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Updates to Jira Cloud's new issue view in the past year

Hi Atlassian Community,

In the past year, your feedback on the new issue view has been central in helping us improve the experience for everyone. Now that almost everyone uses the new issue view, we wanted to showcase what we’ve released and give a sneak peek into what’s coming ahead. We love hearing from you, so please continue to send us your feedback by commenting below or through the feedback collectors in Jira.


Recent updates

bento_newcommunitypost (1).png


  1. Flexible layout: We heard that being limited to multiline text fields on the left and other fields on the right prevented your ideal field configuration, so we made some changes. Now almost every field can be on the left or right side of the issue view. Not to mention the fact that on the right, you can pin your most important and frequently used fields to the top, including the ones under the “Show more” link. Learn more about configuring field layouts.

  2. Field tabs: Working with tabs in the right where they were amongst a long list of fields was difficult. So we brought tabs back to the left, where you can easily see and tab through them. Learn more about field tabs.

  3. Edit resolution: We learned it was important to give your team more context as to why an issue was resolved, and now you can. If your issue has more than one resolution, a dropdown with more resolutions will appear here. Learn more about configuring resolutions.

  4. Issue actions or “looped” transitions: Transitions that allow you to perform an action but keep the issue in its current status are important, so we added them. If your issue’s workflow has these “looped” transitions, you’ll either see the name of the action (if you have one action) or an Actions dropdown (if you have more than one action). Learn more about transitioning issues.

  5. Voting: Some of you wanted to tell your team that certain issues were important, so voting is here. The more votes an issue has, the more relative importance it has to your team — the same way it worked in the old issue view. Learn more about voting on issues.

  6. Subtasks in time estimates: We heard that sometimes the Time tracking field made more sense when you could include the time from the issue’s subtasks. You can now check or uncheck the Include subtasks checkbox, it’s up to you. Learn more about logging time on issues.

  7. Activity sorting: Chronological order worked for some and reverse chronological worked for others, so now we have both. You can switch the sorting order of activity in just one click. And since we found out that it’s more important to see your newest comments first, we’ll always display the 5 newest comments (with older comments collapsed) no matter which sorting order you choose. Learn more about sorting comments by oldest or newest first.

Jira admins can now copy issue layouts

config page.png

  1. Copy issue layout: We heard how hard it was for admins to configure the same field layout across multiple projects, so we cut your work down to one layout per screen. Jira admins can now copy an issue layout in one project to other projects that use the same screen. Learn more about copying issue layouts.

The journey doesn’t stop here!

Here are some improvements currently in progress:

  • Dot menu actions: Press . to quickly perform issue actions, move an issue through its workflow, access admin settings, and more.

  • All activity tab: Your comments, history, and work log all in one list.

  • Reference existing attachments: Give more context straight from the editor by adding existing attachments to comments and fields without re-uploading them.

  • Custom field descriptions: Quickly view descriptions added by admins when working with custom fields.

  • Performance: Ongoing investments to continually improve the new issue view’s performance.

  • Field grouping: Admins will be able to group fields on the right side of the issue view and make it easier to find fields (because fields can be in groups with other related fields). Each user will be able to choose which groups are visible or hidden by expanding or collapsing them.

  • Layout improvements: Current investigations into miscellaneous layout improvements like reducing white space and making important fields more visible.

For a full list of what we’re currently working on, check out this filter of works in progress.

Thank you 💙

Thank you for giving us feedback that guided us in the right direction and for bearing with us through this transition to one issue view that every team can configure to work for them. We look forward to hearing your feedback and impressions of these changes!



Hello, can you give an update on when the three most pressing issues for us are fixed:

  1. The ability to have the Tempo fields shown all the time (without actively clicking them)
  2. Get hours to display in hours when set to display in hours (and not "smart" as you call it as is)
  3. Issue schemes for handling issue layout. We want this fixed across our org with ~800 projects
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Hi @Peter Fjelsten   

1. As part of the field grouping work I have mentioned above, we are currently looking into enabling third party apps/add-ons, to be included in groups (which will appear as boxes in the right column). A user will then be able to expand or collapse the group and this will be persisted across sessions. So if the Tempo field was added to a group and that group was expanded by the user, that would solve this use case - you wouldn't need to click on the glance to see the tempo field. Grouping is a relatively large piece of work and will be available later in FY22. 

2. Can you confirm that this is referring to the time tracking setting (in advanced settings)? More specifically, this ticket? 

3. For this point, I'm a bit unclear on the feedback. Is is the ability to combine issue schemes and layout onto a central page, so fields can be added/deleted and positioned in the layout all in one spot?

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@Loretta Brunette 

Re 1: Matthew informed me before that we would no be forced onto the new view until the feature with always visible Tempo fields would be done (he did not promise *where* they would be always visible, nor talk about any grouping). We're a consultancy, so the time spent/remaining (including subtasks) is extremely important to us.

Re 2: This ticket is sort of descriptive - but not fully. Everywhere in panels (right side on scrum/kanban boards), issue detail view in scrum/kanban, I get so-called "smart" formatting. The only places I have noticed I do not get this is in additional fields in the backlog views and tempo.

Re 3: No. The ability to centrally set up a screen scheme as for old view when you can control - and fix - field layout for all projects, disallowing users to mess with the standard. The current copy solution does not work when we have 800 projects and users working across projects. Although we can copy, anyone can mess with layout after the copy has been made. We want 1 layout controlled centrally/by admins

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Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader May 19, 2021

Hey @Loretta Brunettethanks for the update!

i'm happy we're getting more control about where we can place a field now and not limited to either the description or the context section.

One thing I woud like to highlight is the tabs. I'm probably one of the few people that like the tabs on the right side where you could  click through and it would slide to the fields.  The main reason was because it allowed you to "pin" tabs and hide tabs (when empty).

By moving them back to the left side, if you have a lot of tabs, you have no way of hiding/showing/ordering the tabs available. Hence if you have multiple teams working on an issue or if a specific issue/request type calls for fields that are on another tab you gotta hunt thru them.

With the possibility of moving field to either the description or context section maybe consider also letting people decide where they move a specific tab too :)


Other than that, looking forward to the next iterations!

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Hi @Peter Fjelsten 

I will follow-up with the status of your instances migration to the new issue view in an email so we can chat about the specifics. 

In regards to #2 - we will be releasing the fix for the time display format to respect the setting when configured to hours (the ticket i linked above) very shortly. As far as i am aware, this fix should expand to all of the issue views including full view as well as the sidebar or dialog from boards and backlog. 

#3 - there is another team at the moment who is currently doing some explorations into screen scheme's, issue layout/configuration page and permissions. Can I pass your details on to them and perhaps you can jump on a call to discuss your requirements?

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Thanks for the feedback @Dirk Ronsmans - I've captured this in our backlog so our team can do some exploration around this in the future

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1) When can we expect all keyboard shortcuts to work. In the other post, I explained most keyboard shortcuts do not work within an issue view nor does 'e' work to open the actively highlighted issue from the table view. 

Shortcuts make everyone's job more efficient, not sure why this was messed up with the new view. 

2) Date and Time formatting for entering or selecting dates and times are inconsistent. 

Thank you in advance. 

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Hey Loretta, it looks like you link at the bottom that you added grabbed the issue that you were viewing (I think you were probably in Detail View instead of List View).  Here is the updated link to that filter:  check out this filter of works in progress 


Hoping that helps with some of these questions you are getting.  I'm looking forward to all of the things that you called out... performance improvements, date formatting being fixed based on the advanced settings, being able to use existing attachments, issue layout improvements, and custom field descriptions (hoping we'll get to see the issue type name at least on hover when it is not on the screen with that release too).

As others have called out, it would be great to be able to choose if tabs are hidden until they have a value in them and/or if we want them to be a glance.  Maybe we can put our whole tab in the current hide when empty section and then when it has its first value, it moves from the current "Show more" section into the left side (or there is a new collapsed "Show more tabs" after your last tab that behaves that way). Thanks!


Also, for some reason when you navigate from a filter into an issue detail view, there is a lot of buggy behavior of statuses reverting, field values not saving, scrolling not working, etc.  For some reason having a ?filter query in the URL has been causing weird behavior in Cloud for a while (not sure if you are aware of that... I can get you some more details if needed).

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Hi @Amanda Ward 

1) We will be bringing the issue actions back to the dot menu in the next couple of weeks. In regards to pressing from the board or backlog, I will need to look into this to see if there is any work in progress with the team that manages this. 

In addition to this, is it just the s shortcut to share an issue that is missing for you for the new issue view?

2) We are also in the process of rolling out a fix to date and time - you can view the specifics on JRACLOUD-71304, hopefully this helps

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Hi @G ,

Thanks for that. 

We will be fixing the bug where the issue type name does not appear on hover when it is not configured to the screen, within the next month. 

i'm not aware of the bug when there is a ?filter query in the URL, i'll look into this and update you in our call next week. 

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Hi @Mark Thompson ,

Thanks for the feedback. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any current plans to enable admins to configure the quick add buttons. It's not something we get alot of feedback on relative to other requests, but we will continue to monitor. You may have seen this, but here is the feature request to track.

We spoke to a number of customers about the Admin button which was available in the old issue view. We found that the Where is my field option was the most important and so we plan to bring this back to the three dot menu shortly. However, the Permission Helper will still be only accessible through System > Settings for the time being. Here is the ticket to keep up to date on the release. 

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> 7. Activity sorting:
> ...we’ll always display the 5 newest comments (with older comments collapsed) no matter which sorting order you choose
In old-to-new sorting new comments are collapsed.
I reported a bug on that via

> Here are some improvements currently in progress:
> Dot menu actions: Press . to quickly perform issue actions, move an issue through its workflow, access admin settings, and more.

Kill shortcuts, leave customer without them for a month or more, then fix it.
Is it an improvement? Seriously?

Hi @Andrey Legayev - hopefully the bug you reported with activity sorting is being resolved with the latest rollout that is in progress. I do understand your frustration with the dot menu - unfortunately although it was a top priority for the team, there was an unforeseen delay. But we appreciate your patience with this as we work to release it ASAP. 

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@Loretta Brunette today I've found that our JIRA instance has been finally rolled back to old issue view. It happened after opening ~10 support tickets and after a zoom-call with Atlassian. I hope we will stay on old view as long as possible.

@Loretta Brunette , thanks for being so responsive!  I should supplement my last comment by saying that the performance has been getting better and better (I was just meaning that all performance improvements are very much welcomed at all times and I'm glad you continue to work on that).  It has been a long road, but compared to 2 years ago, New Issue View is phenomenal.

Peter was mentioning a very specific use-case with Tempo, but it would be interesting to know if along with being able to add 3rd party apps into groups, if they remain outside of a group if we could choose whether their glance starts expanded or collapsed wherever they live (probably makes sense to work the same way that the groups will work where it is persisted across sessions on a user-by-user basis).

I'm hoping that in the future when there are groups that we can choose that any type of field or app lives in any group, section, or tab on the screen and has the ability to be hidden when empty if we want (could even leverage the same section in the issue layout and let us put any field/app in there and it will live in today's "Show more" home, but then once a value is added and screen is refreshed, it appears in its forever home).  Or maybe it resonates better to have additional "show more" type sections in each group/tab.  Or allow service desk request info and tabs to be collapsed and persist like groups.  It will be fun to chat through some design options on that and some other ideas.  Thanks!

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Hi @Loretta Brunette ,

Have an issue and cannot delete attachments in the new view, this basically is when you add files as part of comments.

In order to achieve this. we have to go and delete attachments from comments. This would mean editing customer comments. In the earlier view, we could add a comment mentioning to the customer the reasons for me deleting the file and the comment where they would have attached the doc, would just display as file not found, or something on those lines.

With the new view, we now have to delete the full comment or edit the comment and manually delete and is not clearly visible that only the file was deleted, there is no mention of it.

Can we please  

1. have a choice of going back to the old view if we need

2. Delete attachments as it worked in the old view.


Hi @Peenky Kumar 

We have been exploring how attachments work in Jira Service Management and the possibility to add/delete files from the attachments panel in the new issue view. I would love to understand your use case a bit more - particularly why you need to delete customers attachments. If you have the time, please book in with me here


Jack Brickey Community Leader Jun 13, 2021

Thanks for sharing. Indeed the UI changes frequently but I will say for the most part I like the changes however many times I do not like and mess in the old view. I know that many of my users are not fans at all so it does create problems for us as admin’s and those who recommend the software. All I can say is keep up the good work and keep evolving The UI until it overcomes the current growth issues.

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It would be nice to either be able to keep the old view as a toggle, or to have some finer-grained control over which features and changes to use. I know that would lead to more dev time (at least for the fine-grained stuff, a toggle between views should not be very difficult as the code is already there and has been working well), but it costs many man-hours for a team to learn a new UI, sometimes to the longterm detriment of working efficiency. There are so many changes in the new Jira cloud UI that it is very unintuitive, and when I run a search query and open a ticket, there are a good 4 or 5 scroll bars on the screen which makes no sense from a UI design standpoint.

@Loretta Brunette Hello Loretta, thanks for giving us some insight into the development process of the new issue view.

I am about to migrate from Server to Cloud (Service Management) but am kept back by the problems with agent issue view. We do use quite a lot of fields as our Jira instance is mainly used for operational purposes, not support.

I would love to have tabs for all kinds of fields (not just large text fields) back in the issue field.
In the commnetsection of suggestion JSDCLOUD-10354 I have explained my use case and elaborated with some pictures.

Would love to see some customizability to make Jira Cloud more suited for all kinds of use cases! :)

Thanks for your feedback @Ward D and sorry to hear your are having difficulties with the agent view in Jira Service Management. In the issue view, we have enabled fields to be dragged from right to left from the layout configuration screen, meaning that context fields can be put into a tab, not just description fields - more details here. But this can only be done for the first tab unfortunately (other tabs need to be configured at the screen level), so it doesn't solve your use case completely. But I have captured this feedback for future consideration. 

This also does not solve JSDCLOUD-10354, but the JSM team are considering this as part of their long term roadmap discussions. I have passed your feedback on to the team as well (just to make sure they saw your comment on the ticket). 


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