Cannot transition issue with all permissions, only 1 issue affected

Tyler Sacre November 18, 2019

We have one ticket on a JSD. For some reason, there is no ability to transition it.


The only fix was to transition it to a separate JSD and back, then the transition states appeared. Is this a one-off bug or maybe Atlassian needs to be aware of it.



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Joshua Cotterell December 15, 2021

I encountered the same problem, and it was resolved by moving the issue to a different project and then moving it back. Has this been reported to Atlassian yet to troubleshoot?

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I'm New Here
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August 13, 2020

I just encountered the same issue!

Designer created a issue in Backlog, Lead Engineer assigned it and wanted to move it in Selected for Development but it said 'You do not have permission to transition this issue.' He then asked me to transition it and i don't have permission either. Asked another user with full permissions within the project and has the same result.

We cannot even click the 'View workflow' button as it's greyed out.

Funny...because we can literally transition any other issues out of the 613 we currently have in that project, except this 1.

I should also mention that both the Lead Engineer and myself are org & site admins with no restrictions and the 3rd user has just full permissions granted.

We still have the issue in our database, was not edited or moved if it adds anything.

Petter Gonçalves
Atlassian Team
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August 13, 2020

Hello @olivia

I just would like to mention that your issue seems to be different from the original post in this community because the transition is returning a permission error in your case, while the original request it simply didn't appear.

Additionally, being an org-admin or Site-admin does not impact on the project permissions, so you can still be restricted to the issues by a project admin if the workflow or the permission scheme is changed.

That being said, please check the steps below:

  1. Navigate to project > Project settings > Workflow > Edit
  2. On diagram mode, click in the transition that goes to "Selected for development" and check if you have any validators that could be blocking you  from transitioning the issue
  3. Under project settings > Permissions, confirm if you have the permission to transition and schedule issues.
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Petter Gonçalves
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
November 19, 2019

Hello Tyler,

Thank you for reaching out.

Per your description, it seems you were not able to transition a specific issue, however, when you moved it to a different project and them moved it back to the original, the transition appeared in the Issue view. Is that correct?

 There are quite a few workflow settings that might have caused that issue. I suggest you try the following steps to troubleshoot it:

1 - As a project administrator, Navigate to your project > Project settings > Workflows > Click to Edit the workflow related to the issue type of the ticket

2 - Check if the transition that was not appearing is configured with any conditions or properties that might be causing it to don't be displayed.

3 - Also, double-check in the history tab of the ticket if you did not change the issue type when moving the ticket from one project to another. In JIRA Service desk, issue types use different workflows with different statuses, so a change in the issue-type can display different transitions for the ticket.

Let me know if this information helps.

Tyler Sacre November 20, 2019


I am an Org admin and have access to all projects. There are no conditions or properties associated with these projects (pretty simple implementation.

Prior to changing the ticket from one project to another and back, I tried changing the issue type back and forth and did not help.


My workflow -

  • Problem -- no option to transition the issue at all from the open status. NO buttons appeared at the top other than Assign/Edit.
  • Changed to new issue type in current project. Did not solve.
  • Changed back to old issue type in current project. Did not solve.
  • Used the move function to change to a new issue type, current project. Did not solve.
  • Used the move function to change back to old issue type, current project Did not solve.
  • Used the move function to move the single ticket to a different project, standard issue type. Workflow appeared on new board. Kept the issue in the open status and changed no other details.
  • Used the move function to move it back to the original service desk, back to the original issue type. The ticket was now listed under a NEW ticket #. Workflow now appeared on new board. Transition buttons appeared at the top. Was able to resolve.


My conclusion is that it was a bug. I have not seen this before. This is not related to conditions or workflow settings because this ticket is like many others on the board.

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Manuel Galván September 8, 2020

I have the same problem

Vessie Dracheva October 27, 2021

Same here, nothing is different about this ticket from all other tickets in the project!

Diego Cañete December 22, 2021

Hi ,check in system and run the Integrity Checker " 


Check the integrity of workflows

Check workflow entry states are correct

Check workflow current step entries

Check JIRA issues with null status


After doing the check and finding problems in the tickets where the transitions did not appear, I ran the repair and everything returned to normal. For some reason the tickets remained mail with status ID in the workflow.


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