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Anyone else hate the new jira experience?

David Brenner Dec 06, 2017

The new jira experience is full of bugs and inefficiencies.  I had it turned off, but now it looks like I'm stuck with it for good.  Is that true that I can't use the old one anymore.

For me it's really awful- bad enough that i would consider dumping jira.  

Several issues

1- Navigation is really hard

2- The search filters are hard to get to

3- The drop downs for assigned to and for priority don't consistently work with auto fill, and clicking the dropdown doesn't always show the list either.  this is the WORST of the problems.

Anyone else agree?

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Ory Purhonen Mar 07, 2018

Whoever came up the design should be fired. Absolutely horrible to navigate and the documentation hasn't been updated - so it's impossible to find how to do setting changes.  Jira used to be an extremely easy to use piece of technology. Now it's turned to shit. 

Ian Main May 29, 2018

All true words - sad because I used to love it.

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Robert Curtiss Aug 02, 2018

I'm relieved to see that I'm not alone in my suffering as I struggle to learn how to use Jira. I don't have the experience of using an older version; I just started recently.

The documentation is the most confusing stuff I've ever read. I'm using the Cloud version, but the documentation I've found for the Cloud version ... I just don't have the words to express how bad it is. It's almost as if it was written by 50 different people who each wrote a different part, and then threw it all together in no particular order. Every section I read uses terminology that hasn't been defined yet, and references to other sections in a willy-nilly free for all. So I'm reading the server version and that at least is somewhat organized.

Where's the step-by-step 'Getting Started' guide for new admin users who need to setup a project?

And who came up with the terminology, with names like: Software Development Issue Type Screen Scheme I can barely read it and make sense of it, let alone say it out loud to any of my co-workers. Say it three times quickly: Screen Scheme, Screen Scheme, Screen Scheme. Are they tripping, or what?

The worst thing is that I have to search the web to find tutorials written by non-Atlassian folks who have been kind enough to spend their time sharing knowledge.

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Eiko Pugh Sep 16, 2018

Seriously agree with Ory Purhonen.

I configure/ customize JIRA for projects, now I feel lost. Project members are updating incorrect statuses etc...

Very disappointed...

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Justin Auch I'm New Here May 07, 2019

I just started using it as it's the industry standard tool. I've used a lot of PM tools and this is the only one that feels like it's intentionally made to be difficult to use and configure. I switched it from "new view" to "old view" in the personal settings and that was an improvement... but still not great. Next gen projects look like they have potential, but not useable until time estimation/tracking and proper reporting are added. Kind of appalled that this is considered the industry standard PM tool tbh.

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John Zabroski Jan 16, 2018 • edited Sep 04, 2018

I do.  While I can acknowledge change takes time getting used to, they have completely removed my most frequent navigation actions and added a bunch of clicks to get anything useful done.  The only positive to the new UI is it seems to load a lot faster.  But it's not even a Single Page Application - lots of things completely re-load the page.  So I don't understand the point of the re-design.

Here are my top annoyances, in case the UI designers are reading this:

1. It has always been really hard to switch between Confluence and JIRA, and this new design did nothing to address that pain point.

2. Agile Boards are not only an extra click, but extra page load away, and I have to visually search for the tile with my board.  There is also nothing in the UI that says "Board" any more, and so even realizing where to go to get back to my Board, was really hard.  Thankfully, I have a link to my board saved on my Chrome Toolbar, or it would be impossible.

3. Searching is a bit better, but they took away my favorite way to search: Easy access to most recent issues.  Usually I just want to see the last 10 issues I touched. "Filtering by sorting" is a common usability paradigm for users.


Update 9/4/2018: Here is a classical example of what JIRA does wrong now.  They spent time promoting *slow* navigation features, and trying to tell me it's a "fast" way to navigate. What's laughable is they re-invented the Web Browser bookmark, inside JIRA, and made it worse all at the same time.  Why do I need to do an extra click to access stuff important to me? ...And it's still painful to navigate to confluence.


Brandon Phillips Sep 07, 2018

I hate how they completely disregard the field organization I setup via custom screens and tabs.  I organized the fields for a purpose.  Also a ton of our processes utilize labels.  That field is now buried.  

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John Zabroski Sep 07, 2018

@Brandon Phillips What kind of work do you do?

Brandon Phillips Sep 20, 2018

@John Zabroski I'm a swiss army knife of IT. 

What is relevant here is I lead the effort to bring Jira cloud to a ~1500 person organization.  I work with multiple dev teams on their complex role based work flows.  I work with the operations teams to build out multi-level service desks for support and incident management, I own the change management process which also relies on Jira, and implemented a dozen other business / support processes in different groups across our organization.   Most contain screen customization's particularly using "tabs" to organize the fields in a logical way.  This represents a non-trivial amount of work to document and explain the process.

When these UI changes happen it affects the non-technical end-users.  Leading to a flood of calls, emails, etc.   

If these new changes can respect the custom organization (or improve on it) I'd be fine with it, but to just dump all the fields on the screen in no real order, no respect for white space and scrolling, its ugly and inefficient.  

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Chris Lategan Feb 07, 2018

+1 For me it's really awful- bad enough that i would consider dumping jira.  

STACEY CHRISTIANSEN Sep 14, 2018 • edited

Me too!!! I loved Jira before.  Customizing was easy. I could set it up exactly  how I wanted it.  Now, I'm at a new company and I almost ready to give up.  Way too complicated.  You can't even shift+click a story to open the details in a new window - which I used to do ALL THE TIME.  Still haven't figured out how to even enter or see the full details of a story. Absolutely hate it.

John Zabroski Sep 14, 2018 • edited Sep 17, 2018

@STACEY CHRISTIANSEN I believe, on the agile board, click the card, and then hit the 'e' key on your keyboard. Use 'c' to create new issues.

You can find all the keyboard shortcuts on the bottom left hand pane, right above your avatar, there is a question mark (?) with a circle around it.  Click it and pick Keyboard shortcuts. - I hope this mitigates the awful UI for you.

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Anthony Hall Feb 27, 2018

Agreed... this has made things so much more difficult. We are wasting so much more time on this than should be required. Forcing a poor UI and UX on us is incredibly poor form, but sadly our opinion doesn't matter.

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Jens Sauer Feb 15, 2018

I hate it its really bad, everything takes now twice as much time and some things are so buggy ... its awful. Any recommendations for alternatives? If the intend of this change was to piss people off and make them to leave Jira for good well done good job

Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Feb 15, 2018

Move over to Server, either hosting it yourself or getting a third party to do it (there's lots of providers).  The new UI won't be coming to that for a long time, if at all (hopefully, never, or if it does, a version that has been fixed)

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Ian Main May 26, 2018

I HATE, HATE, HATE this new UI. It's SO unproductive and easy to get lost in.
I'm an Admin and I've not had one single person say they prefer it.
What the fudge are you guys playing at?
FFS - please listen to your users and revert it back or give us an option to!!!!!!

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Rick Thomson May 01, 2018

Ugly and unusable, well done people who redesigned jira, you've hidden all the functionality and made it very modern...

I've known interfaces designed by coders that were better.

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Milos Nikolic Aug 22, 2018 • edited

I'm just adding my two cents here as well. Initially when the changes were launched I didn't like them. Everything seemed to become harder and navigation was atrocious. As a product manager myself I sympathised and told myself I should give it some time for me to adjust. Well, it's been about 8 months and I still haven't adjusted. The navigational changes just aren't good. There is this strange context switching that occurs in and out of being within a "project" and it doesn't allow you to change easily between them. Trying to get to an advanced jql search screen (which is something I do very often and which I suspect is very common) usually takes about four clicks and page reloads from wherever you happen to be at the time when it used to take about one or two. What surprises me is that I know that Atlassian spend a lot of time on user research and interviewing. I've even taken part in one for the Jira app on mobile. So I don't understand how this design has emerged out of that process. Maybe it's just a minority who don't like it, but so far I haven't come across anyone who has!

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David Brenner Dec 06, 2017

Ahh- the option to turn it off come back.  But how long do we have before we are stuck with it?

John Zabroski Feb 15, 2018

We're officially stuck with it.  See this post on February 7, 2018:

It does look like they're committing to making it work - they even registered a special domain name to explain their enterprise-wide initiative, here:

They also have a reference implementation called AtlasKit:

(Tongue-in-cheek humor:) For what it's worth, there are some who might see this as pointless complaining, since they never thought JIRA was that great to begin with (hah):

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Chris Doig Jun 02, 2018

Jira (and other Atlassian products) seem to have the most disorganized help of almost any product I have ever used. It is easier to do a Google search on the topic than trying to find something in Jira help.

The UI seems designed for Unix people who spend all day in the tool. It's useless and confusing for people who only occasionally use it. To be honest, I'm keeping my eye open for something easier to use and will probably change the company over when we get the time to do so.

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Melinda George Jun 09, 2018 • edited

yah we have considered dumping jira b/c of the new UI and changes to how projects are the basis for everything.  our agile team board that brings together jira's from many software "projects"/products is a hot mess and not as good as the project agnostic boards.  atlassian really screwed this up - they had people reverting to old jira for a long time and did nothing to fix it.  everyone i work with +100's of people hates it.  if it were up to me it would be gone...   there has to be a better solution.

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Daniel Sousa May 29, 2018 • edited Jun 03, 2018

All Atlassian products are a delusion! They don't know what is UX and Usability. For any minimal change you will face huge difficulties.

All the products have basic things missing, for example, the service desk customer portal really sucks. You cannot do anything, like to add some basic fields to the user registration... So, you will support a customer and you don't know his name, because to the registration in the customer portal you can only insert the customer e-mail. Did Attlassian people thought about this tool? Did they talked with the customers about it? I don't think so...

Even for basic things you have to buy a new plugin. 
I would like to know why this tools are so popular. The name for this is "status quo", but one day it finishes... 


I regret all days about the decision to use this tool! Unfortunatly, now it's too late.

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Michael Stover Jul 11, 2018

They're trying to save on server hardware by making us never want to use it.  I tried to manage some filters today.  You know, complicated stuff like edit the query.  Failed utterly.  I'll just use the browser's search function on the backlog.

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Thomas Dahlberg Aug 09, 2018 • edited Nov 20, 2018

The new Jira Cloud has done nothing but unnecessarily complicate our workflow. Between the inconsistent data validation on the time tracking fields to most things being hidden under a sub-menu somewhere. Our daily stand-ups are slower as are our sprint planning sessions. 


Update 11/20/2018: It has been several months and the above issues, along with many that others have mentioned in this post, are still present. They continue to slow down our workflow every single day.

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Eiko Pugh Sep 17, 2018 • edited Sep 19, 2018

There are so many critical features (at least for my projects) that disappeared in the recently (maybe in August 2018) released UI. Yesterday I checked job opportunities at Atlassian to stop someone making such changes.

  1. Workflow... (wordless,)
  2. Add "thumbnail" image
    --> easier to grasp the whole content in the description field if image is smaller. 
  3. Add table and panel
    --> easier to understand in a diagram
  4. Add a link to existing attachments in the description section
    --> saves time to find the right attachment.
    there may be many similar old attachments which are not valid anymore but need to keep for history tracking purpose
  5. Show attachments in a list view
    --> saves time to scroll down because important attachments are already linked in the description section.
  6. Set a descending order of comments by default
    --> saves time to scroll down to the end to see the latest comment as old comments are less important in general
  7. Many others... that I haven't encountered because I am using the old view for now.
Thomas Duez Sep 19, 2018

Eiko, you're my hero.

1 vote
Henock Zewdie Oct 11, 2018

It is awful! I hate it. Fortunately, they didn't take away the old view

1 vote
Melinda George Oct 18, 2018

You can't even edit a jira in the "new view" - what the heck - not every field is even on that screen.  I've submitted feedback a dozen times saying they are removing functionality and soon we won't be able to "switch views".  I just can't even anymore...  I'm the admin on my team but its getting hard to handle the complaints when JIRA won't address basic needs.

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Russ Mayor Oct 21, 2018

Sorry, no way to sugar coat this and say that for some people some things are better. This implementation is a total dog's breakfast...all over the place. Functionality has disappeared, new screens are displaying data randomly, for us at least many of the Issue screens just spin their wheels and never open, and it is so sloooow.

Please please listen to all your customers and just admit the cock-up, put it back the way it was, and go back to the drawing board. Just stop trying to convince us that it's getting better.

Thomas Duez Oct 22, 2018

"Please please listen to all your customers and just admit the cock-up, put it back the way it was, and go back to the drawing board. Just stop trying to convince us that it's getting better."

Amen, and amen.

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Thomas Duez Oct 26, 2018


Having shouted that...

What the hell is wrong with you?

1. I click on the spyglass on the left to search.

2. In the slide-out, I type "reporter = firstname.lastname" then [Enter]

I get a list of issues reporter by firstname.lastname

Actual result:
Text ~ "reporter = firstname.lastname"

Notes - if I wanted to query "Text ~", I WOULD HAVE TYPED "Text ~"!

- this is why you need to do an wholesale revert. You have broken and or made worse so much of the Jira experience. You should not have made it "new".

Roll back to before you 100% stopped caring about the work efficiency of users.

This is beyond acceptable.

Thomas Duez Oct 26, 2018

And "Community Champion"s all, stay out of this. I'm sick and tired of being told I should convince my org to go spend even more money to build a server to run Jira locally.

Don't. Say. It.

And Atlassian Employees - I only want to hear from you if you're giving me the date the revert is going to happen.

Nothing else is acceptable.

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Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Oct 26, 2018

We only repeat it because people obviously aren't reading it when it's being said before.

Thomas Duez Oct 26, 2018

And that was an wholly unnecessary reply. Stop giving any excuse to deflect. You're not a community champion, you're an Atlassian bootlicker.

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Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Oct 26, 2018

It was in response to a wholly unnecessary and pointless complaint.  I say it because it's clear that someone else has not read it before.  I know you have seen and understood it perfectly, and it's not aimed at you.  But there's no way for me to ask the software to hide it from those who already know.  

If you want to stop hearing it, un-watch the thread.  If you don't want to do that, your other choice is to ignore it when it's a reply to someone else.

I know it's not ideal, but that's the nature of fora.

As for the bootlicker insult.  Meh.  I'm a fan-boy, yes.  Of a lot of it.  I'm quiet on some of the stuff I really want to criticise them on because me saying it is pointless noise.  But I think bootlicker is a bit strong, especially in this thread, as I mostly agree with what you're complaining about on the Cloud UI.  It's got a few nice ideas trying to get out, but they're utterly swamped by all that's bad.

Thomas Duez Oct 26, 2018

"Unnecessary and pointless complaint"? Further evidence you need to relinquish your title.

You don't mean my complaint was unnecessary and pointless - you mean that you've stated over and over that Atlassian will refuse to acknowledge and address BUGS. USABILITY. STUFF THEY BROKE.

Just stop while you're behind.

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Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Oct 26, 2018

Not quite, although I can see I was not clear.  I was using your words to describe your demand to "stay out of it", not your complaint about the UI.

And, again, I state this "over and over" because people who post "it's broken" in here are not reading or grasping the statement.   Not for the benefit of those who have.

You are misrepresenting my repeats as well.  I have never said Atlassian refuse to acknowledge and address bugs or usability.   I've said that they're not going to go back, or revisit it.  In my opinion, you're right to say they have not acknowledged that the new UI is a failure for most of us.  Which is why I've never said that.

Thomas Duez Oct 26, 2018

I appreciate your seeming agreement that "...the new UI is a failure for most of us". I genuinely do.

Atlassian provided the community pages/forum.

While it exists, I will continue to use it to the appropriate end - pointing out bugs, usability issues as well their lip-service that does nothing to actually alleviate the problems.

While they do nothing to directly address (in written word or implementation) these problems, I shall continue to suggest they revert to a time prior to their mistakes.

I have terrible suspicions that they're going to wait-out all this complaining and not really fix much because they, Atlassian, fully intend to continue on this same path.

I believe the majority of the changes they have made have nothing to do with feedback from users, but instead couch supposed response to user feedback in an implementation that is designed to save them bandwidth thereby increasing their profits.

That is why they won't revert. That is why they don't care that their generally captive audience is feeling actual pain that is costing them & their companies actual dollars.

And I am going to continue to complain about it.

And I am going to continue insisting they serve their customers and revert until they actually address these issues.

As you keep relating that there's no point in asking them to revert, I'm going to keep relating they should. 

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Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Oct 26, 2018

That's fair. 

You're still going to have to see me saying "it's unlikely they'll go back on Cloud and the only real-life fix is to move to server" when other people haven't read the conversation, but equally I'll carry on saying that I don't like the new UI either.  

I think you're right that they've gone too far down the wrong path to go back, but that's no reason to stop saying it's the wrong path.

Thomas Duez Oct 26, 2018

I am glad that we have come to some measure of agreement. I apologize for my vitriol.

I am still caused by Jira to be mad at Atlassian most of the 5 days of the work-week, so this will not stop...

But I will stop directing it at you!

Thanks, Nic.

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David Desrosiers Nov 20, 2018

I've been using it for 2 almost months now... I thought it was just a learning curve, but the UI is just the worst I've ever seen in any app I purchased in recent history. It's so unintuitive to use, too many options - same menu sections use for different tasks. This would probably be a great case study for how not to design an app. 

1 vote
Ludwig Reinmiedl I'm New Here Dec 16, 2018 • edited

I totally agree. Jira really sucks. It is super hard to navigate between different projects, creating tickets with sub-tickets to be able to assign some story points is a search-and-click nightmare. We tried to put our documentation to confluence. But that sucks so hard as well. Code blocks do not recognize the programming language, you can't put links to headlines to create a proper table of contents. I can't even find a button to create a new document that is not nested inside one of the existing documents. Some wizard I work with was able to create this "first" document, but no one remembers how we got it. Also, Bitbucket is really shit. Sorry guys, but Atlassian really produces unusable crappy software.

1 vote
Samantha Jones Jan 30, 2019

Thank God!

I've been a JIRA admin for a while, just joined a different company with the "new JIRA/Zephyr".  

They were exporting csv files to create reports in Excel. How I laughed!! I went about trying to set up a Dashboard to show them how reports should be done.

2 months later..... I'm also creating reports in Excel.

The integration, the just doesn't work.  Nothing actually works like it should anymore and everything I knew about JIRA has gone.

Michael Migliori Jan 30, 2019

Now that's just sad... It feels a bit like having to go through grief. Our dear old JIRA that brought us so much efficiency is gone. RIP! ^^

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Vickey Palzor Lepcha Jun 02, 2018

Create a VM in Cloud - run JIRA in that VM instead :-)

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Thomas Duez Sep 14, 2018

Seriously, Atlassian - I understand you're trying to find ways to use less bandwidth & save money...

But punishing your consumers for using your product is not the smartest direction to go.

Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Sep 15, 2018

Move to server if you want the older UI back.

Daniel Sousa Sep 15, 2018 • edited Sep 16, 2018

Really Mr. Nic Brough? Is that your answer? This product, when is in use in an organization has costs to implement, a lot! (and don't be naif to think only in the license value) To change an architecture and a business model has a big impact. After you adopt tools like Jira, JSD and Confluence your organization will be dependant on that to work in a daily basis. Clearly, you don't understand the costs involved in the transation you are proposing, from the migration to the training etc...

After that, it's the Atlassian's customers opinion that was just ignored. It's easy to understand that in other discussions in this community forum where you put questions and for years nobody from Atlassian answers to that!


Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Sep 16, 2018

I can tell you have not bothered to read the rest of the thread where the reasons for that comment will become clear.

Daniel Sousa Sep 16, 2018 • edited

I continue not unsderstanding... but it doesn't matter. Nobody from Atlassian will read this, anyway. You can make political avertising here and it will be fine for them... 

Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Sep 16, 2018

It really is simple - Atlassian have stated the new UI is not optional on Cloud and there's no way back.

So your only option is to go to server.

Atlassian do read these posts, and they have recently committed to reading them a lot more.  But on this topic of the new UI, they've said what's happening.

Daniel Sousa Sep 16, 2018 • edited

Dear Nic (Allow me that, please),

I'm aware about that. That's exactly the problem. They ignored the customers.

I know that sooner or later, in my company, we will need to move further, but we don't know if it will be with atlassian because of this and more. More? Yes, because their products don't have the basics. I have really big complains in Jira Service Desk, especially relly simple and basic details that the application don't cover. For example, you can't have details about the customers you are supporting, only their e-mail. This could be easily solved with the possibility to insert some fields in the registry form. But Attlassian is ignoring tons of topics in this community about this issue, tons of companies complaining about that. That is so basic that nobody thinks they don't have it. You always need to buy several plugins to do basic things. The plugins are not to add or improve, they are needed to the basics. The most part of plugins are only for server and not cloud.

I think to move to server it's a step back in our business model, since we don't want to maintain a server. It's part of the past, at least for us. I want a complete service.
 I understand you can tell me that we should test it previously. Agree!! I admit I was naif when I decided to adopt this tools and I will pay for it!! But this is something in our company we don't allow our customers to feel. We are here to help their business and never let them feel what I feel about Atlassian.

Afterall, Atlassian is not a partner, is just a company.

Thomas Duez Sep 19, 2018

Hey, Nic - less than a few weeks ago it was possible to disable the New Jira Experience. Arbitrarily telling your customer "you could go back, but we're not going to give you that chance because we decided to not" is a poor excuse.

That you are a COMMUNITY "CHAMPION"...oh, the irony.

Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Sep 19, 2018

I'm a champion because I engage with people and try to explain things, and people seem to appreciate it.  Not because I work with Atlassian a lot, and certainly not because I get directly rewarded for it.

It's not me ignoring you.  It's Atlassian.  They're ignoring me as well, as I'm not employed by them, I'm free to express my opinion.  I don't want to have a flag to enable people to switch back to the old view, I just don't want to have the option of the new one at all.  It doesn't work, and I've no idea how they asked such poor questions of the users that they ended up with a dreadful UI.

In this thread, I'm just telling you how it is, and asking you to read the earlier stuff before ranting on a subject that's already been covered.

Eiko Pugh Sep 19, 2018

Dear Nic,

As just an normal employee in a big global company, your option of "move to server version" is out of my control...

So if you work with Atlassian, could you please tell them the summary I posted above?
I think the PO of JIRA cloud product doesn't really know how to use JIRA in details. Loosing good features is starting to affect my projects and people are starting to hate the application more.

Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Sep 20, 2018

Again, I was just telling you how it is, not that this is a good state of affairs. There is no other option than to move to a server install (or fragment and divide your users and pick other software) if you don't want to use Cloud.

And, again, They're ignoring me as well, as I'm not employed by them, I'm free to express my opinion.

John Zabroski Sep 20, 2018


As a software developer who has worked in SaaS cloud companies, and seen horror shows, usually bad cloud re-designs are due to trying to save infrastructure costs by moving to modern UIs that consume less bandwidth.  It's sad, but usually the almighty dollar and cost saving is usually why such things happen.

Anyway, I sort of like it when companies like Atlassian slip up.  It lets competitors jump in and steal market share.  I just feel bad for those affected who are working extra hours because some third party changed things on them.

Jens Schumacher Atlassian Team Sep 23, 2018

At Atlassian, we regularly read these comments and take your feedback on the new experience very seriously. 

We are sincerely sorry for the frustration caused by relearning how to navigate around our products when all you want to do is get on with your day. I'll admit that we missed the mark despite the research and testing we did with hundreds of customers before we rolled out the new experience

The new experience is motivated by the need to find the balance between complexity and simplicity, so Jira meets the needs of new, existing, and power users. We can't find this balance alone and rely on all of the people here to keep us on the right track. 

Please trust that our teams have been working hard to address the feedback and will continue to do so. The more examples you provide of what is and is not working for you through the in-product Give feedback button, the better we can keep moving forward together towards the best possible Jira. 

Thank you again for your patience. 


Jens, Head of Product

Michael Benz Sep 28, 2018

We have first upgraded our Bitbucket Server instance and faced similar issues there. The new branding is not the worst thing but the clean UI with lots of wasted white space plus new icons that are not really intuitive. Since we wanted to upgrade JIRA next I checked online and found this thread.
At least there is the opportunity to go back to the old UI with Jira Server in the profile settings for now. But I can feel the pain too and now need to see if that is also possible for the other products that we currently use like Bitbucket Server and Bamboo.

Joe Koberg Oct 09, 2018 • edited Jan 24, 2019

"Balance" is a false goal here. Just have different views for "basic, newbs" and power users 

Rick Thomson Oct 10, 2018 • edited

I would upvote your comment about balance if I could, its the old adage all over again


You can't please everyone all the time!


Atlassian please stop trying to do so, if you must make a simple mode (which even my artists find more difficult to use than the old version) then please also make an advanced mode or even better leave the old interface available as the advanced mode, we were all 'happy' with it...

(though as with all things UI/UX had stockholm syndrome may be a better term than happy)

Kimberly Deal Community Leader Oct 18, 2018 • edited

Seconding the  you can't be all things to all people.

Why not develop a "Lite" product that is 'easy' to use, instead of forcing existing customers/environments to be shoehorned into how you think they should be using the product vs how they are actually using the product?

These changes really do not make sense from a user/usability standpoint and I haven't heard anyone say they like the changes being made to the cloud product.  Most folks I know that chose the cloud, is so they don't have to concern themselves with the infrastructure.  I honestly can only recommend most folks look at a hosted solution for the Server product if they want the full customization experience. 

John Zabroski Oct 18, 2018

@Jens Schumacher 

What's some things you've recently learned from your clients? It's a weak apology to say you're listening to complaints. Tell us concrete examples of how you're fixing your mess.

Jens Schumacher Atlassian Team Oct 19, 2018

Jira Software has to work for teams of different sizes and maturity levels. That flexibility is what makes Jira different. It's not black and white, simple vs powerful, there are hundreds of shades of grey in between. That's what we are building. With the next-gen projects in Jira we are giving teams the ability to progressively add more features when required. 

An example of where we recently improved the experience based on feedback we received is the ☆ drawer in the navigation. Although recent boards and filters were available via the search, people simply didn't find it there... it wasn't intuitive. We added the ☆ drawer to provide quick access to starred and recently viewed items. 

We are in the progress of making many more improvements, which include performance and usability. For example the current collapsed state of the project navigation is really hard to use. Conceptually it seemed like a great idea, but in practice it simply didn't work. 

Please continue to give us feedback and let us know what you like and what you don't like.

Personally I'm super excited about the direction of Jira. If you haven't seen Scott's blog post, you can find it here:


Jens – Head of Product

John Zabroski Oct 22, 2018

@Jens Schumacher Are you aware that your example of ☆ drawer in the navigation improving experience is something I cite in my top upvoted answer as something wrong with the direction of JIRA?

It's literally exactly what's wrong with your UI. It exists in JIRA, but not Confluence. And I can't use the stars from Confluence to quickly get back to JIRA.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate your reply. I do think it is challenging to build a UI for as many people as possible. I just don't know if you've really understood the essence of the problem. I don't mean this as an insult.  I mean very distinctly people want a Simple UI and a Power UI.

Thomas Duez Oct 26, 2018

Issues and Filters don't give me the list of Filters until I drill into a specific project.

I either subscribed-to or created those filters I want in that list.

But the filters won't show up when I click "Issues and Filters" on the Dashboard.

Either make the Filters show up no matter the context when "Issues and Filters" is clicked or remove "and Filters".

Jens Schumacher Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2018

@John Zabroski I would love to understand why you believe the ☆ drawer is a "slow navigation item". What is it you are trying to do that was faster in the old UI? 

One thing is worth calling out though. This is just beginning of the new experience, not a final designThere are still issues with switching to Confluence or accessing filters. Getting your feedback on what isn't working for you is really important and helps us shape the experience. 

You also mentioned a Single Page App experience. With the recent changes we laid the foundation that will allow us to implement more of Jira as a single page app. You will see some changed here in the coming weeks.  

Talking about feedback, let me address the points you made above: 

1. It has always been really hard to switch between Confluence and JIRA, and this new design did nothing to address that pain point.

There are two ways to navigation to Confluence. 

  1. In-context via linked pages on issues or in projects. 
  2. Via the product switcher 

I agree with you, the current experience sucks and we need to make it better. 

2. Agile Boards are not only an extra click, but extra page load away, and I have to visually search for the tile with my board.  There is also nothing in the UI that says "Board" any more, and so even realizing where to go to get back to my Board, was really hard.  Thankfully, I have a link to my board saved on my Chrome Toolbar, or it would be impossible.

Not sure I understand that feedback. Recent boards are the first items in the ☆ drawer, which should make it easy to access it. After we implemented the drawer, most of the feedback around navigating to boards went quiet. 

3. Searching is a bit better, but they took away my favorite way to search: Easy access to most recent issues.  Usually I just want to see the last 10 issues I touched. "Filtering by sorting" is a common usability paradigm for users.

I agree that we haven't quite solved easy access to filters or recent issues. I'm sure we can do better here. 

PS: Sorry about the late response, just found the notification in my inbox. 

Jens Schumacher Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2018

@TH, could you provide more context? When you click on "Issues and filters" in the global (blue) navigation, it should show you your starred filters followed by a number of default filters. 

How about the features that have been removed?

For example, we use Epics>Stories>Sub-tasks in my team. We estimate on story-level and time-track on sub-task-level. We have to switch to the old view to make the tracked time accumulate to the parent story, there's no way to do this in the new view.

There are more examples of features just completely disappearing, and it's making it terrible to work with. I actually like a lot of things about the new design, and I think it would be fine if it was only the structure and styling of it, but I don't understand why you had to remove features from it.

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ZSpace Pty Ltd Nov 14, 2018 • edited

As a long term (6+ years) Jira Server user I was introduced to the Jira Cloud offering today via another company ... goodness - it's an abomination. As others have mentioned first off was the bugs ... created an Epic and got logged out. I mean what the ... ?!

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