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AFA (Ask For Anything) – Jira Work Management

Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 08, 2021

Frame 694.png

Calling all Community members!

You want it, we want to hear it – Jira Work Management edition.

Whether you're a Jira Work Management pro or a complete newbie, check out our product and let us know your laundry list of wishes, feedback, and recommendations. No request is off-limits so long as it's polite, constructive, and appropriate. Bonus points for those who represent the things that your non-technical teams want or need. 

We will do our very best not to mention the word "Backlog" ;)

The founding team of Jira Work Management will be here to ask for any clarifying questions or to let y'all know if we're already building it! You may see some guest stars from the rest of our team as well.

We'll choose one commenter randomly and send them a very special JWM package. Vague on the benefit here but mostly this is a chance to give thoughts about JWM. As many of our Community Leaders here can attest, we really do try to implement your thoughts and feedback if our team is able to.

Oh, best of all.... JWM is free for any instance with any Jira Cloud product. Simply make a business project and you'll be off to the races. Enjoy!

How-to guide

  1. Write down all your wishes and feedback in a comment
  2. Give your feedback bullets a 1-5 rating (1 = Could be nice, 5 = Won't use JWM without it)
  3. Let us know in your comment if you're open to us contacting you directly about your feedback
  4. *Bonus* Help us prioritize better by explaining why your organization wants or needs what you're asking for



How to make a business project

Product homepage


The Founders

Marketing - @Chase Wilson 
Product - @Ron Levy 
Design - @roto 
Engineering - @jtblin __ 



This is a test run for a new way to get feedback. Candid feedback is thumbs-up , unnecessarily mean / rude feedback is thumbs-down . We're real humans!


Cheers :) 

- The JWM team


16 answers

7 votes

Multiple Forms for a single project, please!

Score = 2

And maybe a way to copy/clone a Form to make it easier to make variants of a base Form?


Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 09, 2021

You and @John Funk both! We're definitely looking into this already. Current solution idea is to have one form per issue type, per project. Would that be a good enough solution or were you looking to have multiple forms per issue type?

Copying a form is interesting – is this across projects or in the same project?

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Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 09, 2021

Within the same project ☺️

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@Chase WilsonI dont want to get too ahead, but i know you guys purchased the company behind Proforma. Pretty much everything in that app in terms of forms is fantastic. As close as you can get to integrating those features i think would be pretty cool! Proforma comes with a copying feature.

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Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 09, 2021

Shucks, meant to compliment you on the GIF in my last message but forgot broken-heart

So, to both of you for Proforma, how do you feel about the fact that Proforma more-or-less attaches records of the form submission to an issue? We've been going back and forth about Proforma since the mental model works quite differently. We can add a lot of Proforma functionality to our existing forms, or adapt Proforma and lose a few current features that we like.

It's something we're looking into a lot right now (there's an active decision being made) so would you two be open to us reaching out to ask clarifying questions about your use cases? Cheers!

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Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 10, 2021

@Chase Wilson - I'm always up for a quick chat, especially in reference to Proforma's model of attaching records to issues. I'd ping Markus first, as I haven't used Proforma in a bit. 😁

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Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 12, 2021

@roto let's set up some time to chat with Markus (and Dave as well just to catch back up with him). As an FYI, we should have some decisions made on this front very shortly that we can communicate with you offline. Cheers!

Allow users to add columns to the List view. For example, Start Date and Remaining Estimate are not options. Ideally it would be very similar to adding columns in filter results. Score = 4. Feel free to contact me. Thanks!

Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 09, 2021

Hey @Marie Kent , thanks for chiming in! I believe users should be able to do this already (and start date is rolling out to all projects by default soon). They can use the Plus Sign off to the right of the list to add said columns. However, users can only add columns (aka Fields) that already exist in the project.

One other caveat is that the field type must be supported for the project. We now support most of the popular field types, but not all of them quite yet. With that said, Start Data and Remaining Estimate are both fields using field types that we support.

If you don't see this working in your project right now, feel free to email me at and we'll get it sorted for you smile

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Thanks @Chase Wilson  My follow-on  request is the ability to rearrange the columns :)

Supporting on that. Components column would be great additions. We have hundreds of labels, they tend to mess-up, but Components are configured per project which can limit the options. Also Components are being reported at Summary\Statistics page, yet they are not added anywhere else by default (default field for a ticket, hidden if not used)

Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 14, 2021

@Marie Kent ask and you shall receive – we just prioritized column re-ordering (via drag-and-drop) for our current sprint. You should see it live in your instance in the next 2-4 weeks!

@Aleksandrs Lozovs you'll see Components even sooner than the above feature if all goes well. We're already testing that functionality in our team's instance. 


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  1. Multiple forms and linking to other projects - 2
    • I assume this will come in the future with the proforma purchase
    • The ability to link a form request to another project through a search bar would help my team stay more connected and less siloed
  2. JQL / Filters are highly needed for the board view to help my team look at and sort the data - 4
  3. Different views on the Timeline - 3
    • Displaying assignees on the left and tasks on the right for a resource view would be AMAZING. Would help my team plan our projects and see where our resources are allocated


I'd also like the option to see subtasks on the calendar and timeline view.

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Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 09, 2021

Thanks for the feedback @Markus !

1. Noted, sounds like a common request on this thread. Definitely something we're already evaluating the effort of. We have a few potential solutions for this, but the most plausible is we would allow for one form per issue type in the given project. Would this be a good solution?

2. Great to hear, we're currently working on improving the backend of the board which will allow us to bring over the new filters added to the other views. I believe this new board will be ready by the end of July and then filters could be a fast follow.

3. Awesome, sounds like you'd appreciate a timeline grouped by Assignee. @roto has explored this multiple times actually. 

@michael_helms you'll see this in the next week or so :) 

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3 votes
  • What @Dave Liao said ☝ and the ability to designate issue type for a form. 2.5
  • Ability to nest across Jira hierarchy (from Epic to sub-task would do) in Timeline and Board view. 3.5
  • Ability colour code by various options (not just status) on the calendar view particularly, but could be cool on other views as well. 3
  • Ability to save views on Board, timeline and calendar (similar to how a view can be saved in Advanced Roadmaps) 2
Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 08, 2021

Ooh, I like the subtlety of the point-points! 

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Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 09, 2021

Hey @Curt Holley ! 

  • Perfect, this is our current preferred solution – one form per issue type per project
  • Coming this week for Timeline (Issue --> Subtask) and shortly after for List (Issue --> Subtask). We'll also start showing Subtasks on the Calendar (without hierarchy), and then start looking into Epic --> Issue --> Subtask on the List. Adding three levels of hierarchy on the Timeline is actually going to be quite difficult for us to pull off, so would a rotating hierarchy level work instead? It would effectively recognize the highest level of hierarchy in your project and nest things accordingly. E.g. a project with Epics would go Epic --> Issue and one with only standard Issues and Subtasks would go Issue --> Subtask. Thoughts?
  • Interesting, any thoughts on what else you'd like the colors to correspond to? Teams or Issue types, for example?
  • Awesome, we're actually exploring this right now. @roto let's reach out to Curt for prototype testing.
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Curt Holley Community Leader Jul 11, 2021

HI @Chase Wilson 

All great news. 

Regarding Calendar colour options....custom field springs to mind as well as Labels and maybe even issue type.

Whilst on issue type on the calendar view....what would really help me today would be the ability to filter on the Calendar by issue type. I'd give that a 3.5

Regarding nesting, personally I would rating Timeline and Board of higher important than List view....But let's have it (or have it as an option) on all 😀👍

Absolutely feel free to reach out...happy to help forge the future. 

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Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 12, 2021

@Curt Holley great news is that we are absolutely adding the ability to filter on the Calendar by issue type. Ideally you'll see that in the next couple of weeks as it's something we want for our own teams as well!

Re: nesting, adding it to the board should be doable but AFAIK it's not prioritized yet. I just sent an email your way so let's chat about this on the call (as well as calendar coloring options as we haven't explored that much yet either).

Can't wait to chat thumbs-up

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This might be an annoying answer because it's not feature related, but I have various teams in my organization (1300 employees total) who want to use Jira Work Management because they've heard about it, but don't know where to start. It's easy to find hypothetical use cases
(, but I want to see how real organizations use the tool, exactly how they implemented their solution, and why their new set-ups beat their traditional ways of doing things.

This tool is so new that I'm not easilly finding these resources. I don't just want to hear that Company X used Jira to improve their Onboarding Process; I want to see how they did it. 

I feel like if people can actually see this in action, they can make the first step to using the tools. Is there a page you can link us to? Many thanks :)

Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 13, 2021

We did say Ask For Anything, so this is fair game laugh We're planning on investing a good amount of resources in the next couple of months to build out content like this. What's interesting to me is that you mentioned it's your users looking for this content – with that in mind, would content that goes into the granularity of setup be less useful than how it's used and the benefits?

Like Dave Liao likes this

Good question - the teams want it, but it's for me to onboard them and recommend what works best for their requirements ;)  I'd love to see all the creative use cases so that I can recommend the best templates and easily onboard each unique team with their unique set-ups.

I'm sure the various teams have use cases that could be solved using the exitsing templates, even if the templates aren't named that way (ex. Onboarding template could be used for other purposes)...

Thanks for your response, and looking forward to the resources over the next few months!

@Chase Wilson ,

Not really a requirement, but a question. During JWM project creation, the user is prompted to select a team. Drop down is called 'What team is this for?'

What is the purpose of this field? I cannot locate any documentation on it and it does not appear in the project settings. 


Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 14, 2021

@Marie Kent this field is actually just for internal data collection and has no impact on your instance – here's a Community post giving a little more information on the topic. 

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1 vote

My wish list is all around list organization:

  • Ability to configure Quick Filters on either the board view or list view (similar to Jira Software)
    • Quick filters on custom drop-down lists (single-select) (4 pts)
    • Quick filters on the Labels field (3 pts)
  • Ability to configure swim lanes based on custom fields in the board view (4pts)

Context:  We're planning a move from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.  Jira Work Management seems like a great fit for many of our teams, and it's maybe even a selling point to expedite the migration.  However, we often end up with 100+ open items per project.  (good or bad, it's the reality.)  There's no way a JWM project with this magnitude of tasks would be usable without improved organization.  (Note:  My feedback is biased by my experience with Jira Software.  So if you're working on new ways to work with large quantities of tasks, we're open to new ideas.)  Thanks!

A little more context:

We currently use more traditional Jira Software Kanban boards for our task management projects.  We use custom drop-down lists and/or Jira labels to track customer accounts, requesting organizations, etc.  For example, there might be a task to produce a configuration specification report, requested by the Delivery Team, for Customer XYZ.  If we have an active engagement with Customer XYZ, then the team may have a swim lane or quick filter setup to show all open tasks associated with that customer.  They won't have a separate project for Customer XYZ, because a single team may support 10+ customers at a time, and they need to manage all tasks in a single place.

Like Dave Liao likes this
  • I'll second "Ability to nest across Jira hierarchy (from Epic to sub-task) in Timeline and Board view". I'm also using Advanced Roadmaps so having that hierarchy reflected on the Advanced Roadmap would be key. 4 (It's not enough to keep us from using JWM but I would be ecstatic if this was added!)
  • Additional custom field types, along the lines of what's available for a Jira Software project -- in particular, cascading select fields or even just a dropdown field would be super helpful. 3.5

I'm managing different types of projects across multiple teams, and more granularity in terms of how we categorize things would be super helpful. We also have a predefined taxonomy that we're working with, so I'm trying to jam that onto JWM using Components and Labels. But it's difficult without dropdowns (Labels are a bit too freeform for our needs but we're making do) and with the lack of a hierarchy for epics/stories/etc..

Thanks! Feel free to contact me!

Curt Holley Community Leader Jul 09, 2021

Hey @Marie Peters 

Because JWM project are Company managed projects, you can visualize their content in Advanced Roadmaps. This is a way to get the hierarchical structure visible from your JWM projects.

Here is a real life example of Epic, to (in this case custom issue type of Release) Story level with sub-tasks

ar p.png

Like John Funk likes this

Ah! I tried to nest things on the Advanced Roadmap by clicking and dragging, but I couldn't get it to work consistently. And then I couldn't see the relationship when I went back into the project, so wasn't sure it 'stuck'. I will play with it again!

In my perfect world the person who enters Epics/Issues on each board (not me) would nest all the things and they would just appear nested in the Advanced Roadmap. But I don't think it works that way today?

Thank you, Curt! :) 

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Curt Holley Community Leader Jul 09, 2021

That is how it works for me/us @Marie Peters 

What is the issue source for the plan? For the above I simply used the whole Project. Although the hierarchy is not all that evident in the JWM project itself, it falls right into place in AR.

Note: I did have to add Epics and the Release custom (story level) issue type into the JWM project to achieve this.

Oh! I get it now! I just played around with it and got it to work :) I was going at it the wrong way, heh.

Thank you so much! So really all I would like around this point is the nesting relationship showing up on Boards and Timelines, and my rating would drop to a 3

Thanks again!!

Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 09, 2021

Thanks for the help @Curt Holley and cheers for participating @Marie Peters ! Let's dig into this a bit.

  • Hierarchy: Major focus for us and the team right now. This week you'll see (if you don't already see it) nested issues on Timeline (Issue --> Subtask). Fast follow will be List hierarchy (Issue --> Subtask) and then, potentially, three levels of hierarchy on the List (Epic --> Issue --> Subtask). How important is nesting on Board for you vs List? We find the List view to be more user-friendly for viewing and changing lots of data.
  • Custom fields: You got it laugh Right now we're adding componenturl, select, multi-select, date, and date-time as newly supported field types for the list. We'll continue to gradually add support for more field types!
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0 votes
Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 11, 2021

@Chase Wilson - I'd love to have infinitely-customizable background colors. The default 14 colors aren't bad, but I'd love the option to choose any color I want. 🎨

Score = 4 😉

Wow, 4 for background colors! How about images? That's what @roto sends back my way whenever I tell him we should add more colors wink . In any case, I believe we're considering more of a color wheel approach instead of stock defaults so that companies can add more of their branding to projects.

Quick note, accessibility is something we take seriously when designing and the current colors were chosen in part to keep text easily visible no matter the color choice. That's why we didn't begin with the "choose your own adventure" until we could explore this a bit more.

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Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 12, 2021

I did think about images (a la Trello board backgrounds) but wanted to keep my feature request atomic. 😉

Obviously trolling with the score. "4" as in, I'd use background colors if we liked any of the default colors. haha

More precise feedback: most of the background colors (especially the darker ones, but not limited to them) make the built-in Jira sidebar icons hard(er) to see. 

Hello @Chase Wilson !

I don't know if I'm in the right place... sorry if is not here ;)

We're not using JWM yet. I have 2 big questions in order to decide about it.

I wanted to check if in the finance templates you can link to information about suppliers, prices, even contracts, etc (getting that info from somewhere in the same Jira project) in order to have all the process in the same place: supplier, prices, articles, and the purchase itself.

Also I wanted to know if from any task in Jira (JSM, JS) you can link a sale in a Sale project, in ordrer to have there all sales generated in different tasks in Jira.

Both score =5 😊



Chase Wilson Atlassian Team Jul 12, 2021

Hi @Maribel Pinillos ! In short, you can do both of these things smile

Links to information: We recently added "URL" field types as a supported field type on the list view. This means you could have a "Contract" field, for example, where you paste URLs to the relevant contract link. You'd simply need to create a new custom field and associate it with the project.

Linking across products: This is indeed something you can do in Jira Cloud. You can create a task in Jira Service Management (or Jira Software) that is linked to a Jira Work Management task. You can link as many tasks as you'd like, which could be helpful for an account that has multiple sales. 

Hope that helps. Let us know what you think about Jira Work Management when you try it out!

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2 Questions - Is there a way to create labels that are specific to the business project?  My list is picking up labels from other Jira projects that don't map to the labels I would like to create for my particular business project. 

How do I create recurring tasks - such as monthly reports?

Dave Liao Community Leader Jul 17, 2021

Instead of labels, have you considered components or custom fields?

  • components are a project-specific way of categorizing issues
  • custom fields can be customized to have project-specific values 

We, like most orgs I imagine, are just starting to explore JWM projects, so I'm not sure that I even know enough to know what would be really helpful.  I'll be experimenting with forms for the first time later today.  Here's what I have so far, feel free to contact me:

  • Rating (3) - Allow users to create their own projects - As a Jira Software admin, I do not have the option to allow users to create projects on their own.  Ideally I should be able to grant certain groups that permission.  In a perfect world, I would be able to set the groups for individual templates.  For example, allow anyone to create a "Personal task planner" project, but only allow someone in an HR group to create Human resources projects.  I have well over 1,000+ users and if everyone requested a personal project, that is going to eat up a lot of my time.
  • Rating (1) - Set alternate default settings for JWM projects - The default settings that I use for creating company-managed software projects are not the ideal settings for a JWM project.  For example, the default field scheme in our instance requires the description field, but that doesn't make sense for most JWM projects.  The default permission scheme also prevents most users from scheduling issues which bars them from entering the Due date.  I have to change the settings for every JVM project created.  Ideally this would be set at the template level
  • Rating (4) - Allow multiple boards - I have a user group that would like to switch to a JVM project so they can take advantage of the Calendar and List views, however, in their current project they make use of multiple boards tailored to the different issue types.  At the very least, keep the "primary" board for the project and allow traditional boards to "live" in the JVM project and be selectable from the left menu
  • Rating (4) - Allow any field in the list view - The first JVM project I created for someone really needed the Start Date field in the list view.  It sounds like that is being addressed, but really any field should be accessible, even long text fields.  The display for long text fields should be small, but "open up" when selected for data entry.

I'm sure I'll have a lot more as I get into it, and will respond here if it comes up in the next week or so.

Adding one more to the list:

  • Rating (1) - Share settings with Software Project - I have a team that requested a POC of a JVM project setup to be as close as possible to their software project.  When I selected the Project Management Template and then selected "share settings with another project", it created the project using the software template instead of JVM.  Should at least provide a warning that the selected template will not be used.
  • Rating (4) - Provide Roadmaps - The roadmaps feature in Jira Software can be a lot more useful than the current timeline implementation.  In particular, the way that issues can be rolled-up under epics.  I even tried to be clever and use a software project to view the roadmap of a JVM project and that is not allowed either.  More details here

    Side note, why does the "project management" template not have Epics in it by default?  It's basically the same as a personal task planner.  This does not appear to be viable to manage a large project.  The documentation suggests using versions to manage milestones, but those aren't visible on the list view, and in fact aren't in the default screen configuration.  And there is no way to surface them on the timeline.

Hi  @Chase Wilson ! I'd like to know more about the JWM data security and the data encryption. At the Atlassian page about the security - there is no information about the Jira Work Management product.

Has JWM any security rules such as TLS 1.2+ encryption in transit and rest security? Am I able to add Atlassian Access app to for example sync with Active Directory? Is there ability to create IP allowing list?

Does the JWM inherit the security rules from the Jira Confluence?

Thank you!

0 votes

Please add the remaining visualization options beyond the Board View to the Mac App.

If a task has subtasks, there should be an option to pull information from the subtasks: 

  • If subtasks are "In Progress", the task is "In Progress"
  • Task due date automatically updates to final task due date

Adding Components to an Initial Issue Entry Screen and Forms

I'd like the ability to add components to the initial issue entry. Our marketing team groups large buckets of work types by using components (i.e. brand, social media, website, etc.).

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