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  • A shortcut to confidence in Confluence...

    Hey new Confluence friends 👋 I'm a content marketer with Atlassian University and I wanted to be sure to pass along  this post  I worked on with my colleague @Andrew DeBell  — ...

    Jaime Netzer started a discussion 7 2 Thursday
  • Learning to use Confluence for making SOPs

    Hi fellow confluencers - I am new to this space and wish to use confluence as a documentative platform for my company Kohler Co. and make Standard Operating Procedures and how-to tabs for various too...

    Bhushan Jain started a discussion 8 4 06-08-2022
  • Using color to distinguish event categories in Confluence Calendars

    From what I can tell from the chat, several users have inquired about using color to code related events in a Confluence calendar, but I can't tell if it is possible or not. One 'answer' refers to an...

    Elissa Nurthen asked a question 4 4 06-06-2022
  • New to Confluence : how to open an image loaded on a unpublished Confluence page?

    Hello, As I am learning how to use Confluence I would like to know how could I open an image loaded on an unpublished Confluence page? I have just created a Confluence page which I don't want to pu...

    Miha asked a question 7 1 05-19-2022
  • Im New here!

    Hello everyone, My name is Dominique and I am a new hire for Fullfillment Works LLC, cant wait to be blossom here and join this family of folks at work. I am learning a lot of new things on a daily ...

    Dominique Durrette started a discussion 6 0 05-18-2022
  • Atlassian Podcast

    As we are all on this Jira learning journey together, I found "The Admins of Atlassian Podcast" with host Mark Williams, very beneficial to help me better understand how Jira grew up and he goes over...

    Nicholas Rowland published an article 9 4 05-16-2022
  • New Confluence user

    Hello, I have just started working as a BA on a new project who is using Confluence. As I have never used Confluence before please could you help me on how to catch up fast with Confluence or suggest...

    Miha asked a question 13 9 05-16-2022
  • Confluence for Documentation

    How this platform can help writers to improve documentation efficiency?

    Shweta Ramdas started a discussion 5 3 05-09-2022
  • New to confluence. Need help in creating a documentation portal

    Hello, I am new to Confluence. I am trying to find ways to create a documentation portal (with search options, widgets like options for guides, view analytics, and persona-wise content). I referred t...

    Bibhudatta Sahu asked a question 8 7 04-25-2022
  • New to Confluence

    Hi, I am a new joiner to this platform. What are the advantages of having an account here? Thank you.

    Charlene Mariano asked a question 3 1 04-25-2022
  • New Joiner

    Hi Everyone!  I am Andrea and I have just joined the community. I have been using Confluence for the past two years as part of my job. I love its different features and its user-friendly interf...

    Andrea Bollella published an article 8 3 04-25-2022
  • Why did you start using Confluence?

    Happy Friday, Confluence-ers! Jena here from Confluence's marketing team 👋 I joined Atlassian at the end of last year and I'm still trying to learn as much as I can about our awesome customers - esp...

    Jena Pender published an article 11 10 04-22-2022
  • Brand new to Confluence; Never heard of this platform before; Need help on EVERYTHING

    Good morning Guys & Gals, I just started a new position with an independent insurance agency, so if anyone might be using this system that works in an insurance agency or an MGA, if you could pl...

    Krystal Reed asked a question 15 10 04-14-2022
  • Hi Everbody

    Hi Everybody. I'm new to this group and Confluence. Trying to get to know the various features Confluence has to offer and understand the product.

    Rahul Bellamkonda started a discussion 7 3 04-12-2022
  • Hello !

    Hello All, This is Srinath. I joined Atlassian in December but I have been using confluence since 2020 . I joined confluence select support team. There is lot to learn and I am loving working for A...

    Srinatha T started a discussion 10 1 04-01-2022
  • New to Confluence

    Hello everyone, I am Karthick and I am part Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud support team. I joined Atlassian in August 2021. I have started using Confluence last year and it was good to see how things be...

    Karthick S started a discussion 5 0 03-25-2022
  • New to Confluence

    Hello everyone, I am Karthick and I am part Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud support team. I joined Atlassian in August 2021. I have started using Confluence last year and it was good to see how things be...

    Karthick S started a discussion 2 1 03-23-2022
  • New to Confluence group

    Hi everyone, I am new to the Confluence group, but I have been using Confluence for over 10 years. 

    Jason Dai published an article 4 3 03-22-2022
  • New to Confluence Group

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the Confluence group and excited to learn more about Confluence!

    Sam Tsubota started a discussion 1 2 03-22-2022
  • New to the group

    Always learning cool and new things you can do with Confluence.  Can't wait to meet and learn from all of you!

    Jennelle Stearns published an article 4 4 03-22-2022
  • First silly question

    Good afternoon - so I have been tasked to transfer my issues register to Confluence.  Can I just upload this spreadsheet and work on it within Confluence or do I have to create a new one and cut...

    Isaac_Saina started a discussion 2 6 03-18-2022
  • Happy Friday :)

    Just a quick hi - I am new to this so expect a few silly questions in the coming days.  For now just wanted to say I am excited to learn something new to add to my arsenal of skills as a BA.&nbs...

    Isaac_Saina started a discussion 7 1 03-18-2022
  • Totally new...

    ...totally lost. Can you make task cards in this? 

    Helen Rasmusen started a discussion 4 1 03-17-2022
  • Good morning all!

    I am new to the community, a few quick bullet points would be great to understand best ways to utilize the system. Does the system have instructional  Videos?

    Nadja Louis-Jacques asked a question 9 4 03-15-2022
  • Can Dashboards like PPM be prepared in confluence. If Yes, please let me know how?

    I recently joined as TPM and want the status reports in graphical format to be more decisive. I could do the same in PPM modules but my company uses confluence. Please help to solve the problem. &...

    suchin khurana asked a question 5 1 03-15-2022
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