Add values to "Group Picker" field via automation instead of replacing

Valentin R. October 26, 2021

Hi there.
I have a custom "Group Picker (multiple groups)" field that is responsible for giving access to specific user groups based on a project component. I use automation rules to achieve this but I noticed that once several groups need to be added, automation simply overwrites the value in this field.

Is there a way to add value to this type of field instead of replacing it?
I know it's possible for "User Picker (multiple users)" field, but not for Group Pickier.

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Valentin R. October 26, 2021

This is what worked for me

"update": {
"customfield_10000": [{ "add": { "name":"group-name" } }]
Indrek Petti March 14, 2024

This works as well. Probably needs re-fetch command if is used many times inside the same script
Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 13.58.07.jpg

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Salim Hammar January 21, 2022

Hi @Valentin R. 

I would like create the fields who display a groups in crowd for give a visibility for this issue in this project. So when i select a groups there's only see this issue 

You can help me ?

Thanks in advance

Valentin R. January 21, 2022

Hey. You need to modify the project permission scheme so that the "Browse Projects" permission only has those roles / groups that you want to have access. So you'll need to create a "Group custom field" and add it to that Browse Project permission.

Salim Hammar January 21, 2022

Yes , but you have idea or an example for the script ?

Valentin R. January 21, 2022

There is no scripting involved in what you are asking for.
For automation there is, but that's not what you asked and the answer is above.

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John Funk
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Community Leader
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October 26, 2021

Hi Valentin,

You should be able to do an new Action to edit the issue and select the Group Picker field. 

Then click on the 3 dots menu on the right and select Copy from. and then click the Add to existing values box. 

Valentin R. October 26, 2021

Tried it before. There is no such thing for this specific field type for some reason.

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