Automatically linked the assets custom field to the ticket

Rudina Aldubayan March 3, 2024

Dear all,

I need your support 

How to display all objects in assets custom field in the ticket itself?

This field in Edit screen:

Edit Screen.png

I need all these objects display in ticket when it is created like this, here I did it manually and I want it automatically.

In Ticket.png

Actually, I don't need customers to have an access to this field, I just want all objects from (IT Applicationassets custom filed, to be automatically displayed when the ticket is created.

I'm trying to have these assets to be automatically attached to a ticket if a ticket is created. I am coming up empty in searching on this, so hoping someone has figured this out. I know I can manually link, but that is more time consuming.


Is the (Automation) will solve my problem? If yes, I just need a script that's works successfully, 


Thank you. 

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