Team-managed projects: Show or Hide Issues of a Certain Status on the Board and Backlog

Hello Jira users,

Last year, we listened to your feedback by providing additional Done statuses. This enabled you to accurately define multiple terminal states of work. However, we understand that not all terminal statuses (e.g., “Won’t Fix”, “Duplicate”, “Unreproducible”) need to appear on the board. Today, we’re proud to announce you can now show and hide issues of a certain status to keep your board uncluttered and keep your team focused.

How to get started

For example, imagine your team is going through your weekly backlog grooming session and you stumble upon an issue that you’ve already addressed in the past. Thus, we want to mark this issue as a “Duplicate”. Let’s walkthrough how to ensure “Duplicate” issues are hidden from your board and backlog:

1. Navigate to the workflow editor via the board meatball menu in the upper right


2. Add your desired statuses. In this example, we will create the following statuses: “Won’t Fix”, “Duplicate”, and “Unreproducible”


3. Navigate to your board settings in Project settings


4. Drag and drop the newly created statuses to the “Unassigned statuses” panel and delete the unnecessary columns


5. Save your changes using the “Save changes” button in the upper right


6. Navigate back to your backlog and use the inline status dropdown to change the issue’s status to “Duplicate”


Pro Tip:

If you need to view the issues that belong to unassigned statuses, one quick way is to enable the project issue navigator:

1. Navigate to your Features page in Project Settings and toggle on the Issue navigator


2. Go back to your project and select “Issues” from the left side navigation


What’s next:

We hope giving you the option to show and hide issues of a certain status allows you to accurately define your team’s process and track your work in Jira. The introduction of this feature brings us one step closer for teams to transition issues across two boards.

Feel free to voice your feedback for this feature (or your feedback for team-managed projects, in general) in the comments section below.


Bryan Lim
Product Manager, Jira Software


Monica Lopez January 26, 2022

Thanks for this update!

Alexander Bondarev
Rising Star
Rising Star
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January 26, 2022

Thanks, Bryan! 

Javier Cabrera January 26, 2022

THis is super usefull. However, after creating my Won't fix column, issues are listed in the backlog in the new Sprint, because it is only removing the DONE tickets from the last column in the workflow. Could you please fix that?

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Matt Doar
Community Leader
Community Leader
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January 26, 2022

meatball aka ellipsis :) But I never know what to call a vertical ellipsis. Raindrops?

Gautam Lakshmiratan January 26, 2022

Thank you for the update!

Uday Joshi January 26, 2022

This is a nice and needed feature. Thank you.

Kerli Loopman January 26, 2022

Thank you :) 

Dan H January 27, 2022

Nice. I feel like 'Hidden statuses' or something along those lines may have been a better name though... so as to not confuse this feature with the 'assignee' field at all.

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ronald_bergmann January 27, 2022

@Matt DoarKebab ;)

Bertrand Drouhard January 30, 2022

@Javier Cabrera , the status you just created (Won't fix) must be in the "Done" status category, otherwise the associated issues will reappear in the next sprint. "Done" statuses are green, while "In progress" are blue, as you can see in the screenshots of the article.

Javier Cabrera February 1, 2022

@Bertrand Drouhard That won't work. Read this one If you have two DONE columns, only the issues in the last column would not go back to the backlog. So if we don't fix that, the won't fix column is useless

Ben Golder March 15, 2023

How does this work in team managed projects? These screenshots are all showing company managed projects. These options exist in the latter, but I can't find them in the former.

Kalin U
Rising Star
Rising Star
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March 24, 2023

@Ben Golder , are you sure you are looking at a "Jira Software" team-managed project and not at a "Jira Work Management" (aka Business) team-managed project? If it is the latter, yes, the screenshots above don't apply to Business projects.

Ben Golder March 24, 2023

Since writing I found out that I was using a business project template and not a software project template, so I switched.

The screenshots and advice above are still not 1:1 but much closer.

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