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Introducing Attachment Fields for Jira DC, JSM DC and JSM Cloud (Forms)

Attachment Fields for Jira DC and JSM Cloud (1).gif

When it comes to handling files in Jira, the standard Jira attachment fields can sometimes be limiting for teams with growing projects and increasing complexity.

To address these challenges and enhance the Jira experience, both Jira DC and JSM Cloud (more info) offer attachment custom fields, providing a more organized and flexible approach to file management.

In this article, we'll explore the three main advantages of using these attachment fields compared to the standard Jira attachments field:

  • Improved organization of files within JSM requests and Jira issues

  • The ability to use attachment custom fields in workflows, requiring specific documents for transitioning to the next step

  • Adding constraints to fields, such as the number of files, file size, extensions, etc.

Please note that I am writing this article as the co-founder of Apwide and based on the results I have been able to verify with our customers using our File Field App.

Let's dive in and discover how this attachment field feature can empower your team to manage files more effectively!


What benefits can you get from using attachment fields?

Better organize your files within your Jira issues

One dedicated field per file required. Custom attachment fields within JSM requests and Jira issues streamline file management, making it easier to locate and manage necessary documents.


Verify attachments in your Jira workflows

File custom fields can be integrated into Jira workflows, enabling teams to require specific documents before transitioning to the next step in the process.

Save time with automatic file constraints

Jira admins can customize fields and add limitations, such as file size, extensions, or the number of files allowed, ensuring consistency and compliance across the team.


What about some real-life use cases?

IT Support and Incident Management

For IT teams managing support requests and incident reports, the File Field Jira App facilitates streamlined attachment organization and enforces documentation requirements throughout the resolution process.

Project Management and Documentation

Project managers can benefit from custom attachment fields by categorizing project-related files and ensuring all necessary documentation is provided before moving to the next project phase.

HR and Recruitment Processes

The File Field Jira App simplifies HR and recruitment processes by organizing candidate files and ensuring that essential documents, like resumes and cover letters, meet specified constraints.


Comparing Data Center and Cloud (soon)

Atlassian is continuously working on enhancing its cloud offering to meet the evolving needs of its users.

The Forms Attachment Field provides similar functionality to what the File Field Jira App offers for Jira and JSM Data Center users, empowering JSM Cloud users with greater control over their file management processes.



File Field App

Forms Attachment Fields

Attachment fields

Jira custom fields

Forms fields

File copy to Jira Attachments field



Workflow integration



Required or optional



Maximum number of attachments



File size

Yes (max)

Yes (min and max)

File type / extension



Layout Grid/List




Java API + Rest API
Jira Automation, ScriptRunner, etc.



Jira or JSM Data Center
+ File Field Jira App

JSM Cloud
(includes Forms)


Already available

Already available


Ready to start on your Jira or JSM Data Center?

If you are on Jira or Jira Service Management Data Center, you're in luck: attachment fields are already available! Getting started is a straightforward, simply install the app and create your first attachment field πŸš€

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Silas Forkel March 21, 2024

Hi @David Berclaz 

it seems like it is not possible to insert an attachment from the clipboard if you use the forms attachment field  without the jira customfield attachments.

I am only possible to use the "insert from clipboard" function, when the jira custom field is on the request type.

Will this feature come later on or am i missing any configuration for forms' attachment field.



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