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Stefan Arnold
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July 26, 2017

Hey guys,

iam setting up email service system with jira and jeti addon for one customer.
Everything is working fine, but there is one problem.

Currently iam using Imap to get the mail of the customers mail provider.
When Jira finds the mails in takes them and deletes them on the mail account. 
Problem is there are completly deleted and not simply moved to the trash folder.
When i delete a mail from the mail account in moves in to the trash folder, so i have no idea what jira is doing.

I think there wont be a simple way to say jira not to delete the mails but to move them out of inbox. But maybe there is a way to say jira to delete them to trash and not completly? 

In our mailing server we have the possiblity to directly create a copy of the incoming mail and jira then deletes the mail from inbox, but we still have a backup then.
Our customers mailing service dont offer such possibilities.


Any ideas whats the best possiblity?

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Thiago Costa
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March 25, 2024

Same problem and I couldn't find any way to sort it. 
So to bypass the problem, I created a rule to make a copy of the emails to another folder. And in Jira incoming settings I set the incidents to be created from this new folder. This way, Jira is still deleting emails, but the email deleted are not in the inbox folder so I still have them.
I hope it helps someone else!

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Athena Petridou [Nimaworks] July 27, 2017

Hey Stefan, 

I guess you do not have the option of not deleting the emails on your mailbox. 

According to the documentation:

  • For mail accounts, JIRA scans email messages received by your mail account's 'Inbox' folder. However, for IMAP mail servers, you can specify a different folder within your mail account.
  • If JIRA successfully processes a message, JIRA deletes the message from your mail account (on a POP or IMAP mail server) or file system (i.e. for file system messages).
  • If JIRA does not successfully process a message, the message will remain either in your mail account or on the file system.


So, the best way to achieve this, is to create another mailbox and auto forward the emails you want to handle through JIRA


Disruptivation Help Desk August 6, 2018

"On an IMAP mail server processed messages are not deleted but marked as read."

Documentation has been updated, but the functionality still deletes emails (IMAP)

Brendan Lacanette May 6, 2019

I have the same issue. When on IMAP the emails are still being deleted from the server.

eirikurg April 29, 2020

I have the same problem. I am using secure_imap and Jira deletes them emails that it processes

Mohit Garg August 13, 2020

Using secure imap, Jira service desk is permanently deleting a quarter of the mails that are also eventually not on the mail processing log. The rest are on the mails are on the processing log and can still be found on the inbox with the label 'fetched'.

Also, why are email settings added in two places - on Project Settings and Jira System Settings.

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