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Exporting jira issue

I am exporting jira issues to excel .

Getting below error.


Encountered a "403 - Forbidden" error while loading this page.

You are not allowed to get a result set of more than 1000 results. Current search returns 138481 results


Previously when we export 1000 issues will be export in to excel. but this time i;m getting this error. what went wrong help on this



3 answers

Please accept this as the proper answer so that it saves people time!

Apparently default behavior is now to issue 403 for exports over 1000.    Solution is to manually adjust URL to export in sets of 1000. 



1. Try export and get 403 - Forbidden, take note of URL.

2. For the first 1000, simply append "?tempMax=1000" to the export URL that gives a 403.  (if the your URL already contains a "?" meaning other parameters are already being passed then append "&tempMax=1000" to it instead)

3. For issues beyond 1000, append "?pager/start=1000&tempMax=1000" to the original URL that gave a 403 (same caveat as above, if URL already contains "?" parameters use a "&" instead). Update the start= to 2000, 3000, etc. until you get all the issues exported.

4. Manually stitch together your Excel/CSV files.


I too was getting 403 - Forbidden when trying to export, with the system saying that there are 1080 issues in my current search.  No intentional changes to produce the 403.

Seem the default behavior changed to issuing a 403 sometime after 7.2:

This thread also alludes to a change in the behavior between 7.2 and 7.11:

From what I have read, the default behavior used to be to only export 1000 issues regardless of the number in the search, and not issue a 403 (I cannot confirm as I the first inquiry to me came at version 7.12, but see article below)?

  In any case, manually adjusting the URL to expressly limit the export to 1000 results via the tempMax=1000 parameter will export those issues without a 403.  You can also use pager/start=<number> to start the export at a given row in your filter..

     Seems that for Jira 8.2 and beyond it is now safe to increase the limit well beyond 1000:

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The exports are capped at 1000 to prevent large downloads destroying the performance of the server or even crashing it.

You can change the cap, but it is strongly recommended that you do not.  The fact you are getting a "forbidden" message does in fact suggest that your administrators are aware of this problem and have put a "hard" cap on it to prevent you bypassing it with a parameter in the url.

Hi Nic,


We haven't changed anything even we aren't able to export 1000 

when there are more results, this used to be within the JIRA functionality.


Yes, you have changed something.

By default, Jira caps exports at 1,000.  That has been the same since Jira 2.  If you were allowed more, you were over-riding it with the url-parameter trick. 

In your current Jira, your administrators have altered the cap, and put the hard-lock flag on it to stop the url-parameter trick.  Most people only do that when people were abusing the downloads.

padraik Rising Star Sep 14, 2022

I'm the administrator for our JIra, and have changed nothing.  getting 403, and the tempmax addition does nothing.

See the answers above, they're still right, 4 years later.

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