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Any way to include next-gen issues in a classic board ?

We have been using a multi-project filter to feed our classic jira board. This is useful to get an overview of all projects and team reports for all projects brought together. We are a small team with multiple customers we serve every sprint, so this was useful to us.

We love most things about next-gen board, but we have not yet found a way to include issues from next-gen inside a classic jira board. Is this even possible ?

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Hello Ian,

If you edit your board filter to return issues from a Next-gen project and map the statuses in your board column, it should properly display the Next-gen issues in your board.

The specific steps would be:

- Navigate to your classic board > Click on the three dots Icon > Board settings > Edit filter query

- Add your Next-gen issues to be returned in the board filter

- Back to your board > Project Settings > Columns

- Add the statuses of your next-gen issues to the columns of your board

P.S: Next-gen issues have its own set of statuses which can have the same name as your Classic Statuses, so don't get surprised if two In progress statuses appears to be mapped in your board columns.

Let me know if it works for you.

That works, yes ! Thanks.

Have to admit that the multiplication of identical statuses is a bit of an annoyance, but I think we can live with it for now.

@Petter Gonçalves, I followed your instructions above and can see my next-gen issue status (and associated count of them) under Project Settings > Column, however when I go to the Board it only renders the issues from the Classic board - it does not render any of the issues from the Next-gen projects.

Are there any other restrictions that I need to know about? The issues that I have are a custom issue type in the Next-gen project.

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Deleted user Jan 11, 2020

@Petter Gonçalves same trouble as @Andrew_Lee ; I edit the filter in order to retrieve issues from a next-gen project; I get those issues in the "Board Settings > Column management Issue count preview" but no issues (from that project) displayed in the Board;

this is very frustrating, can you help?

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Hello @[deleted] and @Andrew Lee

Please, check the following:

1 - Make sure your board filter/sub-filter does not have any parameter that might be removing the issues from Next-gen, like "resolution is empty". In fact, perform a search with the board filter and check if it returns the next-gen issues.

2 - Check if any quick filters are being applied to the board

3 - Check if any swimlanes are applied to the board. If there is, remove them and check if the next-gen issues appear.

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Deleted user Jan 16, 2020

Hi @Petter Gonçalves ,

and thanks for your reply; still experiencing the issue; check as follows:

  1. My next-gen project is named "TEST";
  2. The Classic project is named "Global Project";
  3. The filter is right as it searches only issue from the TEST project (I did this to clear the board and check it easily as in previous setups It showed issues from classic project just fine):
  4. Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 11.30.58.png
  5. The Global Project Board filter is well configured as the columns issue count show all the TEST Project issues:
  6. Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 11.31.53.png 
  7. No swimlanes on the Global Project Board:
  8. Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 11.31.35.png
  9. No filters on the Global Project Board but still no issues on it:
  10. Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 11.31.24.png
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Same exact issue for me as well.

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Same issue here. Next Gen items don't appear in the Kanban board. Tried the suggestion, in various different orders. They show up in the "Columns" section of the board setup, but not when you switch back to view the board.

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@[deleted] I see you have an unmapped "Backlog" issue status in your screenshot (item #6 of your checklist). Not 100% sure of what I'm saying here, since it also says there are 0 issues. But did you try mapping it to a column, so I think you want to drag that status to the "Backlog" column along with the other "Backlog" issues status.

Deleted user Jan 19, 2020

Hi @Ian Bussières ,

just tried as you suggested but still no issues on the Kanban board; at the moment it looks like a bug to me but let's see if @Petter Gonçalves has some other tip to share.

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Same issue here. Very frustrating, and a waste of time trying to figure out.

Atlassian's handling of next-gen Jira projects are a masterclass in how not to roll out a product upgrade.

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I have a client that was experiencing the same issue as the previous posters (the one not resolved by other workarounds).This is what just helped her resolve the issue:

in Board settings, at the very bottom, the Kanban board sub-filter needs to be removed if you have not enabled versions.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 7.06.29 AM.png

So, if you haven't already, try removing the kanban board sub-filter and see if that works for you!

(nothing to see here, updated answer)

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This works like a charm! thanks for that :D

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Awesome. This works. But how we do now release issues to clear the done column?

Well, I think the problem was that they didn’t have versions enabled in that project. You have to explicitly enable them in NextGen projects. 

so, try enabling them for the projects in the board and then try putting back the sub filter. 

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Hi all, 

Found a better solution. They have released Versions in next-gen projects you have to go to the project settings -> Features and then tick Releases & Versions 

Now you're filter should work to include the NextGen project.

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Yep. That's what I mean by enabling the Versions. Glad that worked! 

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Thank you Julia, that did it!

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Deleted user Feb 20, 2020

Same as @ewooley , now it works! thanks @Julia _ 55 Degrees !

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Okay so a new issue i see is that we can't rank stories in this board because the epics are parent issues and do not behave like normal stories with epic links.... Any workarounds out there?

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It worked for me. Thank you Julia, for sharing it!

@Gui and @Julia _ 55 Degrees and @[deleted] 

Have you guys managed to rank these on a board at all? 
I can't get it to work and have read other forums and threads about why it doesn't work:

I'm curious as to whether there is a workaround

Wondering if someone has/had the same problem as I have now.

After enabling the version in the Next Gen, I am able to see the issues. I have this scrum board where I added all the status in the respective columns from the different projects. When I do the main filter in the board, I can see all issues, so thats good. 

But when I go to the Backlog of the scrum board, if the Next Gen issues do not have an Epic assign, I can work normally with those tasks, but when the Next Gen issue has an epic assign... well I can just see all the Epics in the Backlog, not the tasks under them.

I am able to rank, but not see the tasks under the epics. I tried removing the ranking, but same thing. I see the tasks for all projects, but in the case of Next Gen with Epics, I can see just the Epics.


Appreciate the help if someone has input.

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thank's, I was going crazy... Solved!!

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Hello Everybody,

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.

After some time testing and trying to reproduce your scenarios, I noticed that you might be facing the following bug in Next-gen:

Issues from a Next-Gen project which are part of an Epic do not appear in a classic backlog when included in the filter for a classic board 

Basically, next-gen issues that are linked to an epic in next-gen projects do not appear in Classic boards, even if the board filter is clearly configured to return it. Could you guys please confirm if that's the case?

If it is, we recommend you to vote and watch the bug to increase its priority and also receive notifications about its fix implementation.

About @Peter Gleeson comment:

Same issue here. Very frustrating, and a waste of time trying to figure out.

Atlassian's handling of next-gen Jira projects are a masterclass in how not to roll out a product upgrade.

We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the new Next-gen template, Peter. In fact, Next-gen is not a product upgrade, but a new/different option for those users who felt overwhelmed by the complexity of JIRA Classic template and requested a simpler option, straight to the point with fewer options of customization.

We hope our next upgrades in Next-gen can provide you with the features you need.

Let us know if you have any questions.

That looks like the one. All my issues are linked to Epic, they all appear in the Board setup page for a Classic board, but never appear on the actual board.

Hope we can see this fixed soon. It's pretty much a shower stopper for us to start using these Next Gen projects.

@Petter Gonçalves, I was that bug report and thought that was the cause but when I checked my Next-Gen project, it had no epics configured so I do think it's a larger issue than just tickets associated with Epics. Be interested to see if others also have the issue with issues not linked to an Epic or if it's just me!

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@Petter Gonçalves Thanks for the swift reply.

next-gen issues that are linked to an epic in next-gen projects do not appear in Classic boards, even if the board filter is clearly configured to return it. Could you guys please confirm if that's the case?

This is not the problem. I've also created issues not linked to Epics that still do not show in the Classic board.

The bizarre thing is, the JQL query for the Classic board returns each of the Next-gen boards under "Projects in board".

It also counts the number of issues when mapping columns:

Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 11.08.05.png

So, it appears the Classic board can "see" the issues from the Next-gen boards. Yet, it will not display them.

It's concerning a bug like this could make it to production. Did no one properly test compatibility between Next-gen and Classic?

Can you confirm when this issue might be resolved?

For now, I've advised my team to move back to Classic projects - even though these are over-complex and notoriously bad from a UX point of view.

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Deleted user Jan 22, 2020

Same as @Peter Gleeson ; in my config It doesn't matter if an issue has or has not a parent epic; the filter gets issues right as the column board count displays them the right way.

@Petter Gonçalves If that's just some Kanban display issue shouldn't it be easy to fix?

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Facing the same over here. Issues in next-gen are not linked to an epic and still not showing on classic board.

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Hello folks,

Thank you very much for all the feedback provided about this thread. 

After some time investigating it further with our developers, we noticed another bug that can eventually happen when configuring next-gen Kanban issues in Classic Scrum boards:

Next-gen issues are not shown in the Sprint section in Classic board 

The bug above does not happen for every single Cloud instance, so that was the difficulty we had to replicate and properly diagnose it as a bug (Although the bug was created in October 2019, it took more time to confirm the proper steps to reproduce it).

Please, try the workaround below and check if the problem happens again:

  • Go to Kanban next-gen project configuration
    • https://<URL><project key>/settings/features
  • Enable both Backlog and Sprint
  • Disable them again
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Thanks @Petter Gonçalves 

I've just tried the workaround (multiple times) in the Next Gen project and all combinations of enabling/disabling and refreshing don't appear to work for me.

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@Petter Gonçalves thanks for looking into this.

I already had Backlog and Sprint enabled, but I disabled and enabled them both multiple times and still the problem remains.

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We are having this issue as well. The workaround does not work for us either. 

Problem: Classic board not able to display issues from a next gen project. In the classic board column setting, I see the statuses with the number of issues listed, so the filter appears to be working, but when we view the board, no issues from the next gen board are displayed.

Please help!

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I spent hours configuring a next-gen project and then almost another hour to  figure out why it doesn't interoperate with the classic projects. Sorry to be so frank, but why isn't this issue being addressed with High priority?

According to it is of Medium priority without an owner. However, if old and new projects cannot live side-by-side we'd either have to migrate all to Next Gen in one go or not use Next Gen at all.

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This worked for me, I enabled all the features in my next gen project then refreshed my board and the issues were visible. I then disabled the features one by one and the issues stayed visible. 

I'm having the same issue and this didn't seem to help at all.

Maybe if they had called it something like "Simplified Projects" instead of "NextGen", people would be less confused. Oh well.

I for one like the NextGen as it does meet some needs for Jira users outside of Software Development, but I hope that some of the field mapping between it and classic projects get a bit tighter so the boards and filters treat them the same.

This could be a deal breaker for us, not being able to rank between classic and  nextgen or even nextgen and nextgen tasks on a board that pulls them all together is a big issue.

@Petter Gonçalves 

In fact, Next-gen is not a product upgrade, but a new/different option for those users who felt overwhelmed by the complexity of JIRA Classic template and requested a simpler option, straight to the point with fewer options of customization.

But then how do you explain releasing features that are only supported with Next-Gen projects, such as the Roadmap? Jira Classic certainly seems to be a product heading towards end-of-life, as evidenced by the long backlog of bugs and feature requests that go unfulfilled, while you focus on the new Next-Gen product.

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Looks like Atlassian has made an announcement about Roadmaps in Classic boards, targeting Q3... that's a little while away but at least they are moving towards it.

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Same. Please fix this ASAP!

none of the suggested workaround worked for me- simply cant see next gen issues on sprints

So the issue with epic from next-gen project dont show up in classic board backlog even though status are mapped correctly. But if you add the next gen issue with epic to classic project sprint, it is visible on Active sprint screen

The above works but we cannot control the rank due to the way epics are not epic links here. 
Anyone have any smart solutions?

Here we got issues from classic and next-gen on a classic board, but we got an issue on the Story Point ans Estimate Story Point. The classic board can't display the value in active sprint and backlog.

So Po's work is pretty hard to adapt sprint to the velocity of the team. Is there any solutions for solve this issue ? We can't migrate classic to next-gen or reverse at the moment.

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