How to earn your Welcome badge Edited

Welcome to Atlassian Community -- we're happy you're here!


Earn this shiny new badge today by taking the following actions:

  • Update your avatar and bio
  • Post your first comment
  • Give your first like
  • Watch your first collection
  • Come back to the community two days in a row

If you have any questions about how to complete the badge, feel free to post them here. You can also check our FAQ for some of the frequently asked questions about Atlassian Community.

And again, welcome!


Peter DeWitt Community Champion Sep 22, 2017

Thanks for this post.  I was wondering how that badge was earned!

You're welcome, @Peter DeWitt! Go forth and earn your confetti sparkles. We will be adding more badges over time as well. :) 

Shinyyyyyy :-) Was wondering how I got it. Does this mean we can expect more badges in the future ;))?

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Sep 29, 2017

Yeah, badges are awesome - more of that gamification stuff, please.

First a badge to you, @Jeremy Mooimanfor the new real-life profile picture 😊

@Jeremy Mooiman very nice! :) 

And yes, more will be coming. I love badges too. :) 

It's all about those stinkin badges!

@ThomasHehehe :)) What is that board game fair in Essen on your profile? Seems pretty sweet.

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Oct 05, 2017

@Jeremy Mooiman It's the world's biggest board game convention and it's simply called "Spiel". Doors open in three weeks :)  

just getting started :D

@Sally Smart Miller, welcome to the Atlassian community.  I hope you like it here!

just getting started.  my environment is not on the internet.  :(

makes it hard to ask questions

@Sally Smart Miller let me know if I can help. I can give you a direct link to ask a question for any product you're interested in learning about!

Thanks for the info :)

No problem @Jodie Vennitti, welcome!

Joe Tong Atlassian Team Oct 13, 2017

This is great!

This is what i was doing wrong.  I better like something :)

Soon. ..

How do you upload an avatar again? ?

Is there a button or link or something? ??

Ajith v I'm New Here Nov 25, 2017

where is the badge

Hi @Ajith v -- looks like you haven't completed all the items yet. What are you missing?

@Duncan Muchiri, looks like you figured it out but for the future it's View profile > Edit profile. 

Thanks for this article, a good start for joining the community.

And here is my comment!!

Well played, @Kevin Davis -- but the next badges coming up won't be so easy ;)

Are badges something that'll be rolled into Confluence?


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