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How can I make field TIME TRACKING required?


I would like to make field TIME TRACKING required to be filled when developers move issue from status A to status B.

I tried to Add Validator "Field Required" to that transition, but I can not find field "Time Tracking" there. There is only a field "Time spent", which is not the same.

I have two questions:

1. How can I make field "Time Tracking" required to be filled on that transition?

2. What is the difference between fields "Time Tracking" and "Time Spent"?

Thanks in advance for an answer.

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Jack Community Leader Dec 01, 2019

What time field do you want required? Here are your options:

  • original estimate
  • time spent
  • remaining estimate 

The one on the screenshot @Jack 

Снимок экрана 2019-12-02 в 6.32.54.png

Jack Community Leader Dec 01, 2019

Time tracking isn’t a field. It is a view that encompasses time spent and time remaining. The three time fields I shared are what you have available.

@Jack hm.

After I Added Validator on field "Time Spent" - I can not move that issue from status A to status B even though I've logged time.

Which validators(or whatever else) should I set so I get what I need?

PS: I need to forbid issue transition from status A to status B if Developer have-not set or updated Time Tracking view.

Снимок экрана 2019-12-02 в 6.51.05.pngСнимок экрана 2019-12-02 в 6.51.30.png

Jack Community Leader Dec 08, 2019

Are you using the “Field modified” Validator possibly? This Validator requires that you modify in the transition not before the transition. So if you were to log time and then attempt transition it would fail as it requires you to update in the transition screen. If you simply want to ensure the time spent is not blank in order to transition then there is a Validator for that too. I crony recall the exact name but it should be pretty obvious.

@Jack I used the "Field Required" validator. I should use some another validator?

Jack Community Leader Dec 11, 2019

That is correct BUT you must add a screen to the transition so that the user can enter a value into the field during transition. If you double-click on the transition the dialog pop up will have an option to add a screen. Before doing this create a new screen for this that you can associate to the transition that has the time spent field. 

@Jack sound like a very difficult setting.

That is the only option to make field "Time Spent" in View "Time Tracking" required for a transition?

Jack Community Leader Dec 13, 2019

I’m not sure what you are looking for beyond this. If your goal is to force the user to log time before they transition an issue to a given status then what I have provide is the solution. In re-reading your original post it would seem the offered solution is precisely what you want/need but maybe you are looking for something different?

Jack Community Leader Dec 13, 2019

Here is a reference that details the steps. This is for server but really the same for Cloud - make-custom-fields-required-in-a-workflow-transition-in-jira-server 


Yes, my goal is to force developers to log time before they transition an issue to a given status.

I wrote down what we discussed below:


I have a workflow, let's say SomeWorkflow

I have a screen, let's say SomeScreen

Let's say I use both of them for all available issue types

Let's say that SomeWorkflow has two statuses - A and B and a transition between them called from A_to_B


Force developers to log time via view "Time Tracking" when they transition an issue from A to B.


Step by step:

1. Add validator "Field required" to transition from A_to_B. I need to choose field "Time Spent" (Cuz "Time Tracking" is not a field, it's a view)

2. I have to add field "Time Tracking" to my screen SomeScreen

3. I have to double click on transition from A_to_B and attach screen SomeScreen to it


So, I have two questions:

1. Did I write down everything correct in "block" solution? 

2. Why it does not work when I just add validator "field required" to transition from A_to_B? On the attached screenshot I set that field via view Time Tracking, but an error "field required" appears. Is that a bug, and the solution u provide is a "hack" ?

Jack Community Leader Dec 13, 2019

1) mostly

2) the reason you need to add the screen in conjunction with the validator is that you need to cause the screen to pop up during the transition so that the user is prompted to enter the time spent. Without this it will always fail because, while you are requiring input of time spent you would not be giving the user anywhere to enter the required info. The validator itself does not present the screen automatically. Consider the very typical scenario where you want multiple fields to be required and you want them presented in a specific order/layout. In that scenario, having the ability to design the transition screen is important.

no the solution isn't a hack it is how it is designed to work. maybe it isn't working the way you would like?

1. What did I miss?

2. Hm. The idea when screen gets prompted is cool, I gonna try it right now. 

But I why it fails, if before performing transition I open ticket manually and set "Time Spent"? Cuz it looks like that adding screen gives developers just another way of performing the same action - set field "Time spent"

Jack Community Leader Dec 13, 2019

@Andrey Ponomarenko, so hang tight a second. I think I see what you are dealing with. I was just testing this out and I believe I am reproducing what you are seeing. What I am finding odd is that using the "Time Spent" field you are only being presented with Original Estimate and Remaining Estimate not actually Time Spent. This has me scratching my head. I guess I shouldn't assume "Time Spent" includes time spent. LOL In any event I'm going to explore this some more but I have to work that in during my real job. ;-)

it might be interesting to try Field Modified validator but TBH I expect the same behavior.


Jack Community Leader Dec 13, 2019

DOH! just as soon as I hit enter something occurred to me that I did wrong. Here are the actual steps that achieve your goals.

1) you use "Time Spent" field for Field Required validator

2) you use "Log Work" field for the Screen that you create NOT Time spent

sort of confusing names to be sure.

I hope this works for you!!

Ah. I see. Thank you very much!


Hi, this may sound like a dumb question after reading this thread. I have exact same problem when adding this validator - how do I create the Time Spent Screen to add to the transition?

@Jack Update: I have added all the correct fields to the screen, added this screen to the transition and the validator.

I get the error message to fill in Time Spent when trying to transition, however eveTime Spent Issue.PNGn when I fill in this field it does not recognize it and I cannot move the task. 


Hi, I don;t suppose you could help me with the above problem when adding time tracking validator? I am still struggling to find out why it is not reconsigning when the field has been filled in. 

Jack Community Leader Mar 25, 2020

Hi @Johnathan Garrett-Sinclair , i always love helping folks here in the community. However, I really have so much going on at the moment I fear I might leave you hanging which I would hate. Here is what I would like to suggest.

  1. open a new question in the Community as this will drum up a bunch of new eyes from very capable members. Your post here only will catch the eyes of those already on this thread if that.
  2. once you post I will ping a Slack channel I am part of for the Online Community and encourage others to chime in if the thread sits for more than an hour.

If i can free up I will jump in as well. If it is relevant you can reference back to this thread if you think it provides context.


Thanks @Jack I understand you're busy. I have taken your advice and created a new question, link below:

Its been up for some time now with no correct answers, any help you can provide will be massively appreciated :) 

@Andrey Ponomarenko

You cannot achieve this in Jira as far as I know. 

I also don't know if any plugin solves the problem exactly as you need it. There are plenty of them so you might want to check. 

The only thing that I can propose is to take a look at the Clockwork Pro or Clockwork Free plugins provided by my company. They both allow tracking time automatically when the issue is moved between statuses so the time tracks itself. It solves the problem of providing time spent on transition but in a slightly different way then you described it. 

I hope it helps. 


Oh, I see. Thank you for your answer. I'll take a look at your plugins. Thank you!

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