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Archiving a project in JIRA Cloud

Deleted user Sep 20, 2018

Hi, I am trying to archive/hide a project that has finished in JIRA Cloud and any documentation I find to action this is void as there are elements of the instructions provided that I can not follow as I do not see the areas that they are guiding me to? I have full permissions


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Nov 14, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your support for this feature and patience as we prioritise all the needs and requests for Jira Software. The voice for this feature has been somewhat muted as demand has been spread across a number of different JAC tickets.

As many have mentioned, Project (and Issue) Archiving has been shipped to our Data Centre product.

I am happy to say we are bringing this into Jira Software and Service Desk Cloud initially as part of our new Premium offering. We will start with Project Archiving and look at Issue Archiving in a subsequent milestone.

This was announced recently as part of our new public roadmap and our What’s New in Jira webinar. Both of these resources showcase what’s new and what's planned for Jira Software.

The existing permissions based option will continue to exist (nothing changes there).

Whilst I understand there may be some frustration that this is a Premium feature, it is part of a broader package of Premium Admin features which we have a team allocated to now. In the case of Archiving like many things on the surface this feature seems simple but there are actually many touch points across the product that need to be addressed to ensure it works correctly which has contributed to this not being tackled until now.

We are also investigating a ‘project recycle bin’ to stop accidental deletions which we would be making available in Standard edition.

We will reach soon out to ask for your feedback on additional use cases around Auditing and compliance for Archived Projects and issues and as part of that work we may define requirements that will ship to Standard and Premium.

Ben Jackson & Ritesh Ranjan
Jira Software Product Managers

Thank you for this response.  Very helpful.

How do I know if the version of JIRA that I'm working on is 'Premium' or not?

I do not have admin rights...just know I'm on JIRA Cloud.  I'm looking for a way to archive projects in a manner that they can be retrieved later if necessary.  

Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Dec 04, 2019

You would need to check with your Admin for which edition you are on.

We will provide an update on the timeline early next year for when it will be available. In the meantime we are keen to talk to anyone who is open to it to get your feedback on Archiving beyond the use case of 'hiding and not deleting dormant projects.

I'd love to hear from anyone here. You can book some time in my calendar here:

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Appreciate the response. We are primarily interested in the use case of 'hiding and not deleting dormant projects', but I do also appreciate the challenge to think of other use cases.  I'll schedule time with you if I come up with some good ones.  Thanks! :)

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Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Dec 05, 2019

We have plenty of questions we can ask @cindi.baker  :) 

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From a product owners perspective archiving projects shouldn't mean that I have to unarchive to get reports. I just want to declutter the UI so that I can focus (and help focus the entire team) on what I need to do.

Archived projects access should require a separate permission type to access for the auditing/compliance team. 

Access to archived projects should be paused to 3rd party apps and addons, slack notifications etc unless specifically unpaused for an application.

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Like # people like this

Really disappointed and can't even begin to understand why the ability to archive a project has been removed???   Adjusting the permission scheme is an option but it's a work around. 

Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Nov 14, 2019

Hi Sean this capability hasn't existed in Cloud apart from the published permission workaround.

It has been implemented in the Data Centre product and we are about to start work on bringing it to cloud (See my answer below)

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Over and over I'm finding basic features seem to be "premium".  This is basic. You shouldn't make it the default that customers must delete or create an endless pile.

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yet another classic JIRA BS. Why on earth, but why on earth, would you not allow people to archive a project....??!!!??? 


It's 21st century JIRA. Even Trello allows this. It's fundamental UX now. 

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Because they seem to focus on the overall look, from new and improved, to new and improved and reverted because new and improved was aweful.

How do we request this feature for Jira Cloud? I am creating projects quickly and the permissions scheme workaround is not preferred. 


I created a ticket to get it in standard plan. Please vote it up.

this is actually a joke you have had this feature beeing asked for since 2003 that's 16 YEARS for the most basic functionality that everyone needs why has this not been done for cloud you have it in two of your other services it surely can't be that hard to take the code from the edit it so it will work with a cloud-based system Atlassian could be so much better so much better then it actually is it costs a fortune to use for a company and they don't do any improvements ever at all ok latest Jira cloud version you added a new layout view which I'm sure that was the least asked for change considering you have features like this 16 years old with nothing done about them and probably never going to do anything about them.


as a Large company your self, you must understand how important it is to be able to have this feature as you CAN'T DELETE RECORDS due to you might need this information for future references and projects come and go and get completed I don't see why you make your users who pay you hundreds of dollars a month and you make use scroll though all our closed project because there simply is no option to archive a project.


if there is an addon that you have to pay for from an external company I will understand why you haven't made this change available in cloud  but considering your Total revenue was $874.0 million for the fiscal year 2018 I just pulled this from your website you earn more than enough money to add these most basic features.


I'd love to see some serious change in how you choose what features are required or wanted because new issue layout form is at the bottom of the list when core functionality is missing or have to spend hundreds of more dollars to get for a one time use.


I know for a fact if it wasn't so difficult of migrating to a new system that has the basic functionality and adds it quicker then 16 years then we would but the fact you have made it next to impossible to move the information to a new system and don't add any new feature is a bit a kick in the teeth considering how much you earnt and how much we pay for your product with MISSING FUNCTIONALITY.


Honestly.. this is not the only one thats a Joke..

Lack of a stock way to get Cycle Times (KANBAN REQUIREMENT for CRYING OUT LOUD)..

No Archival policy

No way to hide done epic titles (Again - SIMPLE COMMON SENSE FEATURE)

Just to mention 3 off the top of my head!

And they call themselves an Agile board! @Atlassian 

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Looks like there's at least one ticket open for this:

Maybe more votes would help.

Not much more I can add as everyone else has touched on the issues of this not being a feature of the cloud version.

The only thing I did not see mentioned is that some of us MUST keep old projects for auditing purposes, so deleting them is not even an option for us. And the work around is just that, a work around and NOT a solution. This really needs to be implemented as quickly as possible.

Please & Thank you!

Hi, this might help you.

It's trick by hiding project with permission scheme.

I can't understand why this feature is not implemented for Jira Cloud. I don't know how much hard to implement, but... it is just hiding!

Archiving was never enabled for Jira Cloud only for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk for data center

"It's not available because it's not available" isn't really an answer....

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damn! I just spent an hour looking for an answer... it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that Cloud version does not have an "archive" feature! another pain to deal with.

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I totally agree.  this seems such an obvious feature to include.  On any given month we manage 5-10 different projects for different clients.  so in a years time our projects list is going to be huge!  is this feature being considered for CLOUD?  thanks

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This is a big deal and it should be simple to implement, yet people have to talking about this for years and still nothing. I'm already looking at other options, Atlassian is starting to fall off in my opinion. They don't seem to be customer centric. 

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Creating a new permission scheme for Archived project assigned to one person will do the trick for team members but not an admin sadly. 

i can still see the projects but now can't access them so was a bit of a bomb in terms of a workround.

This is a big issue for us too... Already have around 40 projects in the list and only 6 of them is active. I have just started considering other alternatives to Jira only because of a bunch of this kind of simple yet distracting glitches.

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You have taken away basic and core functionality! This is beyond ridiculous, and I can't believe the ticket for this request hasn't been worked on in over a year! @Atlassian

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At my company we have started with Jira early this year. We are now on our way to 5k tickets in our service desk alone. It is getting slow. I have read the options to archive. 

1. open a service desk migrate tickets in bulk and set as read only. But then everyone who needs access will get charged for that with a license from my understanding. 

2. export, in .csv to another place

3. use a security scheme or security level to hide them from the environment and give access to admins only. 

All great ideas but not very helpful for needing to get to information fast in case of issues. I think we need archiving for all cloud projects and we need it now not just in nex-gen or another place but in our instances now!

2 votes


Project Archiving is not available for Jira Cloud. It is only available for Jira Data Center

You can find this info here:

I am with Atlassian after 2 years away. I really thought I remembered being able to archive projects. Maybe I am confusing my memory with every other similar app i've used in the past. 

Thank you Alexey for posting the link. 


When will Atlassian add the Archive Feature to the Cloud? I have a list of 80 some projects in our instance and about 30 are old projects that we would like to archive. This feature is needed. 

Thank you

Is that possible to create a ticket for this new feature?



can someone help AT the right contact?

Wow this is a long thread an nothing happened? 


Unbelievable guys..I don't wanna believe that I can't archive projects.. 

Look at


Support engineers recommend we create individual support tickets to get visibility on this issue. No one is looking at this community page. 

I agree with everyone above. How is a company that creates a Project Management tool to help manage one's projects satisfied with the clutter and messiness of a long list of old, not-in-progress, no-action-required project list???

I need a shortlist of projects that NEED TO BE VISIBLE!

Pay attention Atlassian - we users need to archive our projects.

Like everyone else here, I need this feature. I'm about to delete some projects that I would really rather archive. 

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Done. thank you for the link.

+1 archiving is an essential and useful feature.

Upvoted this suggestion that Clayton Mathis posted:

Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Nov 28, 2019

Hi @Tevan_Alexander  thanks for your post.

We are actively working on this now per my other response however we are looking to speak to as many people as we can to understand the deeper level use cases beyond just hiding projects.

As part of that work we may define requirements that will can ship to Standard and Premium if I can get your help. So book some time in my calendar let's chat so I can better understand your perspective here.

"beyond just hiding projects". I mean, it's so basic, it's obvious. The idea of having thousands of projects over time is just unmanageable. It feels like Atlassian is being obtuse here. 

this would be a good feature in cloud

We want this option please !

When is this going to happen?


Is this really still not possible?  

This is so ridiculous. It's such a simple thing to implement. Just do it and stop the madness. 

Marre d'Atlassian JIRA cloud, la fonctionnalité d'archivage manque cruellement



je vais finir par trouver une autre solution Plus complète et moins chère aussi

This needs doing ASAP. Most urgently required feature in Jira. Too busy developing Next Gen whilst stripping away features.

Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Nov 28, 2019

Hi @Adam Rawlinson thanks for your post. Archiving has never been available in cloud and only relatively recently added in Data Center edition.

We are actively working on this now per my other response however we are looking to speak to as many people as we can to understand the deeper level use cases beyond just hiding projects.

As part of that work we may define requirements that will can ship to Standard and Premium if I can get your help. So book some time in my calendar let's chat so I can better understand your perspective here.

0 votes
Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Nov 28, 2019

@Jason Maye @Gilles FREGONESE @Jay Sayers @Kevin Campbell  @Garry_Partington @Eric Veal @Clayton Mathis @Hamit Gurakar @Noel_Rocha 

We are actively working on this now per my other response however we are looking to speak to as many people as we can to understand the deeper level use cases beyond just hiding projects.

As part of that work we may define requirements that will can ship to Standard and Premium if I can get your help. So book some time in my calendar let's chat so I can better understand your perspective here.

@Ben Jackson  not being funny but what information do you still need to get from us it has been 16 years we have been asking for this feature if you don't have all the information after 16 years what the hell have you been doing it doesn't take 16 years to learn the public want to be able to achieve a project so it is hidden from everyone but the site admins of the site.


This is actually the least unfunniest joke going you really need a competitor that is about to overtake you in revenue and users so you have the kick up the ass the actually start implementing features the public has been asking for and not waiting over a decade to add it in think about how many project people will have after 16 years of working with Jira they will have 100's this service is unacceptable and I am sure I am not the only one to agree that your customer service is piss poor when it comes to requested features.


please point me to a ticket that was requested by the public and implemented i am curious in how many more years i have to wait for the most basic and mandatory feature


your's sincerely


Many pissed off Atlassian customers  (i may have written this but 1000's of people are thinking this) 


I know this thread was created on in 2018 but this is not the only thread on this feature there is at least 5 that i have found the earliest one going back to 2003 and no doubt this was requested before then

Like Andrey Kozynets likes this
Ben Jackson Atlassian Team Dec 12, 2019

Hey @Corey_Tabb the Permission based solution has been available for many years, and we have been upfront that nothing beyond that was officially on our roadmap.

That being said I understand that is not a full solution and acknowledge this feature request has been around for a frustratingly long period of time.

We are looking at this now. You ask what more feedback do I need? 90% of the current feedback (I have read 160+ comments) can be categorised as 'I'd like to be able to hide projects'. This is the simplest and clearest use case.

We'd like to delve into the 2nd and 3rd order use cases to fully understand the needs which is why I'm inviting people to book time to speak with us directly. So far I have conducted nearly a dozen interviews on this subject and learned a great deal about the dimensions of Archiving beyond that simple use case.

I also mentioned above that with these discussion we may identify enough use cases that allow our team to deliver archiving into standard and premium editions. 

Happy to chat with you on your use cases :) and maybe any other areas of Jira you'd like us to work on. Ben

Like Andrey Kozynets likes this

I'd like to be able to hide projects.

well if people want them hidden and people want them achieved how about you introduce the archive part of it and people can use that as to hide projects and also I don't get why hiding projects is a high priority then archive you can already hide projects with the security issue schema you just make security groups for users to only see certain projects rather then wasting time on coding for a hidden function you should create documentation in how to hide a project using the security.


also, most of these people that comment saying they want to hide a project are not very technical users I am sure 90% of them that say they want to hide projects mean archive them there is no difference from hiding a project and archiving a project they get the same end goal of them being hidden to all normal users but Admins can still see them.

and if users only want people to see certain projects and tickets and the rest hidden then you already have a feature that does this the security permissions. over 10 years is outrageous for an archive feature to be added to Jira so you telling me out of all the businesses that use Jira they would rather have a hidden feature implemented in first??


I'm sorry but that is complete bullshit so you're telling me the company's of the likes of 3M would just want to hide project instead of archiving them.

also doesn't make sense for users to be going on an archive chat to say they want a hidden feature this just screams to me that you completely miss understood the people need user comments on an archive project thread saying I want to hide a project (this is the same as archiving a project is it not?

what's the difference between hiding a project to archiving it also who are you hiding it from just one user all the user's everyone but the admins???

all these questions arise from I want to hide projects so those comments shouldn't even be taken on board if people want to just hide from certain users they should make a different comment thread that relates to what they want not filling up threads like this with crap and making this function get pushed further down the list.

so can I just ask what do you do with old projects then as Atlassian is a huge company I am sure you have lots of completed projects that you would like to keep the data for but not see on a daily basis of all your projects so what do they do or do they not use Jira do they use an alternative that has this functionality introduced already or do you just delete the project once it's done( i know this is a no as no company DELETES data?

I look forward to hearing what Atlassian's uses and does with it's complete projects

Count us as another voice that hopes this is available for cloud soon.

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