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Jimit Mehta May 14, 2024

Hi team,

 I have service project where we have setup the request types, the issues types and the workflows for each; 

For one of the request types called vendor, apart of the employee submitting a ticket from the portal, we have an additiobnal requirement to be involved, which is:
upon we receive the ticket we would need to somehow add a form in the portal for a 3rd party (vendors) only , to have access to it;

So we would need the following:
ticket created by the employee and received in the porject -> done
once we receive the ticket, we evaluate and we upload a form to the portal(same form each time needed), for a relevant third party to see it , fil it and received by us; Only the 3rd party that we would give access should see this in the portal and none of the employees, obviously none employee that access the help deks portal for other projects from other teams. And then the ability to review, approve and reject the form.


It is sort of a third party risk management process that we would like to follow, 

Is this something doable? if yes could someone list the steps and prerequisites to this?

Alternatively i am thinking of creating another project where this process would be done and not in the portal; with a jira software project , swimlanes for different 3rd parties and add them in the project accordingly;

 Do you have to suggest something else? Ideally if we manage to do this in the same project with the portal and somehow to manage the access to it and the visibility of the form

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Olha Yevdokymova_SaaSJet
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May 29, 2024

Hello @Jimit Mehta 

Smart Jira Forms developed by my team can be a great solution for your scenario. Here's how it can help streamline their third-party risk management process:

1. Customizable Questionnaire Form:

  • Tailored for Vendors: Easily create a form specifically for your vendors, gathering all the necessary information for risk assessment.
  • Conditional Logic: Add conditional logic to the form, showing or hiding specific questions based on vendor responses, making the questionnaire dynamic and efficient.

2. Secure External Sharing:

  • Shareable Links: Generate unique, secure links for each vendor form so no one else exept the person with link can access the form. This ensures that only the intended recipients can access and complete the form. Also you can deactivate link after submission.
  • No Jira Account Needed: Vendors don't need a Jira account to fill out the form, simplifying the process.
  • Set up Form Editing Restrictions:
    • Open Access: By default, any Jira user can view and edit forms.
    • Restricted Access: You can limit form access to specific users or groups. This means only authorized individuals can view, edit, or download form responses.

3. Approval Workflow Integration:

  • Seamless Integration with Jira: Once a vendor submits the form, Smart jira Forms automatically create a Jira issue.
  • Trigger Approvals: Use built-in approval workflows to route the vendor's submission to the appropriate team members for review and approval/rejection.

*Avaliable both for JSM ans Jira project

Let me know if you have any specific questions. I'm here to help!

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