global Archive Issues permission is missing

Martin E April 5, 2024

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  • By default, you must be a Jira Administrator or Jira System Administrator to archive or restore issues. However, an administrator might grant you the global Archive Issues or the Archive Issues for a Project permission, as well as the Restore Issues or the Restore Issues for a Project permissions. The Archive and Restore per project permissions allow you to archive and restore issues in a specific project. By default, these permissions are not enabled. 

There is no global permission for this type. see screenshot permission.png

Furthmore, right-click on an issue shows an Archive button, but this permission has not been granted via the permission scheme. When clicking, this results in the following error:  

You must have global administrator rights or the archive issue project permission to archive this issue.


What is going on here?



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Martin E April 5, 2024


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