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Assign multiple Statuses to a column

Hi Guys,

What are the chances of getting the functionality of adding multiple statuses to a column?

At the moment all I can see are statuses copying the columns we've created, however being able to add several statuses within a column would further "declutter" our board and allow for better / logical flow through our workspace.





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Eoin Atlassian Team Mar 01, 2021

This is being rolled out right now! :) 

Hi Eoin, is this live?

I'm trying to allow "in progress" / "to do" / "done" statuses in 9 swimlanes for a kanban board and I can only have 3 lanes for each status right now. 

blim Atlassian Team Jun 10, 2021

Hi @Marina Vafaei can you help me understand what each of your 9 swimlanes are? 

Here’s a summary of what we released: 

Hi @blim thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes, it's: 

  1. Not Ready
  2. Unprioritized
  3. Scoping
  4. Design
  5. Design Review
  6. Blocked
  7. Stakeholder Input 
  8. Ready for Product Lead Review 
  9. Ready for sprint 

Ideally each lane would have all 3 statuses.

I tried creating custom statuses like "design done" following the linked instructions but my board only allows a total of 3 statuses (I don't see "design done" as a status I can use, so I am maxed at 3 cards for my kanban board).

blim Atlassian Team Jun 10, 2021

@Marina Vafaei can you attach a screenshot of your updated workflow with the "design done" status? Alternatively, feel free to file a support ticket 

@blim am I correct that in company managed project it is still not possible to change the status within one column (per column we have multiple status) 

- similar to @Haddon Fisher showed below

blim Atlassian Team Nov 18, 2021

Hi & @Haddon Fisher : It is possible. Follow these steps:
1. Pick up a card on the board

2. Hover over the column name & drop the card into the "Transition To..." dropzone:Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 10.06.05 AM.png

3. Drop the card into your desired status:

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 10.09.16 AM.png

Try it out and let me know what you think! 😎

@blim  - the multiple status per column is working for my Completed column only.  I have 4 statuses that I have lumped into my "In QA" column - but when I move a card into that column, it only goes into the first of those statuses.  And I'm unable to move it from that first into the second, third, fourth......  so that I can then move the card into the next column.  (subtask 4 below is "In QA")

Jira - multi status per column.pngJira - trying to move between status in column.png

Like Everett Cavazos likes this

@Julien Femia 


It has now been 2 years since this thread, has there been ANY movement to make multi-status columns available in next gen projects?

Thank you


1 vote
blim Atlassian Team Feb 15, 2021

Hello all,

We're rolling out the ability to add multiple statuses per column by the end of the month!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime. Otherwise, I will ping this ticket when we're rolled out to 100%.


Bryan Lim

Product Manager

Hey @blim 

Columns have multiple statuses now, but I can't see the specific status at a glance, because cards are not customizable in team-managed boards. Thoughts?

blim Atlassian Team Jul 13, 2022

@Rey Wright Definitely have been seeing this as a theme lately. We're hoping to kickoff work on custom card layout soon to help alleviate the problem


Feel free to watch that ticket and leave a comment!

This feature is something I am looking at using now but it doesn't look like it has been implemented in the past 2 years. Unless I'm missing something and can't see where I can apply 2 statuses in 1 column on a next-gen board?

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blim Atlassian Team Feb 25, 2021

@ronan.considine Argh, we hit some critical production bugs when trying to roll this out which caused some instances to have one status mapped to multiple columns. We have a fix in place and we're hoping to resume the rollout next week. *fingers crossed* let's check back in late next week.

Hi @blim ,


Are you still on track to introduce these multiple status' in next gen products?

We are looking to implement this since your message early last week.

Thank you,


Brilliant @Julien Femia

Thanks for the update. 

I'll keep checking in as advised.


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Julien Femia Atlassian Team Aug 13, 2018

Hi @Danich,

thanks a lot for the feedback! This is definitely something that is on our list of things to do.

We will keep adding to and improving the Agility boards so keep checking in. However, if this is something that you need right now, maybe the classic kanban and/or scrum template might be a better fit for you.


Hi @Haddon Fisher,

Thanks for your reply - I'm aware of being able to do this in a Kanban / Scrum boards and what the functionality provides - But we are using the new Agility projects.

So being able to have the same function in the agility projects is what I'm asking for, sorry I should have made that clearer.



0 votes

Hi @Danich,


Do you mean you need multiple statuses to show in the same column of a kanban or scrum board? If so, you can already do this from the "Column" section of a board configuration screen.2018-08-07_15-44-20.png

One thing to keep in mind - normally you can drag an issue from one column to another (if it has a transition in that direction between those statuses), however *you cannot drag an issue from one status to another in the same column*. Meaning that in the example above, if you assume that any status can transition to any other, you can move an issue from "Backlog" to "Blocked" and visa-versa, but *not* from "Blocked" to "Pending Acceptance" or "Waiting".

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