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And, as always, thanks for being a part of the Atlassian Community.




I'm Monique, and I'm one of the community managers here at Atlassian.  I'm working with our team here to help improve the community -- recently I helped redo our answer reminder email template, so hopefully users will have better pointers on marking accepted solutions. 

Random things I love: birding, traveling, musical theater, wine, reading, and board games. My family is from the Netherlands so I'm always happy to talk to my Dutch and Belgian friends. 

This week I'm working on a guide for how Atlassians can participate more on community. And here's my desk in our San Francisco office. (Note this is out-of-date as my desk doesn't have a million empty La Croix cans on it.) 

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 12.50.39 PM.png

I'm Philippe - I'm Head of Online Community, which means that for once, they truly have let the inmate run the asylum.  Enjoy it while it lasts. :-) . It also means that I get to serve as overlord for @Monique van den Berg and @Erica Moss - if only in my own mind.  

What I'm working on: most of every day is spent plotting or dreaming of ways to get more people to join this community.  That takes a lot of meetings.  

My desk, as anyone who works with me will tell you, is a disaster.  Here it is: you can rejoice in the knowledge that you're spared from working next to me, because @Monique van den Berg has to do that. 

  • Photos of my parent's home in New Mexico. 
  • Pics of my critters. 
  • A mug and plush that were given to me by someone on my team at Reddit and Wikipedia - she was my staff anthropologist (another team member there gave me a broadsword.  That one doesn't go on my desk.)
  • A bottle of Clearly Canadian, because heaven. 
  • Business cards. 
  • A custom coffee mug given to me by Sue Gardner, the former Wikipedia E.D., which says "Today, he did fantastic work.  He also said: 'I hope you all get your heads chopped off, honestly.'"  It's a long story...
  • A copy of Radical Candor, by Kim Scott. 
  • And a super sweet pair of headphones.



I am Canadian and I had to look up what "Clearly Canadian" was. I don't think I have ever had one of those. I will have to see if I can find one here. We must have it if it is "Clearly Canadian."

Clearly, @Madeline Barr :D

Hi, I'm Nic Brough (Rhyme it with "rough", before you ask)

I've been here a while.  My first Jira install was a 2.7.3 needing an upgrade when 3 was released, and I had 3 weeks to learn it, then merge a Jira version 1 into the new one.

At that time, I got a LOT of help from the community, and when I realised that I had absorbed stuff from people like Neal Applebaum and Matt Doar, I started to contribute back.  I've kept going, through four incarnations of the community software (Jive, OSQA-based thing, Confluence Questions and now Lithium).

I now work for Adaptavist in the UK, an Atlassian Solution Partner who are one of the oldest, and largest, and focussed almost entirely on Atlassian stuff. 

I work mostly from home, and because of that, I have my own room to hide in when needing to concentrate or have conference calls.  Also, it's the only place in the house where I'm allowed to be untidy. This thread has also made me notice that while office desks tend to be personalised, my desk here isn't.  The personalised stuff is mostly on the walls (well, bookcases). 

As I have space, I spread out a bit.  I've got two desks next to each other, and swap between them depending on what I'm doing.

The second photo is probably familiar to some of you, if you've been on conference calls, it's a step back from the camera on the laptop.  


And yes, that O'Reilly book on the right of the bookshelf does say "Doar" on the spine.

Leslie Lee Atlassian Team Nov 02, 2017

I'm shocked at how neat your workspace is @Nic. For some reason, I just thought there would be more controlled chaos :) 

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 02, 2017

I love the natural lighting so much.

@Monique van den Berg- yep, it's a signed copy too and I'm in it somewhere.

@Leslie Lee- there is often a pile of paper with scribbled notes and a cat on it.   But I get too easily distracted by stuff if I leave on the desk, so I tend to try to keep it tidy.  Mostly by hiding it all on shelves just off camera!

@Erica Moss- you might have seen how the natural lighting washes me out on camera in conference calls, hence the lamp behind the monitor.  The wall of the chapel behind us doesn't seem to stop much daylight!

Nice office, Nic. I'm late to the post (due to a  UK vacation) but I've not only got a new desk, but also a new job. I've started at LinkedIn after six years at ServiceRocket. It was time for a change. My desk has a large picture of an iris so I can screen other people.


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A flower is a good thing to hide behind :-)

Well done on the new job!

IMG-0147.JPGHere is a picture of my desk a few months later. Note the self-referential image on the monitor, ceertificates, book and too many keyboards. And the betting dollars - the loser has to write something flattering on the dollar bill.

I'm Thomas and I'm a system administrator at HanseMerkur, an insurance company in Germany. I take care of servers, applications, users, implementing training courses. My main areas of responsibility are

  • Jira & Confluence
  • Powerbuilder (for the younger ones of you: this is a programming language, we still use a lot)
  • Versioning and Build Automation

I also started years ago, reading in Atlassian's questions and answers platforms. I think, I started with this OSQA-thing, Nic mentioned in his post. Later, I didn't only read and ask but also answered questions and still do this, if my work leaves enough time for it.

I love board games. Meeting with friends and playing is one of my favorites. I own about a hundred board games and many more card games... But I also like reading, going to the theater, meeting friends for a beer and talk the whole night long... 

Here is a picture of my working place (a part of). It's the more interesting part of my desk. Memorabilias of awesome moments, an ugly but funny owl (it's christmas decoration actually), coffe mug (of course, who can work without coffee?). At the moment I'm fixing a problem with an old Powerbuilder application I've written more than ten years ago. Trying to understand my old code...  :-)


I love the shape of that coffee mug.   I would need it to be about five times bigger though. :) 

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 01, 2017

It was handmade by a former colleague of mine. She made two of them for their most favorite colleagues :-)

Unfortunately, now, she has other favorite colleagues somewhere else. 

Yeah, mug is nice. I really like the owl.

An owl is a must have!

Eulen nach Athen tragen (sic!)

Zack Seibert Community Champion Nov 01, 2017

I'm Zack. I'm a systems administrator at Trifecta. We are a custom software company that focuses on custom Salesforce implementations. Right now, I'm working on plans to upgrade our JIRA and Confluence instances in the next week. I'm also prepping to take the ACP-400 exam in December.

My desk is an assortment of tools and knickknacks that I've picked up at various conferences and events over the years. Those two VMware robots are going to turn on me eventually, I just know it. Within the last 6 months my desk has seen a MASSIVE upgrade in the form of pictures of my new twin daughters (and my patriotic pup, of course!) So while I am certainly working on all that stuff I mentioned before, I'm mostly working on surviving the the first year of being a new twin dad. 



Those robots definitely look like they're plotting something.

And congratulations on the twins! Sounds exhausting. ;) 

Monique is right (much as it pains me to say so.  She gets a big head about it.)  Those robots look guilty as heck.

Now those twins.... they're pretty precious.  Congratulations.  Don't worry, you won't miss the sleep.  That is, until the next time you get to sleep, which (by some back o' the envelope calculations) should be around 2022.

I'm currently a developer consultant in State College, PA. I formerly did mobile application development consulting as Woodchuck Apps and now my brother and I do all sorts of consulting as Woodchuck Studio, from web development to small business IT solutions to board game design.

Right now my home office desk has been taken over by a farm animal stock tank that we've made into a terrarium for the newest member of our family, Ptolemy, a 15-year old Russian tortoise we adopted. I will get my desk back once I build the terrarium a floor stand.


Hi @Troy Taylor and welcome to you and Ptolemy. Definitely the most creative desk picture so far. How long do tortoises live?

P.S. I also want to hear more about your board games --  here is our conversation about gaming!

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 02, 2017

Always here for turtle photos! 🐢

@Monique van den Berg Russian tortoises usually live for 40 to 60 years, so my 6-year old daughter has promised to take him when I die (though she loves him so much, I bet he goes to college with her).

Right now, we have a card game called Farmers' Market Rally that is in pre-production to be printed early next year. It is kinda like Splendor meets Sushi Go. I have a Civilization-style board game that I'm designing that is set in 1700-1800 Ireland.

Here's a current photo of Ptolemy basking. He's a little grumpy in the afternoon because he just wants to be left alone to nap.


Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 03, 2017

@Troy Taylor 😍😍😍

I love him. I want Ptolemy to be our community mascot.  Like Taco from Trello.  We'll send out stuffed Ptolemys as swag!

I love both Splendor and Sushi Go, so please let me know when Farmers' Market Rally is available; I will definitely pick it up! 

I approve of any Ptolemy-likeness being used as a mascot. He loves any and all attention. 


Ptolemy wants everyone to have a ball this weekend.


Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 17, 2017


I wish I had a desk like that.

@Monique van den Berg " I want Ptolemy to be our community mascot."

I second this!

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 02, 2017

Oh, hey! My name's Erica, and I'm one of the community managers here at Atlassian, working alongside @Monique van den Berg and @Philippe Beaudette — but not physically because I'm based in New York and they're in SF. Thankfully, trolling transcends geography, so there's still plenty of that.

I spend my days figuring out how to further empower the Community Champions we already have, and how to bring even more awesome humans into the group.

My interests include theater (ask me about my favorite show, Dear Evan Hansen, which I have seen seven times), music (the poster near my desk was inspired by one of my faves, Betty Who), social media (I've been known to close an app, only to reopen the same app seconds later) and exploring New York (I've got my eye on a new cocktail bar that just opened, The Aviary, which features a "coffee-tinged old-fashioned served inside a plastic bag filled with everything bagel-scented air.")

Feel free to say hi. 😄


I am here for that insane cocktail with a bag of air. HERE FOR IT.

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 02, 2017

But also how absurd.

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 03, 2017

Ooh, I love that stuffed taco :-)

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 03, 2017

@Thomas Schlegel If you wanted one of your own, I could pull some strings for you. 😉

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 03, 2017

@Erica Moss - that would be so great. He will have an awesome home here in Germany :-)

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 03, 2017

@Thomas Schlegel Email me your mailing address and local phone number, please. 😄

When I got the email notifications for this discussion I thought this was going to be the stuffed taco:

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.18.05 AM.png

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 03, 2017

hahaha, this is also a nice taco - but the other one is more cute

Hi @Erica Moss - also love the taco, but more intrigued by Dear Evan Hansen. I just read a great article about it in the New York Times which highlighted the emotional rollercoaster that Ben Platt takes on each night and how incredible he is in the role. Definitely on my list for my next trip to New York! 

Erica Moss Community Manager Jan 02, 2018

@Shannon Meehan (K15t Software) I honestly don't know how he did what he did for 2+ years! Important to note: Ben is no longer in the lead role, but I have high hopes for his replacement!

I'm Daniel and a JIRA / Confluence / plenty-of-other-things administrator at JSTOR.

Given that I'm working from home today, here's my rather untidy basement desk. My laptop stand is a screwed together set of IKEA cabinet doors (clearance) that together with hardware cost ~$6. I'm pleased that it's surprisingly sturdy (almost better than my laptop arm at the office) and easily converts to "sitting" if needed (just put the laptop down at desk level and take away the keyboard tray, also an IKEA piece).

Given a few days, this will be tidy again as I repair some old PCs on my desk's side arm and get various handwritten notes into their proper places digitally. There's a few things like Community article ideas that need to not be on paper anymore ;)

Off to the right of my desk is a tower (originally designed for DVDs it looks like) where I stage AUG swag before events. My user group meets twice in one month, so I set all the swag up and split it between the two events based on the RSVP lists. Some things like stickers tend to stick around for several months, so it's nice to keep them organized between events. If you're an AUG Leader, you can see that tower in the AUG collection.


Other things I like doing:

  • Cooking (lots of cookbooks on the bookshelf behind me)
  • Playing with my 11-month-old daughter - once the basement is cleaned up, she can hang out with me while I type stuff!
  • Playing jazz music with my friends from college - I play flugelhorn and trumpet, and we do a small casual combo that plays a "real" gig (i.e. outside of our houses) about once a year
  • That's about all I have time for at this stage in life - did I mention I have an 11-month-old :)
Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 03, 2017

This makes me want a plant for my desk!

A flugelhorn! Best musical instrument name ever.

Angela Smith Atlassian Team Nov 02, 2017

Hi there! My name is Angie Smith and I am the Head of Events here at Atlassian. I get the cool job to lead a team of Event Ninja's producing our annual Atlassian Summit in both the US and Europe. We might have the absolute BEST JOB at Atlassian because working with our customers is amazing and who doesn't love to plan a party?

Right now I am working on the Team Tour (more details to come soon) starting in February and ending in April of 2018 coming to  10 global cities (maybe near you). I am also focused on a research project to develop the future of Corporate Events over the next 3-5 years. 

In my personal time I love to drink wine (hey, I live in California and it is a must), entertain (ok plan events), cook and anything beauty related! You might hear me saying in the hallway often "Let's Do This" because I love to be the cheerleader for everyone around me.

And here is a picture :-)

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.44.00 am.png

Oh man! Passion planners are great - that's been a Christmas gift for my wife ever since they first came out. She's got a nice healthy stash (organized of course) of the ones from previous years. Which is a great reminder - it's time to order 2018!

Angela Smith Atlassian Team Nov 03, 2017

@Daniel Eads I love that you knew what that was! I love this thing, it is my first full year and love the story how it started with Kickstarter and the TED Talk.

Each Sunday my husband and I take at least 30 minutes to plan for the week, I feel accomplished and ready to tackle the world! I ordered my 2018 one and it just came earlier this week. They have some new styles, I chose Rose Gold. 

Hej @allIMG_7907.JPG

this hairy thing you can see below is obviously not me. Who can tell what it is? My daughter wants me to let it watch me while working.

Just a very brief introduction: i am working at demicon for Mr. Batman. We are an Atlassian Solution Partner with locations in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin. Job title would be something like Principal Consultant / Head of Sales and Marketing. While scaling the business and being absolutly agile at the same time this might change any time ;-)

Coming originally from the nothern part of germany (reference to my name) i am living in Berlin for almost 20 years now. I still move my old bones twice a week to play in a famous (notorious) football club in Kreuzberg called Pulmon Negro. Being manager (not coach) of that team we won the leisureish amateur tournament in Amsterdam at WV-HEDW (Wilhelmina Vooruit - Hortus Eendracht Doet Winnen) 4 times. @atlassian: can you manage to set up a team from your HQ? I can arrange your participation. (See: I try to bribe you to get the swag). Btw: we are looking for a new striker. Any ideas?

What else to say... If you come to Berlin stop by at our office for a chat in Krausenstraße 9. Any questions? And any suggestions what sort of animal you see on the photo?

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 03, 2017

@lars.bachmann [demicon] - I think it is an owl - but it is not as colorful as its sister on my desk :-)

Viele Grüße nach Berlin

Hamburg!!! Well, that triggers me. You probably not know the small village i am from... that is close to Elmshorn which you definetly will know.

Hairy thing on my desk: bingo - an Owl! You earnd a coffe if coming to Berlin some day!

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Nov 03, 2017

I'll take you up on that, I'm in Berlin every now and then.

Welcome @lars.bachmann [demicon]! I am too uncoordinated to play football, but my daughter is named Wilhelmina, so I like the name of your club :) 

I don't know who I'm going to root for in the World Cup this year now that Netherlands and USA are both out!

Hi, I'm Erwan, and I'm QA manager at Whaller, a company that is creating private social networks for everyone.

There is still a mess on my desk, and I have a clear view on my dashboard.

Books are on the left, but not visible on the picture !


Welcome @Erwan de FERRIERES!  What your company does sounds very interesting and fun to work on :)

Susan Hauth Community Champion Nov 03, 2017

So I have a pretty regular desk, fairly uninteresting EXCEPT for those who know my Job Title (JIRA Queen), I have one prized treasure, a coaster on my desk given to me by a co-worker.2017-11-03 11.02.50.jpg

@Philippe Beaudette why have you not gotten me this coaster yet. 

Hard to beat that!

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 03, 2017


Joe Tong Atlassian Team Nov 08, 2017

@Susan Hauth lol - that coast says it all!  So awesome!

I'm Josh, the lead Jira and Confluence admin from Bose in Framingham, Massachusetts. I've been working with Atlassian tools since we brought in Jira for one team of 15 and it's grown to over 3000 users and all of product development since then. I have Jira and Confluence Administrator certifications.

My desk isn't that interesting. Some old swag from summits past. But always have to have two monitors. 

 2017-11-03 11.01.31-1.jpg

But for extra credit, here's my collection of badges from conferences:

2017-11-03 10.59.34-1.jpg

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 03, 2017

So impressive, Josh! 🏆

Joe Tong Atlassian Team Nov 08, 2017

I'm a channel manger at Atlassian - I work with solution partners across US Central and Canada.  I'm a huge advocate of the community and especially the AUG's in areas where I work.  

Here's my desk - I work remote for Atlassian so dedicated space that is personalized is key to me being productive.  One new addition that is super helpful is the light up sign on the right (says "Welcome to my office") - when the light is on this indicates that I'm not available if family comes into my office - either on a call or doing deep work.  

I'm all about natural lighting and have two windows in my office - when the weather is nice, they're always open.  


Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 13, 2017

The sign is such a great idea — it's challenging, in my open-office environment, to signal to folks when I'm on a call, so I might have to borrow this idea. 😄

I'm Ana and I'm a Support Engineer here at Atlassian. So far I've worked with Jira and Confluence Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud and more recently Sourcetree and Bitbucket Server. I work from our awesome Amsterdam office :)




Here's my desk. On it you can see the medal of my first ShipIt victory, my breakfast (I'm a nicer person after I've eaten it :) ), Kudos, toys and merchandise. Not in the picture: my stationery organizer with pens in different colors, post-its, etc and my planner notebook that I can't leave without (ok, I could, but I'd probably forget so much stuff!).

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 13, 2017

I love stationery. 🙏🏼

Hello, I’m Madeline Barr and I am an application administrator for Confluence and JIRA at McMaster University (Ontario, Cananda).  I’ve been working with Confluence since version 2.2.7 and we are about to upgrade to 6.2.4. I haven’t been working with JIRA as long. I can’t remember which version I started working with but we’re about to upgrade to version 7.5.1.

My desk area is rather large though I mainly use the hydraulic desk in the picture. The other half of my desk seems to be a magnet for treats, candy and bake goods that people want to share. I don’t mind though – free treats, who would mind?

My desk is somewhat messy but it works for me.

I have:

  • A autumn picture of a nearby conservation area on the wall
  • An elephant sculpture from Africa
  • Marge Simpson
  • Green sticky notes on my monitor from when my son visited my office years ago. He is always surprised , year after year that I still have it
  • Some lose change (Yes, there is some Loonies and Toonies in there)
  • A Pink Pather stuffy – best cartoon character ever
  • A quote from the blog of Seth Godin about how “You’re doing it wrong” Just something I need to remember


Welcome, @Madeline Barr! I love the theme that's emerging of this thread on people's screens :) 

I love that quote too. Reminds me of another one I like: "Perfect is the enemy of good." And Anne Lamott's "Sh&@tty first draft" idea. As a perfectionist, I've really worked to internalize this one! 

Oh, like the enemy quote.

I haven't heard of Anne Lamott and quickly looked her up. I have a technical writing certificate and I do some creative writing, so I will definitely look into her work. Thanks.

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 13, 2017

Welcome, @Madeline Barr! 😄

Hi community!  My name is Kimm and I'm a former Jira and Confluence (server) admin (currently looking for opportunities in Toronto, if you know of anyone) from Milwaukee, WI.  I've also worked with BitBucket, Bamboo and Trello.


This is my desk at home.  While I don't have any animals there currently, I do get visits from time to time from the cats.  I also have a tin of hand lotion, a bicycle pint glass (water.  boo), a hand exerciser ball and a small Gromit statue to remind me to laugh.



Susan Hauth Community Champion Nov 14, 2017

Hi Kimm,

I'm the Toronto AUG leader and there are lots of opportunities in Toronto.  Between the Partners (there are several) and many linked-in recruiters offering up Jira admin positions.   Where are you now?


@Madeline Barr you're pretty near Toronto also, aren't you? 

Yes, I am about an hours drive away from Toronto. I am not aware of any opportunities at the moment but it looks like @Susan Hauth is a good resource.  I should probably connect with both her and @Kimm Michaud.

Toronto?  Watch out for @Harp Athwal (Adaptavist)@Susan Hauth can give you the details... ;-)

I love the Shaun statue - excellent choice.

Hello people 👋🏼

My name is Piter Dimitrov. Web & UI Designer at Currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our team loves to do work for early stage businesses and brands.

This is my office 😊


Right now, I’m doing some web design work for a dental tourism agency.


Things I love to have around me:
• Plants 🌱 
• Drinkable water 💧 
• Wireframe sketches
• Coffee ☕️
• Books 📚 
• Pens and paper 📝
• Crystals


• Mountain ⛰ Traveling 
• Cooking 🥘 
• Beat making 🎶 
• Spirituality and meditation
• Filmmaking 🎥 
• Photography 📷


Wishing the best to all!


Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 20, 2017

Your photos are amazing!

Ashish's Desk.JPG

Hello Everyone,

I am Ashish Agrawal, a co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Certified Scrum Product Owner at SmartMobe Solutions while the community leader of AUG-Kathmandu Chapter.

I live in Kathmandu, Nepal: an incredibly diverse historic city with breathtaking Newari architecture, centuries-old Hindu and Buddhist religious sites along with beautiful hills in surroundings.

There is some stuff at my desk which help me to enjoy my work and to be productive throughout the day.

  • My day starts with a coffee and ends with a coffee and the coffee mug having company logo on it is my coffee partner ;)
  • A laptop along with a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse to make my work easier
  • I am a music lover and love listening varieties of music during my work and headphone helps me enjoying it without disturbing others.
  • A bunch of pencils, pens, markers etc. to do some drawing and written stuff.
  • A bottle of water helps me to not get dehydrated
  • A 3-in-1 printer for printing, scanning, and making the Xerox of the documents.
  • My mobile in silent mode.
  • Last but not the least a beautiful plant just behind my laptop to generate oxygen for me and my laptop :p

I enjoy my weekend with my family and by playing cricket and futsal with my colleagues and friends. Beside that helping several local communities to grow for making a better platform for IT Professionals and students in Nepal.

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 27, 2017

Welcome, @Ashish Agrawal! And thanks for sharing your workspace with us. 🙂 What have you been listening to recently?


Hi everyone, I am Habib Ullah Bahar, Co-Founder of Field Buzz and based in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 27, 2017

I love the tiny plants — I, too, have a baby succulent on my desk. 😄

Hi, I'm Daniel and I work as a DevOps engineer at Watchguard helping to build products that brings digital safety for small and medium business.
That is my desk at the office in Brazil.

Image got stripped. :)



Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 27, 2017

Dual monitors — now that's a cool setup. 😎


Is there an email address to which I can send feedback?

I am going through the git tutorials and I have found a few typos.

I just wanna report them, so they are corrected.


Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 28, 2017

Hi! Feel free to email Thanks!

Important update: I just returned from a vacation to Italy, where I got this little glass fish for my desk.  I felt you all should know.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 12.29.24 PM.png

Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 29, 2017

This is perfect. 🙏🏼

Oh that's so cute! Love it!

Howdy from Texas! At the moment, I am on holiday till end of year, running back and forth from family in Kansas and Texas, but I live in beautiful Greenville, SC and have a client in Atlanta that hired me to redesign their product which was just announced at the Atlassian Summit. You can see screenshots of it here:

I have been a UX designer for (gasp) nearly two decades now, and have done design for many platform-based products in addition to web-based, from scratch products that I designed from inception. I love to design software - making everyday tasks a little less mundane is a nice challenge I guess. You can see my non-updated portfolio at if you like. I have been mid-site-redesign forever but work keeps getting in the way.

Since I don't have desk pics, here is a photo of my constant companion next to my desk in Kansas City when I rescued her 6 years ago. She is still a spitfire, but now only has one eye. Sydney recently survived the worst kind of cancer this last year. We go on lots of adventures which is why I have to drive long distances that make me scream to bring her with me. For fun, I am also a triathlete of mediocre skill, and frequent lambaster of political hypocrisy on Twitter @kriscolvin. 

I'd love to do another Jira product design so if you ever need UX help, let me know! :-)2017-03-23 22.42.09.jpg

Aah I love your puppy!

Just followed you on Twitter, too. 

@Kevan Lin is our community designer and often looking for UX input.  Kevan, do you have anything going on right now @Kristi Colvin might be able to provide input into?

Howdy from Texas! At the moment, I am on holiday till end of year, running back and forth from family in Kansas and Texas, but I live in beautiful Greenville, SC and have a client in Atlanta that hired me to redesign their product which was just announced at the Atlassian Summit. You can see screenshots of it here:

I have been a UX designer for (gasp) nearly two decades now, and have done design for many platform-based products in addition to web-based, from scratch products that I designed from inception. I love to design software - making everyday tasks a little less mundane is a nice challenge I guess. You can see my non-updated portfolio at if you like. I have been mid-site-redesign forever but work keeps getting in the way.

Since I don't have desk pics, here is a photo of my constant companion next to my desk in Kansas City when I rescued her 6 years ago. She is still a spitfire, but now only has one eye. Sydney recently survived the worst kind of cancer this last year. We go on lots of adventures which is why I have to drive long distances that make me scream to bring her with me. For fun, I am also a triathlete of mediocre skill, and frequent lambaster of political hypocrisy on Twitter @kriscolvin. 

I'd love to do another Jira product design so if you ever need UX help, let me know! :-)2017-03-23 22.42.09.jpg

Erica Moss Community Manager Dec 06, 2017

Such a cute doggo, Kristi! Welcome. 😄

Hi I am Mary,

I have been developing websites for customers for 20 years.  We use an agile process with programmers and customers.  Our goal is to assure we are giving customers what they ask for and to minimize hours spent in development.  We love jira for the accountability it provides our customers.

Erica Moss Community Manager Aug 01, 2018

Welcome, @MaryP! 👋🏼


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November monthly challenge badge is now live!

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