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Issue in next-gen project appears in backlog but not in board

Hi. I'm using a next-gen Software project. I created an issue, and this new issue appears in my Backlog.

However, in order to get it to appear in my Board, I need to drag and drop the issue from Backlog view to Board view on the Backlog page.

Is there a way to automatically have the issue appear in my Board once the issue status matches a Board status column?

For example, if my board has a column for issues in "In Progress," and I flip the issue to "In Progress," my expectation would be that the issue automatically appears in my board column for "In Progress" issues, even if I don't drag and drop it out of my Backlog.


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Hi Dillon,

I'm not aware of a way to automate this. And it feels as if that's not the way it's meant to be. So if you have items in your backlog. You identify on which items you want to work on. So you put them on the board from the backlog. And you start working on them. I think you have to adapt to this way of thinking/working in the next-gen project. Unless someone else has an idea. :) 

Best, Max

Thanks Max. What you say makes total sense in terms of workflow. We're just finding that some users click on and flip issues to an "In Progress" status while in the Backlog page, without dragging/dropping into the Board. So we end up with tickets that don't appear on our boards, but are nevertheless In Progress. (My thinking is, in theory, if an issue is "In Progress," then work has begun on it, it should appear in the board. Or at least, perhaps there'd be a config that'd enable this behavior.)

Thanks again for the reply!

Like Russell Schoenbeck likes this

it would have been great but it seems we can't drag tickets from backlog to board


see this post :

any idea?

Hi Max,

I do not get the point the "+" icon is on the Board and then the issue gets created in the Backlog. I would also like to create them directly in the Board and cannot find a solution.

Sometimes I have the feeling that in Jira you can configure the most complex scenarios, but the most simple stuff is not well done.

Hi Franz,

can you provide more context? The situation has changed a bit. You can create issues directly on the board in all columns in Next-Gen projects. It all depends on your project configuration (= activated features). Are you running sprints? Then you won't be able to do that which is logical. Are you not running sprints but have the backlog activated you can decide where the issue will be created. It also depends on your underlying workflow in the project because the issue will always be created with the initial status and then transitioned (if possible) to the target status of the column. It is required to select "Allow issues in any status to move to this one" for the specific status in the configuration.

Best, Max

Hi Max,

thanks for your quick answer. 

I created a nextGen SoftwareProject

I am not running sprints.



The flow shows that issues are created in TODO but when I create an issue in the TODO column it appears in the Backlog.

Hm okay. I just tested it and created a new NG project using the Scrum Template, deactivated the Sprint feature, and can create issues on the board in any column of my board. So there's must be something missing in your configuration that affects the behavior. Do you have any idea? :)

NG Scrum.gif

@Max Foerster - K15t 
This same issue is occurring for me on a next gen project as well.  Create an issue using the large blue Create button at the top of the Board.  The issue is created in backlog but not added to the Board.

Note: I had the Sprint feature enabled in the past, then disabled it.  Not sure if that has any effect on this.  Thanks!

Hey @Sloan Morris, you mean the big "Create" button in the top navigation bar? This one will not create issues in the board.

That's the global function to create an issue everywhere in the system in any project you have access to. So the issue you create there will be visible in the backlog then.

To create an issue right in the column on the board (and skip the backlog and transition to the target status!), you have to do it in the column itself (see the gif in my former post). So you don't see the "+ Create issue" in the board as well?

Yes for me still the same I create an Issue either in the top or in the column and it will be created in the backlog and not in the column. Pretty annoying, but I gave up on it.


@Max Foerster - K15t Thanks for the explanation of the big blue create button.  I do see the + Create Issue on the board columns as well.  With your explanation, everything is working as expected for me now. Thanks! 

@Sloan Morris , nice! Happy to hear!

@Franz Inselkammer, we will figure out what's going on in your project as well! Maybe it just takes us another while. ;) But I wasn't able to see this "+" Symbol aligned in the middle without "Create issue" written next to it. It's totally unfamiliar. Makes me wonder!

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