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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 21, 2019

Editor’s note: The Welcome Center is a great place to learn how best to navigate the Atlassian Community.

“My question is SO basic. I don’t feel comfortable asking it here.”

“I don’t have nearly enough Atlassian experience under my belt to meaningfully contribute and answer other people’s questions.”

Often, folks who are discovering the Atlassian Community for the first time have two simultaneous reactions: 1) Wow, there’s a lot of great information here; and 2) Now that I’ve been helped by other members, I want to give back, but I feel intimidated.

The TL;DR is you should not feel nervous about being a novice when navigating the Atlassian Community.

It is a space filled with students, beginners, advanced experts and everyone in between. In fact, if you have questions, it's likely others have had or will have similar ones, so by surfacing it in the Community, more people can benefit.

A couple of tips:

It’s easy to do a quick check on whether or not your question has already been posed: Use the search bar in the top right and type in a few keywords related to your question (example: bamboo environment rest api) — you can also do this via a quick Google search.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Go ahead and post your question in the relevant product or interest collection, following our best practices guide, which suggests including a descriptive title and offering specifics in the body of your post, such as what deployment you’re using and any steps you’ve already taken to resolve your issue.

Secondly, if you’re hesitant to offer up a potential solution to a fellow member’s question, just remember: Atlassian tools are nuanced, and there are often several creative ways to tackle a challenge. Your response does not have to be absolute — you can say things like, “When I was in a similar situation, this is how I approached it...” and it just might spark ideas for others. The more you answer, the more confident you become, and we’ve even got a badge for that.

All members add value to the Atlassian Community, so we encourage you to dive in and see what you can discover — you may surprise yourself.



Jack Community Leader Oct 21, 2019

could not agree more Erica! I recall that early shyness of not wanting to stick my neck out. Heck I still have that feeling when answering some questions. But the difference now is that I know how understanding and supportive others in the Community are so by all means jump in and join the fun!

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 21, 2019

@Jack You lead by example every single day, Jack! 🤗

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 21, 2019

This was exactly how I felt and I didn't do very much for about two years.  It wasn't until I saw this warm welcoming approach first hand at the 2019 Summit that I really realized how awesome the Altassian Community really is.  I took the proverbial "leap of faith" and I have no regrets! 

Everything I have been involved in over the past 6 months has not only helped grow my career but I feel more knowledgeable about the Atlassian products, I've made a tons of connections and friends that I wouldn't have been able to find without the Community!

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 22, 2019

@Jimmy Seddon And we're so glad you did, Jimmy!

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I still feel like a novice when I am on the community site. I learn from users questions, I learn from experts(Community Leaders + Atlassian Engineers). It is a non-stop learning process. Some days I feel happy looking at how much information is available on the site, some other days I feel overwhelmed and even puzzled, yes because the more you dig into the Atlassian World the more you feel like there is still a lot to discover.

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 22, 2019

@Fadoua I, too, learn something new every day. Thanks for being such a strong Leader for us, Fadoua!

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LarryBrock Community Leader Oct 22, 2019

"Every day I re-learn something new."  :-)

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Antoine Berry Community Leader Oct 22, 2019

That gif though. :)

You are absolutely right, I love stumbling upon topics with multiple answers and each of them being right in their own way !

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 22, 2019

@Antoine Berry That gif is definitely in my top 10 of all time. 😄 Thanks for helping to lead the way, Antoine!

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LarryBrock Community Leader Oct 22, 2019

A few thoughts that crossed my mind on this topic:

Never be afraid to share what you know, even if it's not exactly right, way you present it may be the difference between someone understanding it or not.

Never be afraid to be wrong, that's usually how we learn things.  Be humble when you are and thankful to those who provide polite useful guidance.

Na-nu, na-nu ... live long and prosper!  :-)

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 24, 2019

@LarryBrock Always be learning. 😎

Asked few people to start contributing recently, will forward this link to them. We learn a lot by replying to other questions. There are many things that one can do with Atlassian tools, Jira, Confluence and other tools have so many features and people want to use them to solve different kind of problems. In an attempt to provide help we also learn a lot. Apart from the documentation this community is my number 1 source to seek information.


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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 24, 2019

@Ravi Sagar -Adaptavist- I love hearing that. 😄

Let me add something as a standard run-o-da-mil atlassian admin who has to learn oh so much still:
When checking out the questions in the community, and then trying to answer them, possibly going around googling and testing possibilities, you yourself learn a lot of new things.

Thats what i did. And one day, i, too, will be an atlassian expert. Might take a while, but small steps forward > standing still.



'tis an excellent gif indeed :D

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 24, 2019

@Michael Wohlgemuth Such a great point — thank you for sharing!

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Nov 03, 2019

100% agree with all of this!! I actually love when people ask “basic” questions because I remember when that was me and how helpful it was to type out my question and just get a clear answer back! Plus I love having a combo of mind bending questions plus some easy ones to help with and add value. 

And I’ve had to work through a bit of imposter syndrome sometimes here too. I see some of these questions, and despite the fact I have the reputation as a trello expert, there’s a lot I don’t know! But I’ve found that even if I don’t have answer to something, sometimes providing info about another way to approach it, or even just letting someone know they can reach out to support team with bugs can still be super valuable. 

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Erica Moss Community Manager Nov 04, 2019

@Brittany Joiner You teach me new things, always. 😎

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@Brittany Joiner Imposter Syndrome - that's me too! I feel like I know so much but then get stuck answering a simple question myself. I guess we could consider ourselves experts on our own board setups.


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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Thursday

This is true!

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DPK J Community Leader yesterday

Nice post, I simply believe as humans if we don't seek and propagate knowledge there is no meaning of calling our self superior species.

What is best way to seek and propagate knowledge? The answer is COMMUNITY.

So, if know something, share, and if don't know something, ask. This way we will make everyone's life happier.

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