Jira Software Subscription is Suspended

DEV IT-TEAM October 4, 2019

Could someone help me with this problem, the Jira Software
is suspended for lack of updating the payment card. I already
updated the payment card but it is still suspended.

How can I withdraw the suspension to continue working with Jira.
This is the image that appears when I check the subscription



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Patrick Timmis October 11, 2021

We have the same issue:

  • account suspended without warning
  • payment details updated right away
  • ticket CA-1539705 created and waiting to be processed
  • all offices closed and no support line to try to expedite
  • multiple projects for multiple clients are currently blocked pending resolution of this issue

It's very poor customer experience as many other users above have stated. Is anyone from Atlassian going to improve this to avoid these situations? It seems very easily avoidable with some warning for users - extremely frustrating

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Andy Heinzer
Atlassian Team
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October 4, 2019


I understand that you have updated your payment information, but your site did not re-activate right away.  It appears you created a support case for this over in https://getsupport.atlassian.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/35/CA-816575

I believe that Candice has already re-activated this site, so this problem should be resolved at this time.  If that is not the case, please let us know either in that ticket or here.

For any other users that might come across this same problem, if you are having billing or accounting problems with your Atlassian Cloud products, you can create a support case for these kinds of issues directly under https://support.atlassian.com/contact/, and then select "Billing, payments, and pricing" option.

And this way your request will be routed to our customer advocate team that can best assist you with these kinds of problems.



Fadi Hawli February 3, 2021

Hi Andy

I recently experienced the same problem today with Jira Service Desk.


There was no notification to anyone from our organisation about a payment issue or credit card being required for the service desk product.


I find it frustrating that there is no quick and easy way to resolve the problem by logging in and adding a payment option to the subscription in-order to activate it. Having to raise a ticket and wait up to 24 hours to receive a response is terrible for our customer experience as you can imagine how it looks like from a customer attempting to access our service desk.


Surely this experience can be improved most especially when the same problem was experienced by another Atlassian customer in 2019.

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Patchara Rojanadickun May 9, 2021

I also have experience with this issue, the account was SUSPENDED without any alert notification. The only way is to create the ticket and wait over 24 hour? do you really thick this is the right user experience? 

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Brice December 21, 2021

We are facing the same issue. We didn't receive any information, it just suspended by itself without any warning.


I don't even know why it's suspended. 


Reading this thread, I understand this might be related to billing issue ?? but not even sure it is. 


support ticket opened as CA-1628607, but we can't wait 24 hours for your support team to reactivate it ! 


This is clearly a bug on your side. I don't understand how this can't be resolved since the 2019


Please reactivate our site, this is urgent !

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Julián Armando Sansores Ruiz November 9, 2021

I'm facing the same problem here with my Jira Service Management instance is in a suspended status and I'm not able to get it back. This is really frustrating your site is not intuitive.

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Walid Amamou August 31, 2021

We are facing the same issue here, while I was working on the Jira webpage, I got automatically logged off with no warning. The account says its suspended and I can't access any data. This is really unacceptable coming from a company with this size. Looking at the comments above, this problem has been happening since 2019 and no one bothered to fix it?? Unbelievable.

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Veronica Tirado May 28, 2021

Just adding to the chorus to say we just had the same issue. No warning of the need for renewal just a complete shut down. I tried to update the info and I had repurchase products to get us to at least view our prior tickets. And now we're missing some basic settings like 'reply to customer' and our email was completely unlinked. It won't let me purchase Service Management at all to try to fix these issues. I understand needing to suspend accounts for lack of payment but I don't understand why if you can save data until payment is made, you can't save our settings?? And not having a customer service line?? Please fix this. 

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Smita Deshpande May 17, 2021

We are facing a similar issue. It creates a lot of problem especially when all the projects are in Confluence/Jira.

Atlassian should at least send a notification when the service is suspended so that we dont have to wait till someone actually is unable to access either of the products.

I have raised a support ticket; all work is stand still till it gets resolved

Hope to get a resolution at the earliest!

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Lucio Zarazaga October 11, 2022

Hello, How can I restore my suspended account? Just added payment details.

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Nabeel Arshad February 9, 2022

Adding to the thread, Our Jira software got suspended and we are still unable to get it revived. Can't figure out what steps can we perform to revive our JIRA

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
February 29, 2024

Urgent Ticket Raised: CA-2849445


Can we please get access ASAP, we are stuck. 

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
February 29, 2024

Urgent for me: Ticket Raise CA-2849445


Can we please get access ASAP, we are stuck. 



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meng zhang June 3, 2022


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Samy Melaine March 7, 2022

Same ! Very upsetting !!!!!!

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Malik Badaruddin December 28, 2021

I'm having the same issue! No warnings and I am in the middle of updating my Jira Tickets!! This is absolutely nuts. Tickets submitted and awaiting response. Come on folks!

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Bergazdenova December 22, 2021

Hi, @Andy Heinzer 

We are facing the same issue here anydevkz.atlassian.net. Our account was suspended two days ago. We've sent an email to support centre but still did not get any answer. How may we solve this? Thank you!




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Dolapo Amusan October 26, 2021

We are having the same issue right now on our Jira Software. There was no notice or. email sent to alert about the suspension, just woke up this morning and everything on the projects and backlogs was inaccessible. Is there a permanent fix to this @DEV IT-TEAM 

At the moment, we are unable to activate the software , can't even find a way to add a payment option.

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Ramiro Larenas August 26, 2021

The same problem there

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nonceblox July 13, 2021

This is Very Frustrating as the Standard account is suspended like that.

Ticket ID : CA-1434280 still no resolution.

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WKTechnologyBR June 23, 2021

Ticket PTGS-12781... Ridículo não tem um botão de PAGAR na área de pagamentos... Atlassian e Experiência do Usuário não deveriam estar na mesma frase...


Na próxima vou cancelar!

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Eduardo Mejia Vizcarra May 20, 2021

We are facing same issue.

Our site https://xxxxx.atlassian.net (just jira) is showing the next message, even when our subscription ends July 6th 2021. (Confluence remain active and available to use).

We update payment method just a week ago, but the problem remains.

Even using TXT DNS Record to claim accounts (I don't believe this is the problem root cause, but we made the inscription of the record yesterday and after Atlassian DNS Verification process it is OK).

But, problem persist. Any advice? 
Other question is if our data is already lost or we can access to them after this issue being fixed

Eduardo Mejia Vizcarra May 20, 2021

Your Atlassian Cloud products are suspended

Your subscription for Atlassian Cloud hasn't been renewed.
If you're a site admin, go to admin.atlassian.com
View site bill to update your payment details.




This is our message when try to access to main Jira site.

Ayman Ali May 23, 2021

An update , the issue is resolved and the account is reactivated. Thanks




Hello ,

  We have the same issue here and our account is suspended because of a missed payment that we overlooked .  Now 150 users are not able to access our service desk and our Applications team is totally blocked.

  I raised a ticket to reactivate the account as I have updated the Credit Details ..  however no response so far ..   Please support on this ..

 This is the last paid invoice number : AT-138757894   

Regards ,


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Osama Shatarah November 15, 2021

How did you solve this problem and how long did it take ?

@Ayman Ali 

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