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Nihad Azimli January 22, 2019

Hello to everyone,

I want to create customer request with attachment via servicedesk api in jira server.  I tried multiple ways to handle it using different apis from following link, however, it was not successful. Is there anyone who can give example or help, I would really appreciate your help.



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Slava Dobromyslov March 28, 2023

I also struggled with this for 1 hour, and here is what I've found:

1. There's no single, convenient API method to create a request with an attachment (or I've not found it).

2. Even the native Service Management portal request form does it in 3 steps:

  • When you add a new file to the form, it uploads a temporary attachment and saves its temporaryAttachmentId
  • When you press submit, it sends a request to create an issue and adds all temporaryAttachmentId to the payload in the filetoconvert attribute.
  • And it attaches all the uploaded files defined by temporaryAttachmentId to the issue right after it is created.

3. You have to use the same three steps with the API:

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