment information.

I log into my account and I DON'T SEE any of the fields of options you two have posted here. 

I tried to contact Atlassian Support and I get dink. Just a cycle that talks to me in the same damn gibberish and the option to send yet another Support Ticket or a question to the community.

As for Nic, yes, I am lashing out. This little diversion cost me about an hour of time and frustration and counting. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU SAID BEFORE!!!!! I DO NOT KNOW THE INTRICACIES OF YOUR INTERFACE NOR DO I WANT TO!!! 

Matt's answer is even less clear than the first one.

It is impossible to think in this time in computing that a man can't just simply delete an account without wasting all this time and emotion.

I did not buy or pay for anything. I don't know all of these terms you are using. Just please send me to a live support person or someone else who can get me out of this.

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Deleted user Jan 15, 2019

This is the interface I get when I log in.

There are no options for "Technical Contact or Primary Billing Contact." I also did not pay for anything I am aware of.

General Email Security Connected apps Delete account

Personal details

Deleted user Jan 15, 2019

You can't delete your account

Your account can't be deleted because:

  • This account is the primary billing contact for one or more products.
  • This account is a technical contact for one or more products.

I am sorry that your "English major" has let you down so badly.

The fact is that your account has signed up for a service (as you said you did).  This service needs to have at least one contact named as the owner and you are it.  

"Primary billing contact" and "technical contact" are pretty clear to most people - and even if they are not, they are simply the names of the role(s) you are named in.  You need to identify where you are named as either of those and change it.

Please visit and look at the list of items that you are named on.

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Deleted user Jan 15, 2019

Jesus The Christ and all The Freaking Saints in Heaven!!!!! Where in the Hell are all these freaking places on this damn website?

Where are the checkboxes for "Primary Billing Contact" and "Technical Contact"?

I don't remember signing up for any of those things!

Where is this mysterious "contact named as the owner"? I didn't fill that out and I can't find it anywhere on the pages I see. I posted the interface I get when I log in. Perhaps you can point out where in the Hell a guy can go to check off these boxes and delete the information instead of acting like the snotty IT techs we used to have back in the 90s.

Also, WHY CAN"T I JUST DELETE MY OWN ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!??? No other human being on earth is involved in this except me. What legal right does this backwater website have to hold me hostage? 

As for you Damn website links, I go to them, there is no option for any of the things you name here. I CUT AND PASTED the interfaces into my question and reply. Did you not see them?

This is like a cancer. 

Deleted user Jan 15, 2019

Here is the GODDAMNED interface I see everytime I log on.

Where the hell are all these "Primary billing contact" and "technical contact" are pretty clear to most people - and even if they are not, they are simply the names of the role(s) you are named in.  You need to identify where you are named as either of those and change it.

As for you snide remarks, do we need to have a Mensa Challenge to prove to you that I am not stupid or technology challenged? SHOW ME how simply the names or the roles I am named in. Instead of gibberish, SHOW me where it says that so I can get away from this lousy cheating website and your condescending comments. While we are at it, why can't I communicate directly with this homespun, Aussie-based, 1990s support directly instead of getting waterboarded in this Third World frappe of misinformation and smugness?

You have not attached any images of what you are seeing.

If you log in, you see a list of systems associated with your account.  If you click on any of them, it will show you who the contacts are.

I don't understand why you are not doing this.

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Deleted user Jan 21, 2019


The reason I am not doing this is because, again, you are using some kind of jargon that does not appear on this webpage you speak of.

I posted the information that appears on these pages and yet you seem to have not looked at them.

I don't understand why you are not doing this.

Here is what I get:

My Atlassian
Hey Vince Lovato, welcome to the Atlassian customer portal. You can manage your license below. For questions relating to managing your account, licensing or purchasing, please see the purchasing and licensing FAQ or contact a customer service representative. To request technical support, please visit our Support Portal. For technical support with your product add-ons please check listing details on the Atlassian Marketplace.

New Evaluation License | New SourceTree License

Filter by SEN, product, or name
Licenses 1 Evaluations Archived
SEN Product Name Support Expires Support
SEN-13164849 Atlassian Cloud (Monthly Payments) appenlogin 22 Jan 2019 Request Support
SEN SEN-13164849
Expiration Date 22 January 2019
Technical Contacts
Vince Lovato PRIMARY

Billing Contacts
Vince Lovato PRIMARY

Actions Expired Archive



That's it. I don't see anything to click on or any "systems" I don't see anyone's name except mine. There is no rollover response. I have never used this account for anything except to log in. I do not even understand what this company does. I just want to get away from it and I am particularly frustrated that I can't contact a company tech person directly instead of talking with you guys.

Deleted user Jan 21, 2019


Thanks but I don't need any more of these programmed answers I've fumbled with for hours.

The interface I get simply does not display any options that any of you are talking about.

All I need is a checkbox or a button that says DELETE ACCOUNT that doesn't give me the same message I shared in this thread.

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The screenshot you've given shows that you've managed to follow the instructions you've been given before, and it shows that you are named on two systems, which is what the original error message you saw was trying to tell you.

Transfer ownership to another person by adding them as a contact.  Then you will be able to remove yourself from the contact lists (a "remove" option will become available), and then you will be able to delete your account.

If you are not handing ownership over to another person, then you will not be able to remove your account, because legally, someone has to own the system you signed up for.

Deleted user Jan 21, 2019


I am the one and only person involved in this.

I do not want or need to hand ownership over to anyone else.

I have not followed ANY of the instructions anyone has given me since this thread started.

AS for your current bizarre method, I still cannot delete my account because I signed up for some "system".

I mean, seriously, are you so ingrained in this interface that you can't see that you are basically telling me I cannot delete my account because I "signed up for a system" that someone "legally" has to own? Under lawful prosecution, or what? 

I assume you are trying to be helpful but I am very computer literate and none of this makes any sense at all.  

I guess the one and only next question is, how do I delete this "system" I signed up for, or will I be cited and fined for doing so?


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I am sorry, I can't understand this for you, and I can't think of a different way to explain it in a way you might understand better.

You either need transfer the systems to the new owner(s), or accept that you own something you signed up for (or accepted responsibility for from someone else who asked you to own it) and a record of your ownership needs to be kept for a period of time for auditing and ownership reasons.

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Fadoua Community Leader Jan 21, 2019


We understand your frustration.

Please click here, make sure to select My account. Request your account to be deleted.

Atlassian Team will be more than happy to help you with any request.


I also encountered the merry-go-round when trying to delete my data and stop a subscription. Should have been a 1-click, then confirmation that all my data and associated accounts will be deleted. 

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Deleted user Jan 21, 2019

Atlassian snip.PNGHere is the cursed interface I get.

I don't see the word SYSTEMS anywhere I clicked on the > to open the top drop down menu. The only live link takes me to yet another confusing interface for something called Jira.

In plain English and using terms displayed on this interface, how do I get rid of this account?

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ace ace I'm New Here Oct 03, 2019

Please help me, i can't delete my account

As above.  Go to your account, then settings, and click delete.

If that does not give you an "account deleted" message, you will need to deal with the error message it gives you.  If you get an unexpected response and want our help with it, you need to tell us what the error(s) are.

ace ace I'm New Here Oct 05, 2019


You need to do what the error message tells you.  By "fix" it means make someone else the primary billing contact and technical contact on all the products you have.

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