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Moving cards on sprint boards

Hello, I have a problem with my user cards movement on my sprint boards.

I think it's not about workflows but permissions, because I can move my own cards in the same sprint board and of course all the cards at that board follow one workflow. also I have conditions for assignee, administrators and reporters (using 'any of the following conditions').

I checked the permissions too and the other users had the permission to move the cards too.

here is an example: I have a project named : 'model development'. on this board there are 2 epics that I want to keep them in 'To Do' column. but the subtasks, tasks and some stories on these epic should move in columns. I change the status to ' in process' or other status and it set all well but it doesn't move on the board.

thank you for your time 


Reihane Hashemi

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Hello @Reihane hashemi 

Welcome to the community.

Issues display in the columns of a board based on the mapping of Statuses to Columns. Click on the ... button in the upper right corner of the board and select Board Settings. On the next page select Columns. That will show you the Statuses mapped to the Columns of the board. If viewing that does not reveal the solution to you, please share the following

- a screen image of the Columns screen

- a screen image of the board pointing out the issues that you think are in the wrong column.

- a screen image of the details of one of those issues, showing at least the issue key and the status of the issue.

hi, thank you :)

yeah I checked it before but everything seems okay.

the screen below is my columns order:

my board columns order.png

these are my epics that I want to keep them in 'to do' column.

my epics.png


this is one of my epics. the red ones are my own tasks and the yellow ones are for someone else. most of them are not in 'to do/to study' statues.

in the epics.pngThe yellow ones don't show up in their own columns.

but the red ones do. as the screen below:

my subtasks on the sprint board.png

all the settings are the same but still can't see them on my board.

and finally, thank you for your responding and your time.

Hello @Reihane hashemi 

What you are showing in the last image is a board where the Swimlanes have been set to Stories. In that case you will see only the Sub-tasks displayed as cards in the board Columns. Each Story (parent issue) will be shown as a heading above its child sub-tasks.

yeah, you are right but the problem is that only my stories show up as headings and have their subs but about other users stories, non of them  show up at all :(

Are the two board images you provided from the same board?

Please show us the Filter Query for the board. (from ... > Board Settings > General)

Are the issues that are "missing" from the Board visible on the Backlog screen?

Are those issues assigned to a Sprint that has been Started?

Only the items assigned to Started sprints will show up on the board. If the issue is not in a Started sprint, then it will show only in the backlog.

When you have the Swimlanes set to Stories, then only issues that have Sub-tasks will have separate swimlanes with those swimlanes showing the sub-tasks for those issues. All other issues that do not have sub-tasks will show up at the bottom of the board as cards in the swimlane labeled "Other stories".

- Yeah all of them are for a same board.

- general section:


- no they aren't in backlog.  all of them are in the current active sprint.

- yes, my current sprint is active and tasks are assigned to it. it shows them in my active epics as stories  but when users or I change statues to 'in process' or other statues, they don't move. only my own stories and tasks move.

-and yeah all of them has subtasks but still there is no swimlane for them.

here is one of the stories and it's subtasks:


as you see it has subtasks and they should be in 'review' column. but they are not and they don't have swimlane either. (again: this problem is just for users not me [admin] )

Looking at the General settings, I see that your filter is returning all issues in the project. So that is not the problem.

I notice in the last image you posted for issue MOD-64, next to the status "In Process" it shows a green checkmark and the text "working on". That is the information for the Resolution field. The Resolution field should be set only when they issue transitions to a "done" status (a green status). Having a value in this field is one of the ways that Jira determines an issue is done and no more work is needed. Issues with a Resolution value typically do not show on the Backlog because having a Resolution value means no work needs to be done.

I would recommend that you correct that problem first.

If you want your users to choose a Resolution value, then you should have a screen that has just the Resolution field on that screen, and that screen should be associated to each transition that goes to a done/green status. The Resolution field should not be on your Create or Edit screens.

Your workflow transitions to not-done/not-green statuses should include a Post Function that clears the Resolution field.

I'm not sure that addressing this will resolve the missing issues problem, but this is a problem that you need to fix and it could be impacting the display of issues.

thank you for the points you said.

I kinda solved the resolution field problem you said, but it seems that they are not related, because all my stories have the resolution field, but still just my own stories have swimlanes.

by the way thanks a lot for your fast responding and your time. <3

This is a challenging problem to diagnose. :-)

Do you have any quick filters activated? Have you clicked on any of the Assignee avatars or any of the other quick filters? Make sure that no filters are activated.

When you resolved the Resolution field issue, did you update the issue to clear the Resolution field for issues that are in a not-done status?

When you say "just my own issues", do you mean issues where you are the Reporter or where you are the Assignee?

As an experiment, can you try making a copy of the Board to see if the copy has the same problem?

Yeah :(

these are my filters but they just show the issues on their board.

my quick filters are deleted too.


and when I want to delete them, it doesn't let me although I made them private.


I checked the filter, it's so simple : 



about resolution, I removed resolution field from screens but it's still on them and doesn't let me to change it.

my issues means the issues I'm assigned to. (I'm the reporter for all of the issues in my Jira)

today I found something else. I put a user's story in done statue and surprisingly it showed the story on the board!!! but when I move it to any other column, it still is hidden.

and yeah I made a copy and everything is the same.

This is quite confusing!

Let's back up a bit and gather some information.

Can you outline the issue types and hierarchy you have set up?

|-- Story
|-- sub-task
|-- Task
|-- etc.

Can you show us the workflows that are used in the project, and tell us which issue types are using which workflows?

If you still have the copy of the board, can you set the Swimlanes on it to None, so that we get the default display.

When I was asking about Quick Filters, I was referring to the buttons and Avatars that appear above the Board and at at the top of the Backlog screen, where you see the button for "Only My Issues" and "Recently updated". Make sure that none of those are selected when you are viewing the board or backlog.

Let's focus on the Backlog screen for the moment.

Can you expand the Versions and Epics panes and make sure that in both of those you've clicked on All Issues?

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 3.10.20 PM.png

With the board filter that you have where all issues are being selected for the project, this should reveal all issues (though sub-tasks may not show at this point) that are assigned to an Active or planned sprint, or to no sprint but also that are not set to the status assigned to the right-most column of your board, which is Closed.

One that is all set identify an issue that you think should be displayed in the Backlog screen but that is currently missing, either in one of the defined sprints or in the backlog list. Provide a screen image of that issue that shows its key, status, and the Sprint field. Provide a screen image of the Backlog screen showing that All Issues are selected in the Versions and Epics panes, and enough of the issue list section to show where you think the missing issue should be showing up.

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