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Answerer challenge badge now live!

No matter where you are on your Atlassian journey, we bet you know enough to answer a question or two. And all you need to do to earn the Answerer badge is to answer a couple of questions!


Here are some handy resources:

The Community Leaders guide to A+ answers

A feed of all unanswered questions

Mythbusters: I'm too new to contribute

If you’d like to get more specific, your homepage feed is your best friend! There, you can select “Questions” and “Has no replies” to get a feed of unanswered questions, and check the products you’re interested in to get only questions about those products. You can even enter “cloud” or “server” tags to narrow it down further. The community will remember your preferences anytime you log in.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 2.01.54 PM.png



 And what comes next?

When you have earned that, keep answering questions. Once you start getting your answers accepted, you might just get a high five from the community on your path to becoming a Rising Star!


                                                  Rising Star@2x.png


And someday, even a Community Leader. 🏆

It all starts with the desire to share your knowledge and expertise with the community. So why not start now?

                                      follow the ybr.gif


Any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments. And thank you, as always, for being here.


Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 03, 2019

@Monique vdB this is great a new month and a new badge to earn.  I better find some questions to answer!


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Please, everyone strive for this.  There are so many superb answers in the community, I have (almost) stopped asking questions. 

But things change, and, to be completely selfish, I don't want to fall behind the changes, so I rely on other people's answers a lot.  And although I know some answers get no useful response or feedback, I am increasingly going to (potential) clients who say "I found this on community, what do you think?", and being able to say "the community can help" is fantastic.

Our openness is a lot more shared than most of us expect.  This is a good thing, in my humble opinion.

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Kat Marketplace Partner Oct 03, 2019

Another way to find questions to answer is to use the Questions filter and Unsolved.Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 2.15.39 PM.png

The first reply is not always the best solution or even a solution at all. Someone else may just be commenting that they have the same issue.

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DPK J Community Leader Oct 03, 2019

New goals to achieve, hurray!!!

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Let the hunt begin!

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@Monique vdB didn't know the "server" tag - that's really helpful! 

Let's get it on and be helpful for all our community buddies. It's interesting how many problems I solved by stumbling across them here before I got them for myself. 

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Pavel Junek Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

Super! I'm looking forward to it! :-)

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I am trying my best to make my small contributions :p

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

Badges Badges Badges....Get 'em while they are hot!


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John Funk Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

Community has been the most helpful resource for me as I learned Jira and got up to speed. I then wanted to give back to the Community by helping others with their needs by answering some questions and providing advice. The benefit goes both ways, and I encourage you to answer when you can!!

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John Funk Community Leader Oct 04, 2019

I believe I have already answered double or triple the quota just this morning  hahaha.

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Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 04, 2019

@John Funk ⭐️

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Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 04, 2019

@Fabienne Gerhard oh good! Glad that's helpful! We're now asking for hosting details when the post is created, so this works for product tags too. So you can enter confluence-server as your tag and get a feed of those questions. 

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I think the best thing about Atlassian Community is that we can connect directly with people from Atlassian which seems exciting.

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jira guy Rising Star Oct 04, 2019

I received this badge today. yayyy!

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I just got this! I am very excited that this is a badge everyone can earn.

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Awesome new badge :)

I encourage everyone to get out there and share their knowledge. Collaboration and sharing is very powerful -  I like the challenge of helping others and finding alternatives to things other users want to do.

But equally, I find it compelling how passionate and knowledgeable other users are - I've learnt a lot from this community and I enjoy finding an answer which helps me overcome a question, seeing an alternative I'd never considered or a new app or function I haven't tried before.

And that all starts with you! I hope all of you answer as many questions as you can :)

Or in other words...

happy toy story GIF


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Can I turn off badges for my profile?

This feels like school where everyone got a ribbon.

I am here to get information about work, not this stuff.

At the very least how do I turn off getting notified about them???

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 12, 2020

Dylan, you can change your notification preferences under your profile. Just click on you avatar.

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 14, 2020

@Dylan Taylor this direct link should take you to your settings page:

Look for "Badges I earn" and change the frequency to "Never," then save your preferences. 

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Thanks for the tips!

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Sachin Rising Star Jun 23, 2020

I got these badges recently wooohooo!!


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This link is the key to help community A feed of all unanswered questions

Thank you for sharing it with us @Monique vdB 

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janaki.joshi Community Leader Aug 20, 2020

Helpful tips. Thank you

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