regex in jira automation seems not working - reopen resolved ticket depending on comment December 5, 2020

Dear community,

Environment: Jira Service Management (Cloud)


What I want to achieve: Reopen a resolved issue if the reply / comment does not contain something like "thank".
In a more complex case should be case-insensitive and different languages - see regex examples below...

BTW: for testings below I have removed all additional conditions e.g. condition to check resolved status in order to point out it is related to regex

At a very basic level I could easily use the condition "does not contain" the word "thank" - which will work! 

Project automation_BasicDoesNotContainThank.png

However this is limited only to "thank". Working in a multi-national company I wanted to cover other languages as well. Therefore thought about regex. I had build a more complex regex (see below) but to start with an easier one lets go with this example as it is easier to understand (adapted this from atlassian-documentation). Ignore the case-sensitive for now.


This is basically a list of words, separated by pipe.


The automation will look like



However I realised a strange behaviour:

  • When using the condition "does not match regex" the issue will be re-opened no matter what the reply is - so even if the comment contains something from the regex 
  • When using the condition "contains regex" OR "exactly machtes regex" the issue will remain resolved - no matter what the reply is


Initially I had setup the more complex regex already a while ago and I was sure it works:

^(.*(tha?n?ks?|thx|dank*|merci|tia|tnx|grazie|gracia).*)$ /gi  

However I realised 1-2 weeks ago that our issues won´t reopen and remain resolved. Therefore I started to investigate and ease our regex to the piped-example shown above.

Feels like as soon you enter any kind of regex the automation or condition does not work correctly anymore - of course maybe I am doing something totally wrong ;)


As I was sure it works maybe I was wrong ;) OR it might be related due to the ITSM launch ?!

can you confirm if you face same issues or lead me what I am doing wrong ?


thanks in advance



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Benjamin Sørensen February 22, 2024

Hi Felix :)


I know this is a rather old post, but I'll add my workaround here, in case someone else stumbles upon this problem:

An option like "does not contain regular expression" is missing for this to work.

A workaround is to use the "conatins regular expression" condition, and branch the automation out to some dummy action.

What I've Done:

* New If Else condition

* If Condition:

Screenshot 2024-02-22 144005.png(Regex looks for "Thanks" in danish and swedish, with a case insensitivity flag)

* Dummy action on the if condition: Screenshot 2024-02-22 144131.png


* My full tree looks like this, with the actions I actually wanna take if the regex DOESN'T match under "Else":

Screenshot 2024-02-22 144342.png

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Callum Carlile _Automation Consultants_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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January 26, 2021

Hi, I've got  a few troubleshooting questions:

  • Looking at the rule's audit log, is the automation rule triggering?
  • If it is triggering, are there any errors/warning messages?
  • If it's not triggering, is the project definitely included in the scope of the automation rule in the Details tab?

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