REST API - Importing Assets - Objects Identical value varies each execution - Why? How to Fix?

Ian Carlos
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April 13, 2023

Hi everyone! I hope you're fine,


You'll see, I'm trying to perform an ASSETs import automation, following the next guide:

Imports REST API Guide 


I have successfully performed the automation, reading a CSV and submitting the data, Update and Create work both without any issue


The thing is, I need to make a report if the automation went well (or at least if it seems to)


When the importing is done, I get the following response performing an API REST call to the getExecutionStatus url (see the Step 5b: Start an import in the Imports REST API Guide):

NOTE: This time I'm performing an import without any new ASSET nor ASSET update (since I'll be doing the import daily and a non-change case could present)


    "status": "DONE",
    "progressResult": {
        "type": "IMPORT",
        "id": 100,
        "started": "2023-04-13T09:59:57.941+00:00",
        "ended": "2023-04-13T10:00:01.666+00:00",
        "objectSchemaId": 1,
        "result": "OK",
        "status": "FINISHED",
        "infoMessage": "No data to import",
        "jobId": "19747985-e0a4-4g83-af0c-f757c4fceb34",
        "importSourceId": "89e6a7ad-2cda-4c0f-80e3-71d9ae35caf8",
        "populatedObjectTypes": [
        "onlyExecutedForObjectTypes": [],
        "objectTypeResultMap": {
            "1": {
                "id": null,
                "objectTypeName": "Book",
                "objectTypeId": 1,
                "objectsUpdated": 0,
                "objectsCreated": 0,
                "objectsIdentical": 175,
                "objectsMissingUpdated": 0,
                "objectsMissingDeleted": 0,
                "entriesInSource": 260,
                "duplicateEntries": 0,
                "emptyLabelEntries": 0,
                "emptyExternalIdEntries": 0,
                "objectsFilteredWithQlQuery": 0,
                "errorMessages": null,
                "readExternalDataTimeInMs": 6,
                "mapExternalDataTimeInMs": 0,
                "qlQueryFilteringTimeInMs": 0,
                "decidingActionsTimeInMs": 10,
                "writeInsightDataTimeInMs": 0,
                "postFunctionTimeInMs": 0,
                "executionTimeInMs": 16,
                "objectsWithUpdatedReferences": 0
        "errorMessages": null,
        "totalNumberEntriesInImport": 260

I was thinking to make a comparision 

# Using Python 3.x
if objectsUpdated + objectsCreated + objectsIdentical + objectsMissingUpdated + objectsMissingDeleted + duplicateEntries + emptyLabelEntries == entriesInSource:
return True # All good
return False # Oh, something happened

But objectsIdentical varies each execution... with the same CSV... (and I'm performing the tests in a sandbox environment, so, I know nobody is creating / updating ASSETs besides me)


I know that errorMessages is an useful field too, but I'm trying to understand this issue


Do you know why is this happening? Or how to fix it?


Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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