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Marking issues as closed or won't do in the next-gen backlog

I recently moved one of our team's boards to the next-gen board and I wanted to do some clean up of our backlog. I've noted that there is no longer a Close Issue --> Mark status option in next-gen. How do I close issues in the backlog and mark them as "Won't Do" or "Duplicate"?


Do I have to add them to a sprint and marked them as closed? 

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This is a really basic feature. A lot of people need to have "Won't Fix", "Duplicated" or "Rejected" issues, and want them to be hidden on their board.

Just wondering if there is any update to this. We need a way to close tickets without marking them as "done" and without having that status in our active board.

For example, if a ticket is a duplicate but has some unique info in it, we want to link it to the original and close it. We don't want to mark it "done" because the original ticket isn't done and we don't want to confuse anyone into thinking work was done on it already. We don't want to delete it completely because it has some valuable info or conversation.

Another example is tickets that we realize we are not going to do (due to a variety of potential reasons) but we don't want to delete them because we need to keep a record of the conversation where we discussed it. And we don't want to mark it done, because it wasn't done.

What is the course of action we can take here? It seems in Next Gen we either have to say it's Done (when it isn't) or we need to delete. We can't even add a "closed" status to tickets to have them get archived.

In the end, we have given up on Next Gen and moved back to classic Jira. I would suggest that Next Gen is simply badly named. It should be called Simplified Jira, or something that does NOT imply it's better/more up-to-date like the words "next gen" imply.  It seems that Next Gen is a slimmed down less feature-rich version, but that isn't what one expects with a name like Next Gen and could be what is contributing to the frustration.

Hi @Angélica Luz I have been keeping tabs on the 14 day archive, this is not working and there is no status or filed to archive. The team likes the new Jira next gen but we have boards with 100s of tickets on them and you need to scroll for days to get to a done ticket thats incorrectly moved. When will this be amended?

Hi Daniel,

If it's an active sprint, the tickets won't be removed after 14 days on the "Done" column.
For the tickets to be archived after 14 days, the sprint must be disabled. Also, all cards must have this icon Screenshot 2018-12-06_17-13-45.png.

If the tickets are not being archived after 14 days even with the correct configuration (not an active sprint and on the "Done" column), we must investigate what may be causing this.


@Angélica Luz

Then you can edit the category of the status on Jira Settings > Issues > Statuses.

Does it really work so for the next-gen projects? I'd like to mark a few columns as "Done", so that the issues there disappear after 14 days from the board. 

Hi Kuba,

No, after some testing I saw that the global settings for statuses won't apply to next-gen projects as it's independent projects. Sorry about that mistake.

The last column of the board is always the resolution, so if you don't have sprints enabled, the issues will be removed from the column after 14 days.


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Hi Jen,

The next-gen projects were created to be simple, so there is no option to edit the workflow to add more status or to add a screen to set the resolution.
Here is some documentation that may help you to get to know more the next-gen projects:


Thanks! Do you have a recommendation as to how to mark it as "Won't Do"? Is the expectation just to mark it a "Done"?

Hi Jen,

You can create new columns, that will create new statuses, but it won't be possible to edit the workflow to add screens.
On the board, click on the + and add "Won't do" and "Duplicated" for example.


Any idea when this feature will be added we have multiple done tasks but the tasks in the colomn list is becoming enormous. We really need a place where tasks are hidden of the board. can you please assist on how to achieve this.

Hi Daniel,

Currently, there are no plans to implement this feature.
I've checked for tickets and feature requests, but there is nothing related to adding screens to the workflow on next-gen projects.
On the documentation Get started with next-gen projects, it shows that if you don't have sprints enable, the tickets will be removed from the boards after 14 days.

The last column of your board is always the resolution column. This means that:

If you have sprints enabled: When you complete a sprint, these issues won't return to the Backlog.
If you don't have sprints enabled: These issues will be automatically removed from your board after 14 days.

If this option does not work for your environment, please feel free to create a feature request on


Skjermbilde 2018-11-22 kl. 10.17.35.pngHi @Angélica Luz - I when trying to delete an issue, I get this warning, that tells me to either resolve or close the issue. My preferred option would be to close, as this issue was a duplicate of an other issue in my backlog. But I cannot find out how to close an issue? Can you please advise?

Regard Alf

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I have exactly the same issue, I don't want a done column with loads of issues in it - there needs to be a way of either hiding a column from the Board.

@Angélica Luz, so if the issue is auto removed from the board's last column after 14 days, where does it go, is it completely deleted?



I don't think I've ever encountered as poorly an implemented and half baked paid project as Next Gen - and this issue is one of many examples why.  The jarring usability inconsistencies and missing basic features is really quite astonishing for a product as mature and well funded. as Jira.  Massively regretting our decision to use for our current project.

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Words out of my mouth. Huge disappointment for a dedicated Jira user for years. Disgrace :(

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Hi @Alf Prøven,

To close the issue, you must click on the issue to open it and change the status to "Done" or any other status that has the color green. After that, you can refresh the page and the ticket will not appear in the backlog.


or any other status that has the color green.


In a next gen project, how does one add statuses that have the color green?

Hi Christian,

Only the last column will add a resolution and it will be green for users to understand that the ticket is closed. By default, the status is Done, but if you click on + you can add another status.


Thanks, so my understanding is that, if you have a Done column, there is no way to resolve a "won't do" or "duplicate" without moving it to the Done column.


Appreciate it!

I understand what you are saying, but this implies that work has been done.  My last column is Approved and Done, the tickets i want removed are not done, and they will not be done. 

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Hi @Mark Roberts,

Currently, it's not possible to hide issues or column in the board. We have a feature request suggesting the implementation of this ability:
Please, click on vote and watch to receive updates about the feature.

Related to issues removed after 14 days, it will not appear on the board, but you can find the issues by going to Issues and filters > Search issues.


If you are using epics, you can filter the board by epic. So you can assign completed tickets to a completed epic and hide that.

As a simple step toward making this more usable, it would be really nice if the board and backlog views would remember these settings.

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Hi @Ben Johnson,

As I mentioned in the first response on this thread, the next-gen project was created to be simple.
When we create a classic project, we can take a lot of time to configure everything. Next-gen projects were designed to be easier to create and configure because some teams don't need all the functionality that classic projects have.
If you need more features to configure your projects, please use our classic projects and if you have ideas that would be good for next-gen, feel free to share your ideas on


Hi @Angélica Luz 

Whilst I applaud your desire to make things simple in next-gen, if they don't provide the functionality people need then it's too simple.

I think the ability to close an issue without deleting it is a fundamental requirement of any tracker. "Closed" is not the same as "Done". As others have stated there are times you just need to close an issue e.g. because it is a duplicate or a bug you don't want to log on your sprint board.


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Yeah I am also taken aback that they're never planning to provide a way to distinguish tickets that were worked on vs. tickets that were closed for other reasons. Among other problems, it makes it impossible to do analysis of what work was completed (without deleting tickets, which has other issues). I agree classic projects can get too complex but this basically rules out ever using a next gen project ever again. 

EDIT: You can see the copy says you can "resolve or close" but you can't-- you can only ever resolve. No way to close issues. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 3.27.07 PM.png



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I have opened a ticket for the delete alert text not being accurate:

Hopefully when the text reads something like "If you don't want to delete, you can resolve this issue instead." it will be clear how limiting it is for an issue tracker to only have one way to resolve a ticket--how can you track statistics if every issue ends the same way?

But the linked ticket is just for the updating the delete alert misleading text, that has sent people here to this answer in search of how to close an issue instead of resolving or deleting it, because the delete alert states directly that is an alternative. 

Sadly, this inconsistent documentation seems to be consistent with Next Gen .  I spent far too long looking for the Epic link, finally figuring out it was the parent link, which then asks for the Epic.  Very poorly put together in general.  

Please vote for the feature request to implement state category here: (ie, being able to add a "Won't Do" end state instead of always closing with "Done").

I don't think "Won't Do" has the same semantics as "Closed". "Closed" feels like a state, whereas "Won't Do" feels like a reason. There may be many other reasons for closing an issue besides won't do, for example "can't reproduce", "can't do" or "duplicate". 

"old JIRA" had closed with a "won't do" and then you could still link to the ticket for the information, but not have it show on the board.  

I don't care what it is called, but I want to be able to preserve a ticket that I did no work on and don't want it to show on the board.  

This is basic basic basic functionality

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