Jira Keyboard Shortcuts for quick navigation - Infographic

Greeting, community!

Here’s another weekly infographic and post about Jira Keyboard Shortcuts, and how much time they can save you during the day. 

For all productivity fans and “Do-All-Fast” types of people 👌


This week, we will look at how you can open Jira backlog, jump to Reports tab or Presentation mode, switch from Active sprints to Kanban board with just button clicks. Use special shortcuts to toggle all swimlanes at once and quickly hop to the next or previous column.

Mastering Jira shortcuts is a valuable skill.
And it can help you and your team focus more on the ‘actual work’. 


Enjoy, use, and share this Jira Keyboard Shortcuts Part-3 Infographic to help your team and colleagues feel more comfortable in Jira!


This infographic is Part 3 of a 4-part infographic series.

Thoughtfully designed by our Jexo team to make work management in Jira accessible, easy and fun for everyone!

Jira Keyboard shortcuts pt 3-05.png


👉 I’m publishing one infographic a week.

⭐️ Look for the final Jira Shortcuts infographic - Part 4 next week, it will contain the new ones, just recently released 🙌


If you're also looking for short video tutorials on basic Jira functionality,
check out JIRA HOW-TOs with Atlassian Community Leader @Nikki Zavadska _Appfire_ 

Designed to help you learn how Jira works in an easy step-by-step manner
to make sure you and your team get started in no time.


📌🔗 Links to the previous Jira Shortcuts articles:

Jira Keyboard Shortcuts Part 1 

Jira Keyboard Shortcuts Part 2


Wish you all a productive week and a pleasant Jira experience! 

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Katie Zavhorodnia_Appfire November 9, 2022

📌 Here you can find the final Jira Keyboard Shortcuts - Infographic Part 4 

And collect the full set ⭐️ Maybe use it for your next productivity in Jira workshop.  


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