Administrator Responsibilities: Part 6

Who does what? (continued)

Application Administrators

Application admins need to consider the health of the application, impact, and maintenance implications for each decision and change they make. 



Settings and general configuration admin page in Jira Cloud

Example responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain standards

  • Communicate standards, procedures, changes, and maintenance outages

  • Assist end users with user-specific settings

  • Assist project and space administrators with settings and maintenance

  • Complete customization requests or suggest alternatives

  • Manage users, groups, roles, and access

  • Create and configure new projects, schemes, and spaces

  • Remove projects, schemes, spaces, and settings when they are no longer needed

  • Perform application upgrades for Server and Data Center

  • Vet, install, and upgrade apps, connections, and integrations

  • Check logs and address errors

  • Develop and maintain documentation and user training materials

  • Monitor and ensure the overall health of the application

  • And more

There’s no shortage of work for a proactive application administrator!



Global permissions admin page in Confluence Server and Data Center

Part 7: Who does what? (continued again)




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