Changes to Atlassian account profiles


As part of our commitment to protect your privacy, we now have visibility settings for Atlassian account profiles. Included with this release, are the following changes that affect users of Jira Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, and Confluence Cloud:

  • We’ve provided improved settings to manage profile visibility across Atlassian cloud products.

  • As part of an effort to consolidate user profiles, we’ve phased out usernames in favor of using full names and public names when users are searched for and referenced in Jira Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud.

  • Apps that you, admins, or other users may have installed in Atlassian cloud products are being updated to protect your users' privacy.

What this means for you:

  • You can control who can see the information on your profile.

  • Your profile information may look different depending on who’s viewing it.

  • You won’t be able to do things like search for other people by their usernames anymore.

  • Your public name, instead of your full name, will display on community-oriented Atlassian sites, such as Atlassian Community.

  • You may notice changes related to how profile information is used and displayed in apps installed in Atlassian cloud products.

To learn more about our new profile visibility settings, read our blog and documentation.

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G July 16, 2019

Jira Service Desk is completely broken due to this launch.  There is no way to control the visibility settings for portal-only customers and so none of your agents can see who it was that emails in or makes a request from the portal.  There could be duplicate display names and you have no idea which email address you are communicating with.  We encouraged this Bug to be created and we are stuck right now:


This should have been a blocker to the launch.


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