How to show additional Status (Custom Field)?


I got a problem and cannot find any helpful answer. What I want is to know on which systems my customer installed hotfixes or new versions (e. g. on prod, test or dev). But I cannot get it right.

I first used a custom field (tried dropdown and checkboxes) but in the customer portal this is only viewable when it was filled in at creating the issue.. what is nonsense for our needs.

I also tried to edit the custom field by a transition screen. But this screen is also only seen by our agents and not visible for the customer. The customer can only write a text when setting the status on "delivered".

After that I deleted our status "delivered" and set three new ones ("delivered on dev/test/prod"). But now I have the problem that it is very unclear which of these statuses the issue has, because there should be more than one available and there is no overview. Therefore we have to search in the activity history which statuses were already selected.

Also there seems to be no possibility to set an automation rule to get my problem solved (like "WHEN status changed IF status = delivered on prod THEN custom field = prod") because I cannot select custom fields.

I hope my explanation is clear and somebody can help me out with that.

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