How to auto-comment/send email if a comment is added to an issue that is resolved

Baybars Kumbasar October 30, 2017


I would like to automate adding a comment (such as "please open a new ticket" ) to an issue that was already resolved more than a week ago. 

So here's what I want explained:


1) Issue X is created by A (customer) 

2) X is processed and resolved by B (agent)

3) 1 week has passed since the ticket is resolved.

4) Issue is later commented on by C.(another customer)

5) JIRA automatically adds a comment to the issue saying that "issue is closed more than a week ago, please open another ticket"

I know I can use SLAs to keep track of the issues that are closed more than a week ago but I don't know how to automatically add a comment to a ticket when someone comments on it. (Automation do not give me an option to trigger when an event happens)




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Kian Stack Mumo Systems
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October 30, 2017

Hey Baybars, 

On both server and cloud I was able to do the following:

Project Administration>Automation>Add Rule>Custom Rule

When I got to the rule creation screen, I added the following:

WHEN: "Comment added"

IF: "Issue Matches">"resolutiondate < -7d"

THEN: "Add comment" > "Please open another ticket" > "Public Comment"
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 3.41.09 PM.pngThe only thing I would caution on is that the above "comment added" trigger doesn't distinguish between agent and user comments. This rule will operate if either an agent or a customer comments on it.

Hope this helps!


Baybars Kumbasar November 1, 2017

Thanks Kian,

This was easier than expected ;) 

Baybars Kumbasar November 1, 2017

On another note, this only works if the comment is made on the customer portal or through email. Not through the agent portal which is even better for me. 

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jesusoros November 29, 2018

I'd like to know if there is an option to achieve this for JIRA 7.2.10 server with ScriptRunner.



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