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"Sorry, an error occurred trying to log you in. Please try again." When trying to login Edited


I am completely new with atlassian apps and have no expierence with them.

After restarting the VM that holds our atlassian apps, our team has the following error when trying to login: 

  • Sorry, an error occurred trying to log you in. Please try again.

I get the same error even if i try to login with wrong credentials.

Host is windows server 2016. 

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Can you check your server logs? Do you use any external authentication like LDAP?

I checked JIRA logs, here is what I found: 

2019-07-15 13:49:16,569 ERROR [http-nio-8090-exec-4] [confluence.pages.actions.HeartbeatAction] startActivity No content found or no permission to view content with contentId: 46694519

-- referer: http://atlassian/confluence/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=46694519&draftShareId=8b433921-b42d-4f56-b9d6-f37ea6e48490 | url: /confluence/json/startheartbeatactivity.action | traceId: 59838313f4541917 | userName: anonymous | action: startheartbeatactivity

2019-07-15 13:49:21,025 ERROR [http-nio-8090-exec-8] [crowd.manager.application.ApplicationServiceGeneric] authenticateUser Directory 'Remote JIRA Directory' is not functional during authentication of 'user'. Skipped.

-- referer: http://atlassian/confluence/dologin.action | url: /confluence/dologin.action | traceId: 1dae63641495d81c

2019-07-15 13:49:21,029 WARN [http-nio-8090-exec-8] [confluence.impl.hibernate.ConfluenceHibernateTransactionManager] doRollback Performing rollback. Transactions:

->[com.atlassian.confluence.user.DefaultUserAccessor.authenticate]: PROPAGATION_REQUIRED,ISOLATION_DEFAULT (Session #2071333334)

-- referer: http://atlassian/confluence/dologin.action | url: /confluence/dologin.action | traceId: 1dae63641495d81c

2019-07-15 13:49:21,030 WARN [http-nio-8090-exec-8] [atlassian.confluence.user.ConfluenceAuthenticator] authenticate OperationFailedException caught while authenticating user <user>.

-- referer: http://atlassian/confluence/dologin.action | url: /confluence/dologin.action | traceId: 1dae63641495d81c



Like I said, I'm completely new to the infrastructure and I don't know if there is LDAP functionality.

We have no problems connecting to atlassian/jira, but atlassian/confluence shows the same mistake no matter what.

I forgot to mention that we are using JIRA instance as an authentication.

The heartbeat error is harmless, as according to:


The error with authentication is similar to:


Can you check that you properly configured all the endpoints?

Yes, I double checked those from application links and from atlassian/jira > JIRA user server.

I do not have local admin account to connect to atlassian/counfluence so I can't check the endpoints there.

I also did research in the sql database, all of our users have the 'T' flag in the "active" table. Is this the issue? Should they have the 'F' flag in order to authenticate?

Can you post a full stacktrace of com.atlassian.crowd.exception.runtime.OperationFailedException?

I'm sorry.

Is this a log file? If so, where can I find it?

Text is too large to fit in here. Are you OK with a dropbox link for the file?


No, just post the 'caused by' section. Without that the error is meaningless.


I took a look at your log and you have something broken with your urls:


referer: http://atlassian/confluence/dologin.action | url: /confluence/dologin.action


I would rather expect something like:


referer: | url: /dologin.action

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Here's the caused by section.

Caused by: com.atlassian.crowd.exception.ApplicationPermissionException: Forbidden (403) Encountered a "403 - Forbidden" error while loading this page. client.forbidden.exception Go to JIRA home








                at com.atlassian.crowd.manager.application.ApplicationServiceGeneric.authenticateUser(

                at com.atlassian.crowd.embedded.core.CrowdServiceImpl.authenticate(

                ... 195 more


The way I see it, this is an endpoint connection problem?

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Yes, and I am able to connect with local account. 

We have problems with the accounts that use our JIRA instance for authentication.

When I check the application links settings, It all looks okey, but in user Directories I can't synchronise the remote JIRA directory. The following mistake is: Synchronisation failed. See server logs for details.

Here is what I've found in the log:

2019-07-17 11:49:04,178 INFO [Caesium-1-4] [] synchroniseCache FULL synchronisation for directory [ 294913 ] starting
2019-07-17 11:49:04,454 INFO [Caesium-1-4] [] synchroniseCache failed synchronisation complete for directory [ 294913 ] in [ 276ms ]
2019-07-17 11:49:04,464 ERROR [Caesium-1-4] [] pollChanges Error occurred while refreshing the cache for directory [ 294913 ].
com.atlassian.crowd.exception.OperationFailedException: com.atlassian.crowd.exception.ApplicationPermissionException: Forbidden (403) Encountered a "403 - Forbidden" error while loading this page. client.forbidden.exception Go to JIRA home

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Thank you for the provided link. 

I followed and did all the provided procedures, but I am stick at the part where I have to add the "Atlassian JIRA" server from Confluence/User Directories (.../plugins/servlet/embedded-crowd/directories/list).

When I make the changes and click "Test" I get the same error as described in the log file:

Connection test failed. Response from the server:
com.atlassian.crowd.exception.ApplicationPermissionException: Forbidden (403) Encountered a "403 - Forbidden" error while loading this page. client.forbidden.exception Go to JIRA home


I am really out of ideas at this time.

What server url do you provide?

The same that I used before: http://atlassian/jira

I don't think the url would be a problem, after all I can connect with the local accounts in it. I even made another new local account to test it.

Is there any dns magic behind that url?


$ wget http://atlassian/jira
--2019-07-17 13:19:07-- http://atlassian/jira
Resolving atlassian (atlassian)... failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘atlassian’

When I put that url to my firefox, it tries to connect to the following address:


I do not think you can authenticate with that url.

It is. 

We have local dns that connects this domain to the server's IP. 

Both Confluence and JIRA are hosted on that local server.

So you should double check that all the servers resolve that url correctly. Moreover, in the second thread I mentioned there is a detailed list of views to check. Have you checked them all?

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Just did that, I uploaded screenshots on a new thread here. 

All servers resolve that url correctly.

11.PNG22.PNGYes, as you can see the Application Links are okey, so these connections look fine.

The problem appears with user directories.

What about these screenshots:


1. the Confluence administration page User Directories (http://confluence_server:port/plugins/servlet/embedded-crowd/directories/list)
2. the Confluence administration page Edit Security Configuration (http://confluence_server:port/admin/viewsecurityconfig.action)
3. the Jira administration page Configure Application Links (http://jira_server:port/plugins/servlet/applinks/listApplicationLinks)



and the possible solution for the mismatch in the application name string:

1. Go in Jira to Administration / User Management (.../secure/admin/ConfigureCrowdServer.jspa). Delete the existing Confluence entry (if there is one) and re-create it. Use 'Confluence' as the application name and the admin password to authenticate in Jira. Save the entry and it should appear in the top of the list in "Configure User Applications'

2. Go to Confluence in Administration / User Directories (.../plugins/servlet/embedded-crowd/directories/list). Add a directory and select type 'Atlassian JIRA'. Use the internal URL to jira and the admin password, the application name has to match what you entered in step 1, for me it's just 'Confluence'. Test and save if it validates.

3. Move the Jira directory entry to the top of the list so it is the defult authorization provider. Test and Synchronise links should work correctly. If so, everything should be working correctly.

Let me know if you are able to complete the 3 steps successfully.

The second step here is the one that I failed to proceed earlier. Now with the same result. 

Here are some more screenshots:


Can you try the mentioned solution for the mismatch in the application name string?

Do you mean step 1: Go in Jira to Administration / User Management ...?

Because I already did that few times, without result. It appears under Configure Other Applications and that is it.

Also with step 2 and 3? Have you used the internal URLs there?

I cannot proceed to step 3 because at step 2 the UI wont let me choose the option because when I click "Test" the test fails and I'm left there.

I used the URL's that I gave earlier, not IP's.

Can you try with the IPs?

Since I'm new in the company, I don't know all the IP's/ports of the Atlassian apps.

Tomorrow I will ask if someone can give them to me and try them. I will post the result here.

The syntax should be like this, right?

Yes, please also note that you missed the ports in your urls.


You should also find the ips/ports in the server configuration. Please take a look at:

Hi again,


First of all, thank you for all the provided solutions, I will accept your answer because you gave me so much solutions.

Turns out we had revers proxy on this server that no one told me about, so that was the problem.


Once again, thank you for your help.

Hello, We had a similar problem here.

Our problem was solved when we reconfigured the user directory within Confluence and Jira.

First it was necessary to add an external connection with application name and password in Jira.

Then we add this connection created with these credentials in Confluence.




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