Performance testing of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket with dc_app_performance_toolkit Part 2


You can find Part 1 here.

I briefly explained the jira.xml file. Let's sum it up.

We have 6 sections in our jira.xml file:

settings - we define our settings here.

You need to change the following parameters in this section:

application_hostname: localhost   # Jira DC hostname without protocol and port e.g. or localhost
    application_protocol: http      # http or https
    application_port: 2990            # 80, 443, 8080, 2990, etc
    application_postfix: /jira           # e.g. /jira in case of url like http://localhost:2990/jira
    admin_login: admin
    admin_password: admin

Also you may want to change the following parameters:

concurrency: 5
test_duration: 5m

I changed these parameters to lower numbers just to make example tests run faster. But in real life if you change test_duration and concurrency do not forget to modify the ramp-up parameter in the execution section if needed.

services - we define here our scripts to run during Taurus lifecycle.

execution - we provide our test scenarios here. First we run jmeter, then we run Selenium.

scenarios - we describe in detail our two scenarios from the execution section (jmeter scenario and Selenium scenario). You may need to change the number of operations per hour and the percentage of execution of each operation in the jmeter scenario. It depends on how you use your Jira.

modules - we tell Taurus that we will use consolidator, jmeter and Selenium, and Taurus should make sure that these modules are available during our test runs.

reporting - we set parameters for reporting

Ok. We changed all parameters and we are ready to execute tests.

Run test

We should activate Python virtual environment (you can read how to do it in the file in the root folder of dc-app-performance-toolkit), move to the path_to_dc_app_performance_toolkit/app folder and run the following command:

bzt jira.yml

In my case I received the following error:

17:03:26 WARNING: Errors for python util/data_preparation/jira/
There are no software projects in Jira

And that is correct. My Jira is empty which means that there is no test data for performance testing. I will tell you how to prepare test data in Part 3.


M Amine
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October 1, 2020

Thank you for this article.

Amine Boussaidi December 17, 2020

Very helpful, thank you for this article


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