Import your Jira Software components into Compass via Python script

Hi everyone, 

I'm back with another update on how to get started with Compass components in Jira Software. 

For more information about the feature, please read Compass Components in Jira Software are coming! and Addressing feedback about Compass components in JSW + a new admin control. 

A common request we've received is for the ability to import your existing Jira components into Compass. In the interest of getting the feature out quickly, we've written a Python script that allows you to export your Jira components to CSV. Compass then accepts CSV imports, so it's a two step process. 

Instructions below.

1. Export Jira components to CSV 

Follow the instructions on the ReadMe file for this script:Export Jira Components to CSV script.

You will end up with a .csv file with results that look like this, for projects "Hello" and "Test Project" in our example: 

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 12.55.13 PM.png

While you're there, be sure to check out the other scripts we have available if you need them (here's the link again.

2. Import your Jira components CSV into Compass

Compass has an existing CSV importer that you can use to not only get a list of Components in Compass, but also add information about them. You can get to the CSV importer by clicking "Create" in the top nav bar and selecting "Import" and scrolling until you see the CSV importer option. 

There is one important step you need to take in order to ensure the information is accurately added: make sure you follow the formatting instructions in our documentation.

Voila - you now have your full list of existing Jira components in Compass. You can now start using Compass components free of charge and get all the additional benefits that Compass has to offer. 


Let me know what you think about this in the comments. Are you comfortable running scripts, or do you have a preference for an in-app importer? What other features or scripts might help you adopt Compass components in Jira Software? 



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